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Vanessa & Simon
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Loving family looking to grow through adoption

Hi - we are Vanessa and Simon from New York City! We want to thank you for viewing our profile. We understand how hard this decision must be and promise to treat you with the honor and respect you deserve. What you are doing is the ultimate act of love for your child. A little about us... we are a home study approved and certified couple. We met and fell in love in New York City and have been happily married for 9+ years. We are parents to a a bright 6yr old daughter who can't wait to be a big sister. Unfortunately we are not able to have more children of our own and are hoping to connect with an expectant mom as a way to grow our family though adoption. We love to cook, watch movies and read lots of books to our daughter at bedtime. On weekends you can find us at one of our local parks & playgrounds, playing random games of Uno or Go Fish, or enjoying many of the amazing things that New York City has to offer. We would like to keep an open relationship with you but will respect your choice if that is not your chosen path. We have so much room in our hearts for another child and would welcome the opportunity to speak with you anytime! Get to know us... happy to answer any questions you may have. Please call/text or email: 724-613-2630 or email @ vanesaandsimonadopt@gmail.com

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Who We Are

We met one night about 10 years ago when Vanessa walked into the pub that Simon manages as he was behind the bar. It must have been fate because there was a drink named "Vanessa" on the menu! Sparks were flying that night and we have been together ever since. Who says love at first sight isn’t real??

5 years later we had our daughter Charlie who lights up our lives. Unfortunately we were unable to have another child and we had always talked about adoption and decided it would be a fantastic way to add to our family.

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Chess Match

Apparently Chess is on the curriculum in Kindergarten!  Time to re-learn chess because I just got beat by my 5yr old.

Dear birth mom

Today I wonder if we will connect with the right person. I feel so lucky we have our daughter Charlie but both Simon and I have grown up with siblings and long for that gift of another child for ourselves, but also for our daughter.  A sibling is truly your life partner. A playmate for life!  Today I find myself dreaming about that joy of watching my two children play and hoping it becomes real someday.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Vanessa & Simon

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Vanessa & Simon