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Our Story

We met in our small Ohio town and were actually high school sweethearts! We realized after high school we had to grow on our own before we were ready to settle down. Years later in 2002, a family tragedy brought us back together, and we have been inseparable ever since. In so many ways, life is about timing and we believe we were brought back together so that we can experience this journey of life together.

We live an active and healthy life. We both enjoy cooking, exercising and doing most things together. We love having a chill Sunday and taking our two sweet rescue dogs Gracie and Rainy (who both adore kids) on long walks around our neighborhood. We both love playing and watching sports and especially cheering on our hometown Ohio State Buckeyes. Ryan teaches martial arts and has a close group of students and instructors he works with. We also coach/manage pop warner and high school football teams, and Ryan continues to mentor the kids once they've moved on from the team. We love to go on hikes, go to the beach or go skiing in the mountains. We also love to travel, cook together and we always look forward to spending time with our family and friends.

Our life revolves around a pretty simple philosophy - be a good human and treat people how you would want to be treated. We always try to give instead of take. We make it a point to laugh daily with each other and love unconditionally. We know the importance of cherishing each and every day. These are principles we plan to instill in our family. We know it is key to have people to lean on and turn to when raising a family and we are confident that between our families and the amazing group of friends we have, we couldn't ask for a better support system and we want our child to grow up truly appreciating that support system around them and to remain connected with their family and ultimately make an impact in this world.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a cozy, quiet house with a backyard where we love to relax and play with our dogs. We have the best neighbors and many families with kids on our street. It’s no accident we ended up in a quiet family oriented neighborhood just outside of Los Angeles, CA. We gravitated towards this safe community because it is very much like the small Ohio town where we both grew up - which was important to us, knowing we would raise our family here.

We are close to the big city, but far enough away to be blanketed by the safety and security of a great police department and school system. It’s really the best of both worlds and the ideal place for our child to grow up. We have just a short drive to the beach, the mountains and so many amazing hiking trails. We love to be active so this gives us many options to explore!

About Julie

adoptive family photo - Julie Julie is an executive in the music industry and loves to help aspiring and established artists and songwriters fulfill their dreams and share their music with the world.

She is also a remarkable personal chef who enjoys being in the kitchen and sharing her love through food.

Julie is the youngest of five kids. She has an extremely special bond with her nine nieces and nephews and makes it a priority to spend as much time with her family as possible. Whether it's planning family gatherings or someone's birthday party, Julie's the person everyone turns to.

A note from Ryan: I always say Julie is the executive producer of our life - she keeps everything running smoothly and is the most kind and graceful person I know. Julie is a natural caregiver, always making sure everyone else is taken care of first. She has a special way of always keeping our home warm and inviting for all our friends and family. Truth is, I could go on and on, but what I'm trying to say is, Julie is the most amazing person I know and she's born to be a mother.

About Ryan

adoptive family photo - Ryan Ryan is an award-winning filmmaker and owns a fitness/muscle therapy and martial arts business. When he is not doing one he is doing the other because he truly loves doing both.

Ryan prides himself on making others feel better and encouraging them to be their best selves.

A note from Julie: Ryan is the hardest working and most driven person I've ever met. Ryan has a great sense of humor and always keeps me laughing. He makes me feel so loved every day. He loves music and sings and dances with me (even though he can't dance!) Ryan also really enjoys doing projects around our house. He is such a loyal and compassionate friend, he is a strong, loving and genuine husband.

What I love most about Ryan is that he loves to work with kids - whether he is teaching martial arts or coaching football, he connects with the kids so easily and leaves such a positive, everlasting impact on them. This is why I know he will make the best Dad!

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Ryan & Julie

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Ryan & Julie