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Perry B.


Perry B.
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I look forward to beginning my parenting journey. I have lots of room in my home and my heart for our children.

Thank you for taking time to read my letter! My name is Perry. I am excited about the opportunity to expand my family. I come from a large family with lots of aunts, uncles, cousins, brothers, nieces and also friends that have become family. Now the journey to begin my own family awaits. I have a warm, safe home that is ready to provide love, nurturing, support, encouragement and knowledge.

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Who I Am

I grew up on a farm where hard work was essential. I still carry that same work ethic with me to this day. I believe in hard work to achieve goals but at the same time it provides opportunities to play and have fun too!

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Valentine’s Day…A day late

Happy Valentine’s Day!  I hope that it was spent surrounded by the ones that you love.  I ran across this picture and thought it was the best and had to share!

Favorite TV Show / Movie

Do you have a favorite television show or movie that you have seen many times and can continue watching each time as if it were the first time?  One that you cannot wait to share with or watch with someone you care about?  All the while you know every scene, every line and every reaction by heart but you try so hard not to spoil the scene or the ending for the loved one watching with you.  I look forward to spending quality time with a little one in the future; wanting to share the details of each scene but trying my best not to so that they can watch and experience for themselves.

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Perry B.

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Perry B.