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Our Story

We're fiercely devoted to family and have found in each other a partner who recognizes the immense power of unconditional love.

We grew up very differently—Jeremy in Ohio and Robert in New York—but the values that our parents instilled in us have powerful similarities. Jeremy is one of three siblings and Robert is one of four, but our parents tailored their parenting to our specific needs and personalities. What was constant was their belief that we could become independent, thoughtful and generous adults who would contribute greatly to the world.

Our families taught us the importance of hard work, determination, learning from failure, and using those lessons to pursue our dreams. We were encouraged to embrace our passions and our families helped us in transforming them into fulfilling and meaningful careers.

We look back in awe at our parents' work—raising a brood of children who all have unique and distinct personalities, but also share an underlying value system and a commitment to generating kindness in the world. We are excited to pass on that love and kindness to a new generation, and shape a young person who can confidently navigate and claim their valuable place in the world.

Everyone who knows us can feel that we have created a home full of love. They know that we have kind spirits and playful sensibilities. Our marriage is built on mutual respect, trust and honesty. And we are eager to expand our family because we have so much more love to give.

Our Home

We own a condominium in a luxury, residential building in Manhattan's Upper West Side. Our neighborhood is beautiful. We live one block from a playground and close to Riverside Park. It is a very family friendly, family oriented area. Adjacent to our building are two different preschool/kindergarten schools. Inside our building are a children's playroom and an indoor pool that many families can take advantage of throughout the year.

We feel lucky that Robert’s family is so close in proximity to us that we can take a quick weekend trip to visit them on Long Island or even pop out there for a day when there's a special occasion. But we feel doubly lucky to have an army of friends who live in the New York area. Our building's central location has made it gathering point for events like games nights and awards show parties that fill our home with laughter, love, and an enduring sense of community.

About Jeremy's Thoughts on Robert

adoptive family photo - Jeremy's Thoughts on Robert No one makes me laugh like Robert does. Not a day goes by that he doesn’t brighten my life with levity and humor. After 10 years, he continues to make me belly-laugh to the point where I am gasping for air. But most importantly, he is the most decent and genuine human being I know. He sees the world with such optimism and has the most enormous generous heart that I have ever met. In his career as an actor he meets new cast members and crew on each production pretty constantly. He becomes well-loved by all who work with him because he exudes a sense of joy in what he does and care and interest in with whom he associates. He is deeply passionate about being part of a world that treats people with equality and love and feels deeply when he sees injustice, bigotry and hatred in our world. His compassion knows no limits. When I am in the room, I know that I am fully seen and heard by him. The respect and love that he gives me makes me think how truly lucky I am to trust someone who knows me so deeply. That isn’t to say that life is always rosy. We’ve had hardships, and losses, disappointments, and upsets… but through it all, there is no one else with whom I want to walk beside. He is my rock, my constant, my soul.

About Robert's Thoughts On Jeremy

adoptive family photo - Robert's Thoughts On Jeremy I have never met a kinder soul than Jeremy. He is someone who cares so deeply about a person’s feelings and is such a warm, incredible human being. He is more himself than anyone I’ve ever met. He’s so comfortable in his own skin, and is proud of the person he is, which makes everyone around him feel at ease and welcomed. His fashion sense is unparalleled. Wherever we go, someone is always commenting on how his shoes, watch, and glasses all match, and how fabulous he looks. None of this, though, even comes close to the person he is inside. Thoughtful and considerate, patient and strong. To see his relationship with my mother, it’s a happiness I could never put into words and fully do justice. He brightens up any room he’s in. While no marriage is perfect, in ten years, Jeremy and I have never resorted to insults or hurtful, demeaning words to each other. Every disagreement is met with compassion and understanding. As a teacher, he is invaluable. The children he has in class know how lucky they are to have Jeremy as their educator. Any time I go see a show he’s directed, the love and respect they have for him is palpable. It is truly impossible not to love Jeremy instantly. He’s one of the good guys. As I said in my vows to him, “I take an oath to be your soulmate. And not because I can’t live without you. But because I don’t want to live without you”.

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