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David and Heather’s story started in 2011. David was going to college near Heather and she happened to be at the same place watching the same baseball game that he was. David pursued Heather for a week before she agreed to a Tuesday night sushi date. With a dress carefully picked out, makeup meticulously applied, and 20 minutes till David arrived, Heather received a phone call- “hey, I’m so sorry but I’m going to be 45 minutes late.”…… “what? Why?” She asked. His response “I forgot my wallet and have to turn around”. She rolled her eyes and said “Just come on, I’ll pay”, and he responded “I could never let you do that!”….”Well, do you want to go on a date with me or what?” She said. “Fine, but I’m giving you a check to pay you back”. So. Awkward! Heather looked down at her sweet golden retriever as she hung up the phone and told Ellie Mae “well, I’m never going on a date with this dude again”. But boy was she wrong! The date was a huge success, there was so much laughter and Heather mentions that David smelled so good! So, without so much as a “will you be my girlfriend?” It was just an unspoken that they were officially together. 5 months later, right before Christmas while in the mountains exploring North Carolina- David would find out that he was invited to a different part of the state to continue his education and it would spell LONG DISTANCE for their relationship.A week later Heather decided she didn’t want to try long distance. She thought long distance was a fate worse than death, but David showed up at her apartment door and explained that it was their only option for the time being because he planned to marry her one day and so breaking up wasn’t an option! A year and 20 days after their first date, while Heather was down visiting David and his family, David got down on one knee during tropical storm Isaac, outside of the fancy restaurant that had just canceled their reservation and asked Heather if she would like to spend forever together. Between laughing and crying, she was able to squeak out a yes and the planning began!
On April 6th, 2013 David and Heather were married by a lake in Heather’s hometown in front of 135 family and friends. Spending their first 4 years in David’s hometown, they left with their 2 sweet pups and funny cats to move to central Florida where they bought their dream home. Now days are spent in the pool and grilling out, entertaining friends and family. But truly, their best adventure awaits- adoption!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We own a 4/2 pool home in a quiet little neighborhood 20 minutes north of Cinderella's castle. We already have a nursery (gender neutral- elephants and hot air balloons) set up and ready to go. We have intentionally chosen furniture that is cozy and comfortable and STURDY with children in mind. There is a giant oak tree in the front of the house, that will be perfect for a swing.

About David

adoptive family photo - David There are so many wonderful stories I could tell you about David. What I admire most about him is his kindness and patience. I know that he will approach fatherhood as an absolute adventure. I can assure you that there is no better man on this planet to protect our child while giving them just enough space to grow on their own. I often wonder to myself if he will be their favorite….. He’s just THAT wonderful. I say that without hesitation because that is how life is with David. Wonderful.He patiently and gently walks alongside of me in this life; Holding my hand, making me roar with laughter and letting me know that he has my back. It’s an absolute dream to watch him with our niece and nephews. They light up when they see “Uncle Deda”. They love the way he tucks them in snug as a bug in a rug at night. They think he is also a human jungle gym and he willingly plays the part. His Mickey Mouse voice is on point and his ability to draw ANYTHING leaves me in awe. He is always the first one to help a stranger and ever willing to pitch in when a family member needs help. He is handy and incredibly intelligent. It amazes me how he can simply watch a YouTube video and turn around and create/fix whatever job is at hand. I know that he will be the dad that sets up the swing set after a long 12 hour day at work. The dad that coaches all the sports and moves mountains to be at all the performances at school. He is a wonderful provider and the BEST at sharing. He always gives me the last bite! He is the anchor of our family and I know our children will never have to wonder if they are loved or safe.

About Heather

adoptive family photo - Heather Heather is the best part in my biggest adventures, my travel buddy and my best friend. We have laughed together and cried together and gotten really good at celebrating! She is one of the smartest, most outgoing and organized people I know, so our future child/children will definitely have the best projects at school, the best packed lunches and their backpacks and binders will be super organized. She is my karaoke partner for life. We have started to see the world more than people have at our age and It’s such a big passion of ours. Heather is sweet, caring and will jump through hoops for the people she loves and that’s a hard quality to find these days. She has already been the best aunt to our niece and nephews and I hope they take some of things they learned from her along with them for the rest of their lives. She is my rock and shoulder to lean on when I have had a rough day at work and I know our children will come running to her when they have had a bad day too. She has encouraged me to dive Into every opportunity I can whether it’s work or I’m trying some random food from another country. She will be our children’s biggest cheerleader, too. I can’t wait to watch her be a mom. She’s going to be the best.

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David and Heather

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David and Heather