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Michelle, Will and Harrison


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Our Story

Our mutual friends set us up at a Christmas party in NYC almost 10 years ago. The party was for a group of people that we both went to college with, funny enough we never knew each other until that day. We dated for about a year then decided to move in together. We rented a small, second story apartment in a house that happened to be in the same town we went to college. Will proposed about a year later and we were married 6 months after that, in a small, woodsy, venue. At this point we moved into a house that had a great backyard and had access to an amazing hiking trail that took you along a river and into the woods, the dogs loved it!
In September of 2012, we found out Michelle was pregnant with our first child. Sadly, Emma was born sleeping on February 21, 2013. A little over a year later, Harrison made his appearance. His kind and silly personality was evident from day 1. As each year passes, he continues to grow and amaze us! We are beyond thankful he is happy, healthy, and in our lives.
Ultimately, Will’s job took him to an even more rural area and we bought a wonderful house in a town we adore. We especially value the time we are able to spend with our family and friends, whether it be an informal BBQ, spending time at the lake, or enjoying a yearly tradition.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home sits on a little over an acre of property and backs gorgeous rolling hills.
Our deck looks out to a large grass yard and is surrounded by woods. On any given day you’ll find us exploring in our yard, hiking with our dogs, going for bike rides, playing basketball or kickball on the driveway, or sitting on our deck - listening to music and playing a game. When the snowy season rolls in, our yard is filled with sleigh rides, snowballs, and snow forts.

Inside, we have an open floor plan where we enjoy cooking, eating, playing, and relaxing. All 3 bedrooms are located upstairs in close proximity to each other. We have a fireplace upstairs and wood stove in the family room which makes it cozy during the winter months. We especially love it at Christmas time and when it snows!

About Michelle; written by Will

I love Michelle’s carefree attitude and ability to enjoy the little moments in life. She can take a routine day and turn it into one to remember without needing much. Her outgoing, talkative personality usually lead us on new, fun adventures. Without her, I would have missed out on so many exciting experiences. I love how she encourages me to expand my thinking and try new things. Not only is she an incredible wife, she is also an incredible mother. Michelle is patient and understanding while giving Harrison incredible childhood experiences. A weekly, potentially boring, task of going to the grocery store is made fun by having Harrison bring his own cart and use the self scanner. The best part is hearing him tell us about how much fun he had that night as we talk about our day. That is only one small examples, there are countless more. I am always amazed the way she is able to strike the perfect balance of being firm yet loving with Harrison. I believe this comes from her years of experience educating students with Autism as well as working, in all aspects, with horses. Her demeanor and genuine kindness is something that you immediately are drawn to and trust. I cannot imagine living my life without her by my side.

About Will; written by Michelle

I love Will’s ability to make me laugh! He entertains us with his witty sense of humor, I just can’t keep up sometimes! One of Will’s best qualities is his natural gift of being a great father. One of my favorite things is watching Will and Harrison working together outside. Harrison loves it when Will hitches up the trailer to dump mulch, or clear up sticks. The smile on his face is priceless. I find myself realizing how lucky I am to be married to someone who enjoys taking the extra time to make sure his child can experience and explore, otherwise mundane chores, in an adventurous way. Kids have always flocked to him, I think they are comforted by his calmness. I am struck by his hard work, and the dedication he has for his job as an elementary school principal. His love and passion for all of “his” kids is obvious. The drive he has shows how important it is to, not only make his family comfortable, but also to educate young minds and those who are molding them. Will’s practical side compliments my sensitive side. He helps me organize my emotions and has become my rock. While we all have our imperfections, I feel pretty lucky to have found someone who’s imperfections I’d rather live with, than live without. I just love this man.

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Michelle, Will and Harrison

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Michelle, Will and Harrison