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Brad and Raj - Reach out to us anytime
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Happily Married, TV Executive & Private School Director of Admisson Hope to Adopt!

Our Letter to You,
We are so grateful to you. We understand that when you decided to begin the adoption process, you made a compassionate and courageous decision to help a couple who are not able to have children of their own.  We are so thankful that you did so and that you would consider blessing us with the child you are carrying.

You can, of course, learn a bit about us with the information in this profile.  As the words suggest, if you generously choose us, your child will join a family that values diversity, new experiences, learning, and having fun.  These are important parts of us and the life we’ve formed together.

But there is, of course, something far more important than the tangible realities of our home and family.  As you make this monumental decision, please know that your child will be loved. We will love your little girl or little boy unconditionally and always.  And if we do our job as a family properly, your child will never doubt that love.

Our promise to you is this: your child will always be cared for completely and thoughtfully.  We will provide for him or her financially, creatively, intellectually, physically, emotionally, and however else is necessary to ensure that your child feels supported and loved.

Brad, Raj and Leo (our adopted son)

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Who We Are

On our first date, we talked about how much we wanted to be fathers. Both of us valued our experiences as older siblings and wanted to expand on that background with a family of our own. That sort of conversation on a first date would have scared off many people, but for us, it was one of the clearest signs that we were a good fit together.

Together, we love children and we are adventurous, goofy, upbeat, and more than a little bit nerdy.  We love to cook, try new restaurants, travel, and host friends for game nights. Brad enjoys baking, reading Russian literature and political blogs, and forcing Raj to watch classic movies.  Raj enjoys eating Brad’s baking, yoga, reading contemporary fiction and pop culture blogs, listening to podcasts, and forcing Brad to watch current TV shows.

We have a beautiful, gregarious, kind and happy 4-year old son, Leo.  We are eternally grateful to Leo’s amazing birth family.

We adopted him from birth, in October 2014. In 2016, the three of us moved from Los Angeles to New York, to be closer to family on the East coast.

Leo has reinforced every motivation we had to be parents.   He calls Raj, “Papa;” and, he calls Brad, “Daddy.” He has brought us so much joy and laughter. We are eager to welcome your child into our family for many reasons, but one of the most pronounced is our confidence that Leo will be a loving, protective, supportive big brother.

Adoption Diary

Values - Education & Diversity

Two of the three members of our family spend weekdays in the same building.  The school Leo attends is also the school where Brad works.  It’s meaningful and important, then, that the school reflects so many of the values that are important to our family.

On the most basic level, the school shares our commitment to learning.  It has a strong, college preparatory program that encourages curiosity, exploration, and hard work.  At home, we are voracious readers, and we see that love for words and knowledge reflected in our son’s school.

Looking a bit more deeply, the school and our family are aligned in our commitment to appreciating and understanding a diverse world.  Our family is diverse in more ways than one, and the school both appreciates and mirrors that.  Leo’s classmates represent more than 65 different nationalities and speak more than 25 different languages at home.  At its core, it is the world, all in one small school community.  We feel so privileged to call these diverse, wonderful individuals our classmates, coworkers, and students.

Leo has forged friendships at his school that are so close and so warm that they seem familial.  The older children are especially kind to him.  In their warmth and care and conscientiousness, they are his models for how to be a good big brother one day.  All of these bonds exist across countless demographic differences.  It’s beautiful for us to see each day.

Babysitter or Baby Sister?

One of the great and simple joys of being a parent springs from the silly ways in which young kids jumble words.  Leo is an expert at being unintentionally silly with language.  Lately, his most common word mix-up has been related to our adoption journey.

Leo is eager to be a big brother.  He talks all the time about having a baby brother or baby sister.  Leo also occasionally needs a babysitter, and he loves the person who’s been watching him recently.  He really likes his babysitter.  He really wants a baby sister (or brother).  Babysitter.  Baby sister.  You can understand the confusion.  Suffice to say, he refers to both as his “baby sister,” and he does not understand why the young woman who watches him leaves after a few hours.  The common question: “where did my baby sister go?”

It’s a charming question.  We hope to be able to offer him some clarity on that point soon.  Once we welcome a new child into our family, we’re thinking that Leo will understand the distinction between baby siblings and babysitters.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Brad and Raj - Reach out to us anytime

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Brad and Raj - Reach out to us anytime