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Robert & Jeremy


Robert & Jeremy
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Family is the foundation of our lives and we have always known that we are meant to be parents

We’re Robert and Jeremy and we’re honored you’re taking the time to learn about us. We cannot begin to imagine the complexity of the deliberation that you are making and we want you to know that we are grateful for the care and thoughtfulness that you are putting into it. We truly value the awesome responsibility that it is to bring a child into this world and we appreciate your taking the time to get to know us so that we can give you a sense of who we are.

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Who We Are

We're fiercely devoted to family and have found in each other a partner who recognizes the immense power of unconditional love.

We grew up very differently—Jeremy in Ohio and Robert in New York—but the values that our parents instilled in us have powerful similarities. Jeremy is one of three siblings and Robert is one of four, but our parents tailored their parenting to our specific needs and personalities. What was constant was their belief that we could become independent, thoughtful and generous adults who would contribute greatly to the world.

Our families taught us the importance of hard work, determination, learning from failure, and using those lessons to pursue our dreams. We were encouraged to embrace our passions and our families helped us in transforming them into fulfilling and meaningful careers.

We look back in awe at our parents' work—raising a brood of children who all have unique and distinct personalities, but also share an underlying value system and a commitment to generating kindness in the world. We are excited to pass on that love and kindness to a new generation, and shape a young person who can confidently navigate and claim their valuable place in the world.

Everyone who knows us can feel that we have created a home full of love. They know that we have kind spirits and playful sensibilities. Our marriage is built on mutual respect, trust and honesty. And we are eager to expand our family because we have so much more love to give.

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We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Robert & Jeremy

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Robert & Jeremy