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Military family of 3 ready to welcome a second child ❤️

To the child we already love but have yet to meet,

We have been longing to meet you and become part of the family! We are a family of 3 currently, myself Lisa, my husband Drew and our daughter Violet. We are a military family and that means that we get to travel all over the world and experience new places and cultures! Don't worry though, you will have a lot of wonderful friends and still be able to stay in contact with family and friends in other states. Drew and I have been married since 2013 and had Violet in 2016, so she is your older sister! Drew is a medic in the United States Army, that means that he helps to take care of people that are hurt or sick.

I am a yoga studio manager and instructor with flexible hours so I have plenty of time to spend with you! You and Violet get to go take kids yoga classes with me too, she will tell you, it's her favorite! I also have a degree in baking and pastry arts so that means we get to bake yummy goodies together! I was an ABA therapist for children with autism and am completing my Bachelor's degree in human development so I am able to help you learn how to express all the big emotions you will have throughout the years and support your journey through life with positive reinforcement. With my background in mental health and developmental disabilities we are not worried if you may have a diagnosis from a doctor, we will welcome you and love you no matter what!

Your sister, Violet, is very excited to meet you and teach you everything she knows. We hope to hear from your mommy soon and answer any questions she has for us.

We love you already! ❤️

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Who We Are

Drew and I met in 2011 when we were set up on a blind date by a friend! I almost didn't show but I am very glad I did. We met at Fort Bragg, NC when I was staying with a military friend. We were married in 2013. Drew is a medic in the United States Army and has been in the military for 13 years. I am a yoga studio manager and instructor, we currently live near Fort Belvoir, VA. I have a degree in baking and pastry arts and am only a few classes away from a Bachelor's degree in human development. I have experience working with people with developmental disabilities, mental illness and I was an ABA therapist for children with autism. With my experience in the field we are open to welcoming a child/children with special needs.

How did we come to decide adoption was for us? When we started talking about growing our family, adoption was on our minds and hearts and we knew that we were meant to adopt. We had Violet and started researching and gathering information on how to adopt shortly after she was born.
A little about our parenting style and what we hope for from adoption. I learned many useful parenting techniques in my job as an ABA therapist. Due to my training we like to use the positive reinforcement approach to parenting and using redirection, reinforcement and distraction techniques to promote desired behaviors. We are a very healthy family and encourage healthy eating habits young. We believe that giving a child tasks young is good for them! Violet learned how to help clean up her toys before she was 1. She now will close doors, cabinets and drawers, clean up spills, throw items in the trash and enjoys letting the dogs out from their beds. She really enjoys having tasks and being more independent and we believe it is great for a child's development and sense of accomplishment. We also like to teach children sign language. Children can sign earlier than they can speak so it gives them wonderful early communication skills which cuts down on their frustration and their needs are met sooner. Teaching Violet sign language has been a wonderful skill! She is just learning to speak but has been able to tell us if she wants to eat, drink, more, poop and help since before she could say words!

Adoption Diary


Hi to all you lovely people!

    We are so excited to continue our adoption journey by using Adoptimist! We were elated when our home study was completed. We knew it was the first HUGE step towards our adoption goal! To the wonderful expecting mothers and birth mothers, we are excited to begin our journey together and thank you for reading our profile and journal. :-)

With light and love,

The Mayfield’s

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


⭐️Lisa and Drew⭐️

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⭐️Lisa and Drew⭐️