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Our Story

We met in college and stayed in touch as friends, but something finally clicked a few years ago. Ryan asked Sara if she wanted to get together and catch up over french fries (seriously) - we have been together ever since. We've been married for over three years and are so excited to grow our family!

Ryan works for the Department of Justice, focusing on violent crimes in our area. Sara works in Health & Wellness, advising employers on the things they can do to support and improve the health and wellness of their employees.

Running is a big part of who we are and what we do. We are both marathon runners and running coaches. Ryan has volunteered as a coach for at-risk middle school kids in Richmond. Sara has volunteered as a coach for the United Nations Foundation Team Girl Up. We also travel with friends to run in races around the United Stated as a way of exploring the country.

We have a lot of flexibility in our schedules and often work from home to manage things around the house. In the evening, we often go for a run together to catch up on our days.

Ryan’s daughter, Kamryn, is with us every other weekend. She's in 7th grade and is really into dancing, crafts and Harry Potter books. When Kam is in town we make sure we spend time with family to keep those bonds tight. Our nephews and Ryan's mom live 10 minutes away, so uncles, aunts cousins and grandparents are a regular part of our weekend activities.

Ryan and Kam go fishing together and create scavenger hunts for each other around our neighborhood. As a family, we love watching movies together, hiking, and we can’t wait for March Madness to roll around.

We love to travel and try new things! Some of our favorite things to do include going to baseball games, soccer games, hiking, trying new restaurants, and going to museums. We are also members of Maymont Park, a 100-acre park in Richmond with a zoo that helps rehabilitate wounded animals. They also host summer camps. Last summer Kamryn attended a young animal keepers camp there and loved it!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in Virginia about 10 miles outside of Washington, DC.

We are so lucky to live in a safe, family-oriented neighborhood close to everything we could want or need for our family!

It is a wonderfully diverse community with one of the best school systems in the country. There are a ton of kids on our street, including the family across the street that are also adoptive parents. Someone is always outside riding bikes, playing basketball, or drawing with chalk - so many playmates and friends to grow with and make memories!

We have a large backyard with a lot of tall trees. It is a peaceful place, perfect for playing tag, watching fireflies, planting in our garden, or swinging in the hammock.


adoptive family photo - Sara WHAT RYAN SAYS ABOUT SARA...

Sara embodies what happens when you take love and compassion and blend it with intellect and an adventurous spirit. More than being the most perfect partner, Sara brings out the best in everyone around her. Personally, she inspires me to be better. And she challenges me to reach goals I never thought possible. For example, I never thought it was possible for me to run a marathon. After watching her complete several marathons, Sara encouraged me to go for it. With her guidance and encouragement, I was able to run four!

I've seen Sara's magic at work with Kamryn as well. Kids are naturally inquisitive, creative and adventurous. But their shyness and inexperience can often stand in the way of taking chances, or thinking beyond their own personal experiences. Sara is brilliant at bringing out the best in Kamryn, and challenging her in ways that both teach and reward. It's special and heart-warming to see it in action.

I am who I am because of Sara, and I am routinely surprised by the little ways I feel her love everyday. To know Sara is to know a friend. To be loved by Sara is know love.


adoptive family photo - Ryan WHAT SARA SAYS ABOUT RYAN...

Ryan is, hands down, the best man I know. He is unconditionally kind, unbelievably loyal to those he loves, and a champion for justice. He believes in doing what is right, even when no one is looking, and is he always thinking about his impact on others.

One of my favorite things about Ryan, besides his huge heart, is his curiosity. He is constantly learning new things and encouraging Kamryn to challenge herself. For example, Ryan started making maps of Richmond and hiding little treasures around our neighborhood for scavenger hunts. He did this to create memories with Kam, but also to encourage her to learn how to read a map and become comfortable with navigation.

It is a special and wonderful thing to be part of Ryan's world and to be loved by him. I know how lucky I am to be part of his life, and that my life is better because of it.

No child could ask for a better father than Ryan.

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