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We are Ryan & Sara! Call anytime 855-560-7010 or email RSKGFamily@gmail.com


We are Ryan & Sara! Call anytime 855-560-7010 or email RSKGFamily@gmail.com
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We believe love, not biology, is what makes a family. Every family has a story, welcome to ours!

Hi there!

We are Sara and Ryan, we have been married for 2.5 years and we cannot wait to grow our family! Right now our family consists of us, our 12 yr old daughter Kamryn, from Ryan’s previous marriage, and our two pups, Max and Penny.

Kamryn is with us every other weekend and she can't wait to be a big sister! As soon as we shared our adoption plan with Kam, she was over the moon. She regularly talks about the things she would like to do with a younger brother or sister, like read to them or teach them to swim.

Adoption felt like the right fit for us from the start – to us, love is what makes a family, not biology. Sara has an adopted cousin and Sara’s best friend has two young children who are adopted. We also have a family friend that has four children through the foster-to-adopt process.

Our family is built with love, compassion, humor, and joy. From this point on, your act of love will forever be a part of our family story as well.

We can only imagine all of the questions you have as you make a decision that feels worthy of your child. We would love to connect with you to talk about what we will provide your child – a life filled with loving support, opportunity, big hugs and tons of laughter. We want to hear about your vision for being a part of our family, too.

We can’t wait to hear from you!!

Ryan & Sara

RSKGfamily@gmail.com or 855-560-7010 (toll free call or text anytime!)

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Who We Are

We met in college and stayed in touch as friends afterwards, but something finally clicked a few years ago. Ryan asked Sara if she wanted to get together and catch up over some french fries (seriously) - we have been together ever since. We've been married for over two years and are so excited to grow our family!

Ryan works for the Department of Justice, focusing on violent crimes in our area. Sara works in Health & Wellness, advising employers on the things they can do to support and improve the health and wellness of their employees.

Running is a big part of who we are and what we do. We are both marathon runners and running coaches. Ryan has volunteered as a coach for at-risk middle school kids in Richmond. Sara has volunteered as a coach for the United Nations Foundation Team Girl Up. We also travel with friends to run in races around the United Stated as a way of exploring the country.

We have a lot of flexibility in our schedules and often work from home or flex our schedules to manage things around the house. In the evening, we often go for a run together to catch up on our days.

Ryan’s daughter, Kamryn, is with us every other weekend. She's in 5th grade and is really into dancing, crafts and Harry Potter books. When Kam is in town we make sure we spend time with family to keep those bonds tight. Our nephews and Ryan's mom live 10 minutes away, so uncles, aunts cousins and grandparents are a regular part of our weekend activities.

Ryan and Kam go fishing together and create scavenger hunts for each other around our neighborhood. As a family, we love watching movies together, hiking, and we can’t wait for March Madness to roll around.

We love to travel and try new things! Some of our favorite things to do include going to baseball games, soccer games, hiking, trying new restaurants, and going to museums. We are also members of Maymont Park, a 100-acre park in Richmond with a zoo that helps rehabilitate wounded animals. They also host summer camps. Last summer Kamryn attended a young animal keepers camp there and loved it!

Adoption Diary

Summer Camp Art Show

Kamryn has been attending a summer camp focused on the arts. This past week she was a digital photography student. At the end of the week the students invited parents to their art show - very impressive! And so was the pile of nachos we had afterwards to celebrate! Kam has already said she can’t wait to practice her photography skills so she’s ready to go when her little brother or sister joins our family


Golf cart rides, cannon balls, and more crabs than you can shake a mallet at! If a successful vacation is determined by the number of memories you make, laughs you share, and potato chips you eat, I think we can give this one an A++

We spent the week with close friends who have adopted two kiddos. We are lucky to have multiple adopted kids in our lives and know they will be a great resource and support as our family grows!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


We are Ryan & Sara! Call anytime 855-560-7010 or email RSKGFamily@gmail.com

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We are Ryan & Sara! Call anytime 855-560-7010 or email RSKGFamily@gmail.com