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Our Family, Julie & George & our son: We are committed, supportive, loving, with a mix of silly fun.

To: A courageous & loving birth mother,

We are so excited at the prospect of adopting again. Truthfully it has taken us much longer to get this profile up then we'd hoped. Partly because it's emotionally scary putting ourselves out there, and knowing what to genuinely write, and where to begin. But this feeling does not even compare to thinking of what it's like for you looking at profiles considering the choices of adoption and the strength and love it will take to make your decision, which ever path that may be.

Thank you for reading this letter and our profile. Although we have not met we think of you every day, and imagine what it would be like to meet you and to someday hold another or more children in our arms, in our home, to be loved unconditionally. We adopted our son, who is now 4. Julie was at the hospital with the birth mother holding her hand all night during child birth. We met the birth mom 4 months prior to his birth and visited with her often. She chose to not keep in touch with us, but not a day goes by that we don't think of her. Knowing now how much love we have for our son's birth mom assures us that we will also hold you near & dear in our hearts forever.

We have been married for 13 years, and consider ourselves lucky to rely on each other as very close friends. George is a sales manager for a broadcast equipment company and has to frequently travel for work, something we consider a perk as we sometimes enjoy tagging along as a family. George is originally from a college town in West Virginia and grew up in a big family of 7 siblings, he is a triplet. We live close enough to drive and we visit often with family & friends to share in many occasions. Julie is a freelance photographer. She loves her job always meeting new people and it has given her the opportunity to have flexible hours to stay at home with our son. She cherishes this flexibility b/c she values the extra time with our son. Julie is originally from Puerto Rico where she grew up with 2 brothers, and down the street from her grandparents. We both love to visit Puerto Rico every year to see family & friends and re-energize in the happy tropical environment.

We have lived in Washington DC for over 10 years. Julie's mom lives with us in the homes attached apartment. She's the perfect live in grandma for spoiling kids, our son adores his grandma. What we love most about our homes location is the diversity of people, it gives us comfort to be surrounded by so much culture, it's like having the influence of the world in our daily lives. Our son thrives in this environment, growing up hearing many languages, trying different foods, and experiencing places like museums and national parks. In addition we live in a neighborhood that is like a small town, we know and spend time with many of our neighbors, it's a lively and friendly place. Our small one way street is ideal for children, there are lots of families, the kids love to play outside together, and we share a lot as a community with spontaneous gatherings, and annual events like our summer block parties.

We dream of growing our family through adoption once again. Every day we mention how much joy it would be for us and for our son. We don't think there is any one way to be a perfect parent, but we do have a lot of love and support to give. Thank you for taking the time to learn a bit about us. We appreciate the love and strength it takes to consider your decision. We would love to hear from you if you feel we would be the right family for your path. Thanks again, we think of you often, not evening knowing who you are, but you are already in our hearts.

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Who We Are

We have been friends since our early 20's. To outsiders, it may seem like a marriage of opposites since our backgrounds are so different. Julie comes from a small Puerto Rican family growing up with 2 brothers, and when she wasn't living on the island, she returned every year. George grew up in a big, sprawling family of seven brothers and sisters (he is a triplet!) in West Virginia and had never traveled far from home until he was an adult.

But really, it is what we have in common that binds us. Music and humor leads the list. In fact, we became friends through music. We started to go to concerts together. And then we discovered a similar (zany) sense of humor. That's one of the reasons our household rings with laughter.

How do our friends describe our marriage? Strong, committed, and respectful. Supportive, open, and honest.

Our relationship, or really our partnership, is also painted with curiosity and books and travel and silliness, and science and , like many lives, also moments of challenge and loss. (Each of us has had a close sibling die, Julie a parent & a close friend. We've known terminal illness first hand as caretakers). Rather than defeat us, these experiences have given our marriage an amazing resilience. We've learned that is just as important how you navigate the down times in life as it is how you celebrate it's joys. We have waked through our challenges hand-in-hand, emerging from every one of them solid and together.

Our bond is the foundation of our lives.

Among the many things we have in common is also the great value we put on family. And by family we don't mean the people related to us only by DNA, but also the people we pull close to us. (While Julie, technically, has a small family, her life was-and is-filled with "aunts & cousins" not related by DNA but who are as close as any family can be.

For a long time, we knew we wanted to grow our family through adoption. We knew it would be the most natural and fulfilling path for us. Four years ago, after 20 years ad 13 years of marriage, we adopted Julian as a newborn. He has enriched our lives in indescribable ways. He joined our high-energy extended household and adores his "Granma" who lives in a separate suit in our home. Our bouncy, curious child is loved and supported by family and friends in abundance. We want to extend that love to a new sibling (or siblings) for our family.

We have room in our hearts, space in our home and a great wish to grow our family. Our home is prepared for children from infancy to age 5. We know it takes strength and love to decide that adoption is the right thing for you and your child or children. When choosing a couple to help guide your child's life, we hope you will consider us.

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Julie & George

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