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Stephanie Hopes to Adopt


Stephanie Hopes to Adopt
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I am ready to be a first-time mom!

Being a mother is a choice I made long ago and I’ve waited my whole life to take this step. I have never wanted anything more, and I promise that I will always put your child first and raise him or her to be caring, strong, and confident. Your child will always feel secure and loved. They will learn to chase dreams and know that it is okay to take risks because I will be there to cheer them on and there when they fall. To me, that’s what a parent is all about: being there and helping your child discover who he or she will become.

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Who I Am

I've always known that I was meant to be a mom. When I was young, I was the neighborhood babysitter and I used to imagine the family that I would have one day. Even back then, I knew that I would build my family through adoption. It just always felt right to me and like it was going to be part of my story.

I am from a close family. My sister and I have grown to have an even stronger bond as adults. I have two young nieces, who are my favorite people in the entire world. They have their own room in my house and are always eager to stay over. I have earned and cherish every “World’s Best Aunt” t-shirtand mug! My greatest joy is having fun with Emmie and Harper and taking them on new adventures. They are eager to have a new cousin!

Sadly, my mom passed away four years ago. She and I were incredibly close. I know that I will be a wonderful mother because I learned everything from her.

I have an amazing support system of both family and friends. I am extremely lucky that my sister and her family, as well as my father, grandmother, aunt, uncle and cousins all live nearby. Additionally, I have many friends who are already parents who cannot wait to be "aunts" and "uncles" when I become a mother.

Adoption Diary

Welcome to the world, Lincoln!

Today, my nephew, Lincoln, was born! I am thrilled beyond words. I rushed to the hospital and was his first visitor. When I finally got to hold him and he looked up at me, I knew that I would do anything for this little person. As he fell asleep in my arms, I felt so peaceful. It was like any worries that I had were just gone. Just like that, I was able to completely focus on this one perfect moment. Lincoln, I can’t wait to watch you grow up. We are going to have so much fun together!


If you’ve looked through my photo albums, you will have noticed that my nieces are my frequent co-stars. The truth is that I have never liked having my picture taken. In fact, there are old family photos in which I only appear as a blur because I had darted away to hide from the camera. My reluctance ended when my first niece, Emerson, was born. I realized that photos—the good and the bad—are memories. I want for my nieces to be able to look back at these photos and see the moments that they were too young to remember. Emmie may not remember the first time I ever held her, but she sees the framed photo whenever she visits. Meanwhile, Harper loves the picture of us on her first visit to Sesame Place where she met her hero, Elmo. I would do anything for my nieces, even take endless photos and selfies with them. Last weekend, they slept over at my house, which meant two days of running all over and keeping busy. They requested manicures, so that was our first stop (lots of sparkly polish was involved). Then, I took them for hair cuts—Emmie also requested curls—and lunch afterward. Emmie asked to take some pictures on my phone and she captured this one of me and her little sister, Harper. It’s not an exciting moment, but it was one more opportunity to spend time with my favorite people in the world and that’s worth remembering.

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Stephanie Hopes to Adopt

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Stephanie Hopes to Adopt