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We have loved building our family through adoption and are excited to continue to grow!

Thank you for considering us to be the proud parents of your baby. We deeply admire your consideration of adoption and the selflessness and love that you have shown. Adoption is the way that we have always wanted to build a family. We both wished that we had more siblings growing up, and we are thrilled to start the journey to complete our family of five. We know that family is about an unconditional bond and commitment that people have for one another. The love of a parent is even deeper than we imagined, and we can’t wait to show an adopted baby how much we love him or her.

The day our adopted daughter was born was the most powerful and memorable in our lives, both because we were becoming parents for the first time and also because of the incredible bond that we felt towards her birthmom at that moment. We think of her birthmom and are grateful, every single day. It is important to us if you choose us, that your baby also knows what a wonderful person you are. We want your baby to know his or her story and feel how lucky they are to have so many people who love them.

A new baby adds so much happiness, laughter, personality, and love to a family. We will teach our children to be strong, brave, and kind. We will raise them with honesty, encouragement, and a strong support system. They will have an excellent education, adventure, and unconditional and unwavering love. We are so excited and hopeful to welcome a new baby into our lives and home.

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Who We Are

We are Penny and Paul! We met in our first year of teaching, and it was just about love at first sight. Penny is smart, energetic, and adventurous. Paul is kind, honest, and hard-working. We both love sports, history, traveling, and reading. As lifetime educators, we also both love children! We were married in 2006, adopted our first daughter in 2012, and had our second daughter in 2015. We are very family-oriented and love spending time together, doing things as a family.

You can often find us on hikes, visiting museums and parks, cooking together, watching our children play soccer, or going to a favorite restaurant. We absolutely love to travel, and have been to France, England, Spain, Italy, Egypt, China, Switzerland, Hawaii - and more! We have always imagined our lives surrounded by a big, loving, happy family and we are so excited for the adventures to come!

Family is very important to us, and we are lucky to have a supportive, loving, and close family. We celebrate birthdays and holidays, have weekly dinners, and find every opportunity to be together.

Penny was born and raised in Sacramento, where her parents still live. Her sister and husband recently moved to Austin with their two children, and our families are often grilling, berry picking, swimming, or going out for ice-cream. Penny’s parents visit every other month and Facetime with the family every night. They are very involved and loving grandparents. Penny is also close with her grandfather, four aunts and uncles, ten cousins, and their families. Together, we have family dance parties, Olympic watch parties, and rowdy holidays.

Paul’s mom, dad, and brother live in Wisconsin, where he was born and raised. His brother has a daughter the same age as our daughter, and the two love to share stories when they call each other. Paul’s mom has a “hobby farm.” Our daughter loves seeing the animals and helping her to garden.

We are very lucky to have so many people who love and support us and who love our children as their own.

Adoption Diary

Soccer Season for Abbie!

This weekend was the last weekend of Abbie’s first season of soccer! It was hilarious to watch her, cousin Bennett and cousin Addie run around and chase after the ball. (To be honest, she liked the snacks after the game a little more than playing, but she had a great time and is beginning to learn teamwork). She also loved being the center of attention with so many family members and friends cheering her on. She’s in a picture here with her cousin…. Ellie finishes up soccer in the next couple of weeks, so more to come!

Halloween 2018!

We typically do a family halloween theme. This year, we went as superheroes! (Our youngest decided that Elsa from frozen had super powers, so it counts!). Aunt Katy, Uncle Kevin, and the cousins came over and we all went out together. Our neighborhood throws parties and blocks off the street to keep everyone safe. It was pouring rain, but the kids still had a great time!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.



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