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Our Story

We are Penny and Paul! We met in our first year of teaching, and it was just about love at first sight. Penny is smart, energetic, and adventurous. Paul is kind, honest, and hard-working. We both love sports, history, traveling, and reading. As lifetime educators, we also both love children! We were married in 2006, adopted our first daughter in 2012, and had our second daughter in 2015. We are very family-oriented and love spending time together, doing things as a family.

You can often find us on hikes, visiting museums and parks, cooking together, watching our children play soccer, or going to a favorite restaurant. We absolutely love to travel, and have been to France, England, Spain, Italy, Egypt, China, Switzerland, Hawaii - and more! We have always imagined our lives surrounded by a big, loving, happy family and we are so excited for the adventures to come!

Family is very important to us, and we are lucky to have a supportive, loving, and close family. We celebrate birthdays and holidays, have weekly dinners, and find every opportunity to be together.

Penny was born and raised in Sacramento, where her parents still live. Her sister and husband recently moved to Austin with their two children, and our families are often grilling, berry picking, swimming, or going out for ice-cream. Penny’s parents visit every other month and Facetime with the family every night. They are very involved and loving grandparents. Penny is also close with her grandfather, four aunts and uncles, ten cousins, and their families. Together, we have family dance parties, Olympic watch parties, and rowdy holidays.

Paul’s mom, dad, and brother live in Wisconsin, where he was born and raised. His brother has a daughter the same age as our daughter, and the two love to share stories when they call each other. Paul’s mom has a “hobby farm.” Our daughter loves seeing the animals and helping her to garden.

We are very lucky to have so many people who love and support us and who love our children as their own.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in Texas in a wonderful community filled with children. Our city was recently named one of the best places in the country to live, and we see that in the numerous outdoor activities, the kindness of our neighbors, and the sunny weather! We are also very fortunate to have family nearby so that our children can grow up with their cousins. Our home is around the corner from the highest rated public school in Austin, and has a community pool, a large park, and numerous trails. We enjoy exploring Austin, playing in the yard, and being with our family and friends.

About Penny

adoptive family photo - Penny Paul says: Penny loves children and spending time with her family. She plans our holidays, vacations, weekends, and celebrations (as many as possible) to make our lives special. She is smart, supportive, and fun. Penny works really hard to improve education for all children, and works equally hard for our two girls. She is an incredible mom and role model, with an endless amount of love and joy to share.

Fun Facts About Penny!
Job: Education
Education: PhD, MAT
Favorite Movies: Casablanca, Love Actually
Favorite Holidays: Christmas and April Fools Day
Favorite Book: Anne of Green Gables
Favorite Activities: Traveling, Sports, and Reading
Favorite Animal: Elephants
Dream Vacation: Safari

About Paul

adoptive family photo - Paul Penny says: Paul is a great dad! His favorite thing to do on the weekends is watch our daughters play sports (and the occasional tea party). He is a fantastic teacher and principal, and is known for his respect, honesty, and kindness. Paul is one of the most reliable, committed, and supportive people I know.

Fun Facts About Paul!
Job: Education
Education: MA, MAT
Favorite Movie: Good Will Hunting
Favorite Holiday: Christmas
Favorite Book: Breakfast of Champions
Favorite Activities: Hiking, and Sports
Favorite Animal: Dolphin
Dream Vacation: Greece

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