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Hey! So. How did I come to have this profile looking to self-match for an infant adoption? (I’m going to try to keep it brief, so feel free to message me if you’d like to chat.) In July of 2017, I miscarried. Then in November I underwent a surgical procedure to attempt to “mend my broken parts”. Turns out, they weren’t to be mended. Instead, I learned I can’t carry a child.

I looked into adoption through an agency. I looked into gestational surrogacy. At over $100k, both were cost prohibitive. So while I didn’t give up on the idea of a child, my zeal definitely took a hit.

Then one day in April 2018, I got a text message from a friend asking if I’d be interested in adopting a newborn due in December. “YES!” was my exact reply.
With additional conversation, I learned the expecting mother was a very young lady who was already a mom of 3, and she was interested in placing this baby. She was only 5 weeks pregnant.

We walked through her entire pregnancy together. There were lots of ups and lots of downs. I learned alot. I grew alot. Long story short, she was firm on her decision to place. She signed the paperwork. The baby - a healthy, beautiful baby boy was born Nov. 29, 2018. 47 hours later - one hour before discharge - she changed her mind and decided to parent the baby.

I thought I had been gutted. It literally felt as though someone had taken a knife and physically cut out my insides. No words can convey the experience. BUT. But I know there was a purpose. I don’t know the exact “why” - and I may never know. But I DO know that ultimately the experience will be/has been used to glorify God. And that’s what matters.

I have been encouraged to seek out opportunities. I have learned that agency adoptions aren’t the only path. I now know private adoptions are a thing. And I’ve learned so much about them. So. Here I am.

If you’re looking for an adoptive mom, and you’d like to know more about me, please shoot me a message!

By the way: If you’re considering adoption, I highly encourage you to join some adoption support groups (whether here on Facebook, or in the real world, or both). And seek out counseling. Even the smoothest adoption journeys are emotionally difficult to navigate. We all need all the support we can get.

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Please check back soon for updates.

About Anna

adoptive family photo - Anna I prefer open adoption but
I am absolutely willing to go the closed route if needed. I’m also willing to start with a closed adoption and progress as appropriate based on the birth parents.
If you want to know more about open adoption or why I believe in it, feel free to ask me!

Love the beach. This child will definitely be a beach child. I go down to the Florida panhandle about every other month.

I’m a mentor to a 17 year old boy in foster care (he lives in a group home).
Have been for a little over 2 years now. As well as other volunteer work with teens in foster care.

After a miscarriage in 2017 and subsequent surgical procedure, I learned I can’t carry a child.

I’m a believer. This child will be raised to love God, Jesus and the Holy Spirit. But a Christian home doesn’t mean exclusion, divisiveness, or standing in judgment of others. Instead it means love, inclusion and teaching non-judgement.

Love to travel (especially tropical locations like Bora Bora & Aruba). I’ve also been to Japan, Jamaica, Mexico, the Bahamas, Virgin Islands. I really want to go to Iceland and am hoping to make it there next!

Love to bake.

I am unmarried and have no children.

My dog Buddy is my best friend. (Yes, I have human best friends, too.) I just love him so much. I adopted him from a rescue group when he was 1 year old. He had been abused and then abandoned. He is an AMAZING animal. We did lots of obedience training, agility classes and he even became a pet therapy dog. He’s now 13 and spends most of his day sleeping, but loves his walks. He’s great with children, people, and other animals.

I value transparency immensely.

Though from Montgomery originally, I grew up in Atlanta. I moved back to Montgomery about 5 years ago.

I work in software and am fortunate to work from home.

I have lots of family, all of whom are very supportive of my decision to adopt.

I look forward to all the big moments with a child of course (milestones, holidays, events, etc.). But what I really can’t wait for is the day-to-day stuff. Just regular life. Going to the grocery store, reading books together, doing their laundry, getting up in the morning and getting ready for the day together, getting ready for bed at night. Talking to them about their day.

Conversations and laughing. Getting to learn about how their mind works.

I really enjoy interior decorating. And making and building things. And renovating houses. And architecture.

I totally love British chick lit.

Lots of friends, family & co-workers with great things to say and who are willing to chat if you’d ever like to talk to “references”. :)

I believe in taking personal responsibility. And in doing what I say I will.

Anything else you’d like to know? Shoot me a message and ask away!

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