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Our Story

Just five short years ago, we met through a mutual friend of ours who decided that we were both too quirky not to meet. After accidentally "friend-zoning" each other for a little under a year, we both finally came to the realization that our mutual enthusiasm for life would make us a great team. We dated for 2 years and then on 1-7-17 were married. On any given day, you can catch us belting out our favorite tunes, dancing around the kitchen, or playing with our three fur babies: Cooper, Pippa, and Bennie.

Cooper is sensitive and smart. He has been in our family since he was about 10 weeks old. He came to us through a puppy rescue center near us—Brian knew he was our dog when he was able to teach him to sit and lay down within 10 minutes of meeting him. He is a 60 lbs. lap dog, who loves to take naps and play tug of war. He is such a snuggler and is immediately your best friend once you give him a treat or rub his belly. Pippa lives up to her breed of blue heeler and loves to herd Cooper and Bennie (especially when they’re wrestling!). She loves chasing the birds in our backyard, chewing up squeaky toys, and sassing off to her parents [Insert video of Pippa Sassing]. Pip has a unique adoption story. She was rescued by one of Nat’s friends in Florida, where she was found digging for food in a garbage bin. It was perfect timing that she was found, because we had been praying to God that He would help us find a companion for Cooper. Because of her life before coming into our family, she’s a little timid when she first meets new people and usually hides, but once she warms up to you, she jumps into your lap and loves her ears to be scratched. Bennie was my cat before Nat met Brian and the first cat that Brian ever really liked. We always say he is the perfect cross between a dog and a cat. While he is self-sufficient like a normal cat and pretty independent, Bennie also is super laid back and will let you pick him up or pet him without any fuss. Like Pippa, he likes to be mouthy and tell you if he’s not happy about something or if he’s not pleased with the amount of food you gave him. He loves to venture outside and lay on the front deck sunning himself or visit his 2nd family. Yes, we found out a couple of years ago that he found a 2nd family that he loves to visit and get good food from (he is on a special diet at our house to prevent bladder issues). Everyone loves Bennie-he is our chill and friendly buddy!

We also love to cook together, hang out with our friends, watch movies, go to church activities, and travel. Our most recent adventures led us on our belated honeymoon to Iceland and Ireland. We just can't wait to grow our family and bring the passion for life that we both have into our future children's lives. Thank you for taking the time to get to know us.

Our Home

Our house is a cozy 2 story, 3-bedroom, 2-bath with close to an acre of land and within walking distance of a great little park. One of our recent hobbies has been doing small renovations and upgrades to the house. Let's dad helps with a lot of that when he visits, since he pretty much knows how to build a house from the ground up. We live in the Mounds View School District with great schools and many opportunities to meet other kids.

Nat and I are both very connected spiritually to the Christian faith. Nat grew up Catholic and I just recently was confirmed in the Catholic church. We have been going to a church near us called “Church of St. Paul” for a year and a half now. We really enjoy it because it is very spirit-filled. There are a lot of young families, so there is a very large ministry for families and children. There are also many families with children who have been adopted children, so we have plenty of connections and support for our path to adopting. We both have become pretty involved with the church, helping with the new young adult group, new members committee, and mostly being part of the music ministry. Brian sings and Nat plays the piano in the group.

Our extended families are very important to us and we spend as much time with them as possible. Nat's mom and dad live in Michigan, where she is from originally, so we go to visit them at least twice a year (once in the summer and once at Thanksgiving). They also come to visit every 6 weeks and stay with us, while also visiting Nat's grandma, who lives in St. Paul. Nat's sister, Rachael, lives in Indiana with her husband, CR. We visit each other once a year and chat on the phone often. My younger sister, Danii, came into our family through a foster-like situation and we see her and my 2 nephews when we go back to Michigan. Brian's family is a blended family: 1 full-blooded sister, a half-brother, and 3 step-siblings. Some of them live close by so we’re able to get together with them more frequently, and some of the others live several hours away, so it’s hard to get everyone together. We always have a holiday meal at our house that everyone comes to—with all the nieces and nephews, it’s quite a crowd. Brian's mom lives about 30 minutes away and is almost as excited about the adoption as we are! Family is very important to us and is something we really want to instill in our future kiddos.

About Brian

adoptive family photo - Brian Brian is a wonderful "partner in crime", as we say. He works with kids and families as a counselor, so he’s a great listener and is very patient. He is loyal, trustworthy, and sincere. Bri always knows how to get a conversation going and loves meeting new people. He loves to watch movies, play board games, sing karaoke, and create recipes in the kitchen. He has taught me to never let embarrassment get in the way of being authentic to who we are and living life to the fullest. I love watching Brian interact with kids, especially his nephews. He knows how to get down on their level and relate to them. Brian is also great at doing voice impressions to make them laugh and getting the kids to discuss their favorite cartoons or football team all while making the world's most delicious chocolate pancakes. He is going to be such a great dad and I’m so lucky that God brought him into my life.

About Natalie aka "Nat"

adoptive family photo - Natalie aka Nat has one of the biggest hearts you are ever likely to find in a person. She is loving, caring, playful, and isn’t afraid to jump into action when needed…which comes in handy for her job as nurse! Nat pretty much grew up on a lake, so she is pretty awesome at anything involving water sports and is always up for boating, water skiing, fishing, tubing, or just taking a nice leisurely stroll around the lake in a pontoon during the summer. Nat is honest, always up for an adventure, is amazing at playing the piano, and loves to laugh. Nat will be such an amazing mom. She will be the mom that is always willing to listen, take on any challenger in wrestling, help the kids with their hair, and make sure that our future children know without a shadow of a doubt that they are loved. Nat is my best friend and I am lucky enough to be able to call her my wife. We’ve had some amazing adventures together and we’re ready to have many more with our future kiddos!

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Brian and Nat

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Brian and Nat