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Taryn & Michael

To Someone Special,

Hi there! Thank you for considering us on your adoption journey. We are excited to add two little "human" feet to our family!

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Who We Are

We are Michael and Taryn! We are so very thankful that you are taking the time to consider us as potential adoptive parents for your child. Our adoption journey is not an uncommon one. After experiencing fertility issues, we decided we were meant to adopt. God works in mysterious ways. And here we are, connecting with you!

To give you a look into our lives, we are both originally from rural towns in Texas. Yee-Haw! Just kidding, we're not cowboys. But, we are fans of the Cowboys football team! We didn't end up too far from either one of our hometowns, but our current community is more of an urban/rural area. Our town offers the ability to do just about whatever you want to do, while at the same time providing somewhat of a small town feel.
We are, by all admissions, animal lovers deluxe! With four dachshunds named Teddi Bear, Daisy Duke, Max, and Scarlett, our house is rarely quiet because they keep us on our toes with their little lively personalities.

Traveling is definitely one of our other passions! Our favorite place we've traveled to is Destin, Florida. The beach is beautiful, the waters are emerald green, and there are lots of fun things to do with family and friends!

Other things we do for fun include spending time with family and friends, relaxing together in our hot tub, squeezing on our dachshunds, and watching TV (currently we are obsessed with 90-Day Fiance and Vikings).

Most of our families live within a couple of hours from our town, with the farthest ones living about 5 hours from us. Taryn has two sisters and Michael has a sister and a brother. We have 5 nephews ranging from ages 3 to 17; and, 3 nieces between the ages of 6 and 20. Lots of kiddos equals lots of fun!!!

Adoption Diary

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Taryn & Michael

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Taryn & Michael