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Holly + Kevin
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Animal loving couple from St. Louis. Lovers of DIY projects, Blues hockey & Cardinals baseball. Open to any ethnicity.

Hi there,

We are Holly and Kevin and we live in a small suburb of St. Louis, MO called Webster Groves. We can't even begin to put into words how excited we are to grow our family through adoption and how thankful we are for you. Thank you for giving us this opportunity to tell you about us. We are interested in an open adoption and we promise to provide your baby with a fulfilling life full of love, support and opportunities in our home. Please know that we are praying for you during this time.

A little about us:

Holly is a Teacher of the Deaf and Hard of Hearing. She specializes in Early Intervention & Preschool aged children who have co-existing conditions. Before this position, she spent time at Cardinal Glennon Children’s Hospital NICU as a Newborn Hearing Screening Technician. In her spare time, Holly enjoys being project leader on our numerous house projects. Kevin is a Tax Manager for a Global Manufacturing Co. with Corporate HQ in STL. In his spare time, Kevin enjoys golfing, spending time with his wife & working on house projects. We started dating in 2010 and were married in the Fall of 2014.

We enjoy spending time outside during the warm and chilly months. We love taking our dogs for long walks and we both enjoy running outdoors. We love watching Cardinals baseball and Blues hockey in person and on TV. Both of us are passionate about our careers but are eager to have a greater purpose of being a parent to a child. We are always making our house a home by doing DIY projects. Holly has the ideas and Kevin is the handy one that makes the ideas reality. We enjoy spending time together, whether it be cooking dinner together each night or working on a house project.

Why Adoption?

Our hearts have been led away from fertility treatments and onto something so much greater. We have struggled with infertility for years so over the last few years we have spent time researching and reaching out to families that have adopted. Through all of this, we feel that adoption is the perfect way to grow our family. We cannot even begin to put into words how overwhelmed with emotions we are to begin growing our family. We have always known we were meant to be parents and we cannot wait to become parents through adoption.

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Who We Are

We met in college at Southeast Missouri State University where we both attended undergrad and were very active in Greek Life. We knew one another for quite a while before we began dating. According to Holly, she was the one who finally “got the guts” to talk to Kevin but we leave that point up for discussion. We continued to date through college and after Holly graduated, decided to move to St. Louis, MO where we bought a house in the suburb of Webster Groves. Both of us began our careers and at one point, Holly even went back to school to obtain her Master’s degree which she completed in 2017.

Throughout the years we have adopted four animals together, two dogs and two cats. The dogs, a redbone coonhound, Red, and a black and tan coonhound mix, Bubba, quickly grew larger than expected but they could not be gentler animals. We love spending time outside with them, playing in the backyard, and going for runs and walks. The cats, Boots and Charlie, are close companions of the dogs and get along great. All of the animals spend countless hours together and have been known to sleep all four in bed with us at night.

Outside of work, we both enjoy working on our house and coming up with new DIY projects. Holly comes up with the ideas and Kevin does his best to find a way to make it work. After numerous projects over the past 5 years including a complete basement remodel, we still have a lot to learn about home improvement. In addition, we are huge fans of the St. Louis Blues and Cardinals and go to as many games as possible. When not working on projects or watching St. Louis sports, we can be found outside, exercising, golfing, BBQing with the neighbors, or trying new restaurants around town.

We have been struggling with infertility for 4+ years. Our hearts have been led away from fertility treatments and onto something so much greater. We have always known we were meant to be parents and cannot wait to become parents through adoption. We are very excited about the opportunity to make a permanent difference in a child’s life and to grow our family.

Adoption Diary

DIY continues

Things that are guaranteed to make us happy? Doing DIY projects for less than $2 when the same thing is sold in stores + online for over $50! We love how the blanket ladder turned out!

Weekend project!

Today, we started our next project, the laundry room. After drawing up the plans and doing a little math, we will have this room framed out by the end of the day!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Holly + Kevin

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Holly + Kevin