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David and Heather


David and Heather
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To the Expectant Family

We are in awe of you! You have made a choice that has altered the course in our lives and we could never be more thankful. We have so many things to share with you, so much to say! But for now, we will say this: We will never take a single day for granted. We will love this child with a ferocity that is unparalleled. We promise to protect him/her while teaching this child about the world and all it has to offer. We will show them the different cultures, foods, music, languages and landscapes that God has created. We will teach them to explore, to think with an open mind and to be kind. We promise to tell him or her about the strong love that they were born from and the life they were given because of love. It is our hope that one day when he or she is old enough, that they will understand how large of a gift your choice of adoption was/is to everyone involved and that their mom and dad are forever grateful

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Who We Are

David and Heather’s story started in 2011. David was going to college near Heather and she happened to be at the same place watching the same baseball game that he was. David pursued Heather for a week before she agreed to a Tuesday night sushi date. With a dress carefully picked out, makeup meticulously applied, and 20 minutes till David arrived, Heather received a phone call- “hey, I’m so sorry but I’m going to be 45 minutes late.”…… “what? Why?” She asked. His response “I forgot my wallet and have to turn around”. She rolled her eyes and said “Just come on, I’ll pay”, and he responded “I could never let you do that!”….”Well, do you want to go on a date with me or what?” She said. “Fine, but I’m giving you a check to pay you back”. So. Awkward! Heather looked down at her sweet golden retriever as she hung up the phone and told Ellie Mae “well, I’m never going on a date with this dude again”. But boy was she wrong! The date was a huge success, there was so much laughter and Heather mentions that David smelled so good! So, without so much as a “will you be my girlfriend?” It was just an unspoken that they were officially together. 5 months later, right before Christmas while in the mountains exploring North Carolina- David would find out that he was invited to a different part of the state to continue his education and it would spell LONG DISTANCE for their relationship.A week later Heather decided she didn’t want to try long distance. She thought long distance was a fate worse than death, but David showed up at her apartment door and explained that it was their only option for the time being because he planned to marry her one day and so breaking up wasn’t an option! A year and 20 days after their first date, while Heather was down visiting David and his family, David got down on one knee during tropical storm Isaac, outside of the fancy restaurant that had just canceled their reservation and asked Heather if she would like to spend forever together. Between laughing and crying, she was able to squeak out a yes and the planning began!
On April 6th, 2013 David and Heather were married by a lake in Heather’s hometown in front of 135 family and friends. Spending their first 4 years in David’s hometown, they left with their 2 sweet pups and funny cats to move to central Florida where they bought their dream home. Now days are spent in the pool and grilling out, entertaining friends and family. But truly, their best adventure awaits- adoption!

Adoption Diary

A tradition we can’t wait to share!

We saw on an adoption blog that talking about your family’s traditions gives potential birth {first} families a better idea of who we are- so buckle up, we’re going for a Christmas ride!
❄️Christmas is our absolute favorite time of the year! We have made so many traditions as a family of 2, and incorporated some of our favorite things about our childhoods. For starters-

Preparing for our Child’s story

We have talked briefly on this page about how we feel in regards to open vs closed adoption- but for the sake of getting it all out there…..
It is our heart’s desire that the adoption be open. Texts/emails/pictures, an occasional lunch. Whatever feels right and safe to all parties involved. However, we know that not all expectant parents want that. We can take that one step at a time.
WHAT WE DO KNOW is that adoption is going to be so normal to our children. They will know from the minute they can understand that they are adopted and LOVED. The book below, “God found us you” is just one way we plan to continually share adoption and their reality with them!
Are you or someone you know pregnant and considering adoption? Visit www.davidandheatheradopt.com to learn more about us!
David and Heather

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


David and Heather

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David and Heather