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About Me

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My Story

My story is one of the genuine desire to be a Mother and to give an opportunity to a child who may not have the opportunities that were provided to me as a baby and throughout my youth.

I had a very happy and fortunate childhood growing up in NJ. I intend on providing the same lifestyle for your child. Growing up loved and happy, in a healthy environment, with the opportunity to go to a good school, play sports, have a pet and be part of a bigger family.

I am a working, single mother who has a very flexible work/life balance and your baby will always be first.

Family is defined by love and no one will be part of a bigger family than your baby with the love I will provide.

My Home

photo of adoptive family's home My home is a warm, loving, hospitable environment, safe for a newborn and comfortable for an adolescent.

My brother and his wife are raising their children nearby and my Mother and Father are just a stone's throw away. Your baby will be very fortunate to have grandparents that are healthy and young enough to be an active part in their development.

Your child is boing born with a huge network of friends, Aunts, Uncles and people who will love your child always!

It takes a village to raise and baby and my home is full of support.

About Jessica

adoptive family photo - Jessica Friends and family would describe me as full of life and any child would be fortunate to experience the things I want to share with them. I am always looking for new adventures and fun activities and together we would learn so much about what the world has to offer.

I have been described as generous, loving, trustworthy and a person to rely on. I dote on those I love the most and will love your baby more than anyone.

I stand out because I am confident and I know adoption is the route for me. I am unique in the sense that I don't doubt myself and my decisions are well thought out and I don't look back. I put two feet forward in every step I take and the joy and love I already have for your baby brings a warmness to my heart that I haven't ever experienced. I am beginning to understand that piece of a mother's heart that is filled once they have a child.

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Jessica Loves

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Jessica Loves