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Heartbroken- we had to put Bella down. I don’t think we will ever stop missing her. Read more »

Feeling Conflicted

When I was younger, I wasn’t ready to have kids- financially or emotionally. If I did have a kid then, he or she would have had a lot of baggage because of me. Now that I am in my 40’s, I finally feel financially ready and emotionally ready. The age is not ideal, but this child would be well- prepared to be successful in Read more »


Our 14 year anniversary has been bittersweet- we found out that Bella (our dog) has cancer. She has given us so much joy and we will be lost without her. Read more »

Favorite Foods

Joe and I both love to eat and try new foods. Joe’s favorite thing to eat is sandwiches- he loves some nice crusty Italian bread with seeds and a variety of cold cuts and cheese. My favorite is raviolis- yummmm. We are going out on Saturday for our anniversary and I can’t wait to get them. Read more »

Lunch with a Former Student

It’s been over 10 years since I’ve seen Randy and he hasn’t changed a bit! So nice to see he is doing well. The things he remembers about my class amaze me- it’s so rewarding to realize what an impact I have made on my student’s lives. ❤️ Read more »

Great Idea

I saw this on Facebook and thought this was a great idea. I want to ask my principal if I can install this in my classroom. Things are so crazy in the world today I try not to let it get in my head but it feels like there is a crazy shooting at least once a month. Read more »

Baby Fever

I saw my friend for lunch today and her new chubby baby he is sooooo cute!!!! I love his chubby legs. Read more »

Middle Child Syndrome

I can totally relate to this- as the middle child I always felt forgotten. Added to that, my birthday is in January, right after Christmas so naturally I would get “combo” birthday/Christmas presents :/ Read more »

Dad Bod

Joe looks so good in his new haircut. He always jokes about how he already has the dad bod- but I know he’s afraid he won’t be a good dad. I know he will be wonderful- just as great as he was with our beautiful foster child last year. Read more »


Going to a foster class today. We have been licensed for over a year now but need to take refresher courses to keep our license. We had a baby boy last summer and he was so amazing which led us to want to adopt. It would be a blessing to adopt through foster care but it is up to God. Read more »

Looking at Houses

We started looking at houses and I found one that I’m really drawn to. We were going to wait until we adopted to start looking but I’m just getting so frustrated with this whole process feeling like it will never happen. My heart is heavy for all of the expectant moms out there considering adoption- I can’t imagine how Read more »

Nephew Love

We saw our nephew Jordan yesterday- he’s going to be a sophomore this year and he is so amazingly smart. I hope that we can motivate our child to strive their best at school and help them to understand the importance of education. Read more »

Long Walks and White T-Shirts

We took a nice long walk tonight and Joe joked about how he’s always wearing the same white t-shirt whenever I take pictures. He will make a great dad someday. Read more »


Here’s a photo of us ziplining in Quebec City at the beginning of July. We had so much fun. Read more »


Here’s a photo of us ziplining in Quebec City at the beginning of July. We had so much fun. Read more »


Fun birthday brunch yesterday at BEA NYC- I am still full! Such good food and friends. Read more »

Enjoying Summer

Joe and I love to go on long walks and enjoy our beautiful city. Loving this great weather and the beautiful views. Read more »


We finally broke 300! We have had over 300 people visit our profile. Not sure if that is a good thing, since we haven’t made any real connections. Still praying for our match! Read more »

200 Profile Views!

We hit 200- which is great but frustrating at the same time because we haven’t spoken to anyone through adoptimist. Read more »

The Neverending Story

We saw this movie last night at the House of Yes with aerialists and acrobats performing during the showing. It was incredible and great to get out of the house. Read more »

Isaiah 14:24

The Lord of hosts has sworn: “As I have planned, so shall it be, and as I have purposed, so shall it stand. Read more »

Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Read more »

Philippians 4:6 (NIV)

“Do not be anxious about anything, but in every situation, by prayer and petition, with thanksgiving, present your requests to God.” Read more »

God’s Calling

I know God has called us to adoption and I am more than willing to do his work. I want to be there where there is need and offer my help, my heart and my home. Read more »

Late Day

Staying at work to get all of this grading done while listening to the Star is Born soundtrack Read more »

Snowy Window View

View from the window of my classroom. I love snow but I especially love it when I get a snow day! Wish I was home snuggled up under the blankets. Read more »

I guess word got out…

about my adoption video and many of them have seen it. So far only positive feedback so phewwww! These kids can be rough at times but surprisingly sweet in general. Read more »


Wow I fell like I’ve been living under a rock- just learned about this I can’t believe how popular this is! Would love to know if it works for anxiety. Read more »

Getting Paid to Eat on Youtube

I cannot believe how much money these girls get paid to eat on youtube. It;s insane.It’s like my dream job. https://www.thetalko.com/13-girls-who-eat-on-youtube-and-are-winning-for-it/ Read more »

Gearing Up

Going to get extremely cold on Wednesday- getting out all of my warm layers to prepare. Read more »

Thank God It’s Friday!

So glad to kick off the weekend. Tomorrow we are attending an adoption workshop on Long Island and I’m excited to meet others that can relate to the adoption process. Read more »

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