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Oh Deer!

This little lady was waiting for us when we returned from our morning dog walk. Read more »

Dancing Queen

This is the face of a kid enjoying some refueling after back to back dance classes.  You know what they say - the rhythm is gonna getcha! As great as she is at dancing, Kam will be an even better big sister! She can’t wait to teach a younger brother or sister all of her moves, and make up a few routines for them to Read more »

A Musical Christmas with Sara’s Family

Music was in the air throughout Christmas, and it was wonderful! There were carols sung at church on Christmas Eve, Christmas songs playing in the house thanks to Alexa, and Sara’s dad playing his sax in the afternoons. We definitely love all kinds of music, and look forward to sharing that appreciation with a little Read more »

Breakfast as a family

We love to cook and share meals, especially breakfast. This morning Ryan tried his hand at Cajun potatoes, Kam made her famous eggs and Sara supervised Read more »

Christmas Surprise :)

I love (LOVE!) the old school Christmas lights with the big colorful bulbs. So what does my handsome husband do? He surprises me by finding a strand at our local hardware store and wrapping them around our bannister for added holiday cheer. And that’s just who Ryan is - a thoughtful softy always looking for ways to make Read more »

Veterans Day Hike to Raise Funds for Vets!

Great day honoring veterans at the Warrior Hike benefitting Warrior Expeditions - an organization that creates outdoor experiences to help veterans spend time together as they adjust after combat. The weather was perfect for the 5 mile hike and the tasty treats at the event weren’t too bad either! Looking forward to Read more »

Mud Masks

A few friends were in town this weekend for some girl time - and in this case that included mud masks. Why the odd expressions? Because it was a struggle to make any expressions at all! The clay started drying very quickly :-) Read more »

We have NOTHING planned this weekend…how did that happen??

We tend to keep ourselves pretty busy, but somehow we don’t have one thing on the calendar this weekend. Oh sweet joy!  So far some ideas include painting the room we will use as a nursery, going out to breakfast, and seeing a movie - in the theater, no less! If the weather cooperates, it may be the perfect weekend Read more »

Turtle Races

What’s happening here, you ask? Turtle races, of course! We had friends in town this weekend, and our smallest friend brought a craft kit to make turtles that race on a string. Despite his best efforts, Ryan couldn’t quite beat her. So much for a home field advantage. Read more »

Summer Camp Art Show

Kamryn has been attending a summer camp focused on the arts. This past week she was a digital photography student. At the end of the week the students invited parents to their art show - very impressive! And so was the pile of nachos we had afterwards to celebrate! Kam has already said she can’t wait to practice her Read more »


Golf cart rides, cannon balls, and more crabs than you can shake a mallet at! If a successful vacation is determined by the number of memories you make, laughs you share, and potato chips you eat, I think we can give this one an A++ We spent the week with close friends who have adopted two kiddos. We are lucky to have Read more »

The more the merrier!

Love this story about adoption featured on Good Morning America… Read more »


We absolutely LOVE our house, especially on the days when we get to enjoy breakfast on the front porch or grilling on the back deck. Enjoying a cooler morning on the porch with a pretty spectacular view of the lilies that decided to make an entrance this weekend :-) Read more »

Adoption is Love

Check out this story about of adoption and/or foster care in the wild - way to go mama duck! News Story out of Minnesota - When wildlife photographer Brent Cizek bought a small plastic boat last winter, he was hoping to ply the lakes of northern Minnesota and capture the most intimate scenes of animals in their Read more »

Saturday Morning

It was great to kick off the weekend with a long walk this morning. Maybe a little too long for Penny, based on where she chose to nap when we got home - under the bed and away from her brother! Read more »

Day 5 of 5 with H&H

Last breakfast with my two nephews!!  Mom and Dad are on their way home. We had a ton of fun together and I feel like I just successfully completed parent Boot Camp! Read more »

Day 3 of 5 with H&H

Soooo the morning started early for Hendrix and I on Day 3….hang on…(yawn)......BUT, I was able to get some great smiles and giggles from the little man!  My nephews warm my heart! Read more »

Day 1 of 5 with H&H

With their parents out of town all week, I get to be the Head Uncle in Charge!  One of the highlights yesterday included emptying a giant box of toys, only to have more fun playing with the box than the actual toys…go figure.  More fun to come! Read more »

Avo Toast & PJs :-)

You know you married the right guy when he makes you a gourmet breakfast in the comfort of your own home - delicious breakfast in pajamas, for the win! Can’t wait to see some sweet little faces at the table with us. Read more »

A Day at the Museum

On this cold, gray day, we walked a few blocks to the Virginia Museum of History & Culture. They have an exhibit of murals painted by local artists capturing the history of Virginia. This photo is of Ryan and Kamryn taking in a bold, colorful mural by Richmond artist, Ed Trask. Read more »

Black Bean Brownies?

Today we experimented with a new brownie recipe that uses black beans instead of flour - weird, right?? It turned out to be a delicious experiment and gave us a chance to hang out with family and get the cousins together! Read more »

Spring!! (Fingers crossed…)

Our backyard is showing signs of spring!  Looking forward to working in the garden this weekend with Kamryn and getting our hands dirty. We spend a lot of time outdoors and love to make our backyard an inviting space to hang out for family and friends. Read more »

Finally…the sun!

We had several straight days of rain and the sun finally came out today!  We took advantage and went for a run, and then took the dogs for a walk.  We found just the right spot to stop and take a selfie…can’t wait to have a new face or two with us in the photo! Read more »

Valentine’s Day!

You know you married the right guy when you come home to not one, not two, but FOUR bouquets of flowers on Valentine’s Day!  This is how much love is floating around in this house, just waiting for a new little person to join our family and soak it all up! Read more »

Quesadilla Night with the Cousins

We live about 10 minutes away from our nephews, so whenever Kam is in town we make a point of getting in some cousin time. Tonight that included quesadillas, puzzles, and a lot of laughter! Read more »

Living Near the Virginia Museum of Fine Arts

Living near the VMFA is even more amazing than we expected! We bought a house in the neighborhood over a year ago and have walked our dogs to the museum almost every day since. It’s so great walking around seeing families enjoying picnics, dogs chasing a ball, and people reading on benches. It feels like a park with the Read more »

Sara’s Working At Home :-)

It’s sunny, 70 degrees outside (in February!!) and I’m working at home with the windows open while my favorite co-worker keeps an eye on things in the back yard. Can’t wait to hang a swing from that big tree and spend the afternoon enjoying days like this with a new kiddo in our family! Read more »

Uncle Brandon’s Birthday!

This weekend we celebrated Brandon’s birthday, Ryan’s first younger brother.  Brandon smoked pork (his culinary past time) and fried up some shrimp for some really awesome tacos.  There were friends and family and lots of kids running around the house, and it was a ton of fun!  We love getting Read more »

This Weekend

As a part of helping you get to know us, we’ll pull back the curtain and tell you exactly what we did this weekend… Friday night Sara had a special work event, so Ryan and Kamryn went over to Ryan’s brother, Brandon’s, house. Brandon and his family (wife PJ and two young sons, Hudson and Hendrix) live Read more »

Here We Are!

We have already been working on our adoption journey for months as we underwent the home study phase, but we are now ready to start the next step. So…here we are! We have been working hard to upload a ton of pictures because we do believe the saying “a picture tells a thousand words” is very true. More than Read more »

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