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How can we begin to thank you for taking the time to learn about us and consider whether we fit within the dream of your heart for your child? When we think of the decision that you are making for the sake of your little one, we want you to know how much we honor you and the sacrifice that you are choosing to make. We recognize that you don't have to do this, you are choosing to and, in that, you must choose who would love, nurture and raise your little one the most like you would hope to do. We want you to know that to us, no matter who you choose, you are a hero. You're a hero because you are choosing the greatest act of love possible, to deny yourself for the sake of another. We so greatly admire your courage and bravery in this and pray for you ever so much that God would surround you, with grace, strength, and the comfort of His love daily. We don't care to build ourselves up in any specific way to you, but hope that this profile will speak to you of who we are and help you decide whether we fit within the dream of your heart for your baby. It is said that a picture can speak a thousand words, so we have included many in the hopes that you may feel like you have come to know us, even a little, through this profile. And perhaps you may find that your child fits as well, into these pictures and most importantly into our hearts and family!

All Our Love, Kate and Joe

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Who We Are

We met in 2006 while serving together in our church. Our relationship began as a friendship with so much fun and laughter. In 2008 we began dating and just loved to be with one another. We continued to serve in ministry together, as well as traveled quite a bit to other countries. In 2013, we were married and began our little family! We have been married for almost 6 years and have enjoyed building a life together! We live a pretty simple life and have a consistent routine throughout the week between work, time with family and friends and spending time together enjoying our home, neighborhood and the outdoors! Some of our favorite things to do are travel, go out to eat, spend time with friends, take family walks, and do projects on our house.

Adoption Diary

The Gift of Others

We woke up this morning into one of those last really warm, humid, summer-like fall days. We had many plans on how to take advantage of this gorgeous day for all it’s worth. Smashed in the midst of our many plans for the day was saying goodbye to some of our dearest friends who are moving out of state. We will of course see them again and will even have another time to get together before they leave, but this was our formal group goodbye. What we didn’t expect was for the emotions to hit us so hard! In a moment, we were reminded of years of friendship that carried us through some really rough times. Joyful times too! We were there to welcome baby after baby as they built a family. And they were there to celebrate with us as we made the decision to walk through this amazing journey to adopt. We would have incredible home cooked meals in their house and talk until all hours of the night. They were the friends who you knew you could show up at their house in a moments notice or call in times of crisis, indecision, or just to spend an extra few minutes with. And just like that, a season of life changes and it’s time to say goodbye. But what strikes me is the power of love. Sometimes we are not even aware of it’s depth until a word, or an event suddenly brings it to the surface.  And in those moments we are left to realize the power of others’ presence in our lives. All of the life’s treasures, trails and circumstances fade away. And we are left with the gift of who others have been to us and the hope that we are just as much a gift to them. So, after having been flooded with all of our memories and emotions and watching our two friends and their six little boys pile into their van and prepare to drive away, we decided to scrap our individual plans and just be together. We ended up going to the nearby local apple festival. As we walked around the farm with our dog, the sun beaming down on us, crowds of people around us, country music playing, we considered these gifts. We watched wagons, pulled by parents, filled with pumpkins, apples, and little children bouncing along up the hill with their spoils. And we dreamed and discussed how much we anticipate the day that we will bring our child to this festival, pulling the wagon up the hill and treasuring their joy and the beautiful moments given to us.

New Beginnings

Hi! So, I can’t promise that I (we) will be very good or consistent at blogging, but in hopes that you will get to know us more in a real way, we are certainly going to try! The most exciting and exhilarating thing on my mind right now is…SPIRNG!!! I cannot get enough of the temperatures creeping up little by little and the sun peeking out a bit more often! But the greatest thing about spring is that it naturally represents new beginnings! It is such a fresh new season, where the cold dreariness of winter passes away, new buds begin to pop out on trees, birds begin to sing, baby animals are born, and there is warmth all around!!!! I love that you can be outside in the Spring, without a heavy jacket, or too many extra layers! There is so much fresh hope in the Spring. As we excitedly await the new beginning of becoming parents and the warmth of that new season of life; I hope and pray that you, too, experience the hope of a new season with fresh joys popping up all over your life!  ~Kate

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Kate & Joe

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