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Last Activity: 5 hours ago

Nice Walk Not Really

Had a nice walk with Bella tonight. Got so see the moon and Jupiter. It was great until someone started shooting off fireworks. Bella got so scared she tried to get in the neighbors houses. Read more »

Always Learning

We got a chance today to do.some continuing education together.  Well we were in the same room together but on our own compiter.  Corine was learning about fall prevention and telehealth and Adrienne was learnng about the use of foam rollers and the effect of screan time on children’s.  What a great Read more »

Lunch Together

It’s not often we get to have lunch together during the week, in the summer time, because Corinne is usually working at the hospital.  But she took the day off and had a lovely time together in our garden. Read more »


What a beautiful sunset at dinner tonight.  We are enjoying this outdoor dinning thing. Read more »

National Bagel Day!

We have not had bagels in several months.  We are trying to cut down the amountof carbs we have, but who can resist on national bagel day.  Adrienne’s favorite is French toast bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese and Corinne loves sesame seed with butter. Read more »

National Bagel Day!

We have not had bagels in several months.  We are trying to cut down the amountof carbs we have, but who can resist on national bagel day.  Adrienne’s favorite is French toast bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese and Corinne loves sesame seed with butter. Read more »

Can you tell which one is real!!

One of our favorite vacations we went on was when we went to Cuba.  It was a medical mission so it was a working vacation.  However, we did get a chance to walk around the city of Havan. Read more »

Good Friends!!

A good day spent with friends, just hanging out and eating pizza.  We also did have some great desserts.  Ralph’s Italian Ices, and strawberry vanilla wafer cookie pie. Read more »

Early Morning Wake Up!!

So, Bella is getting us ready for the 3 am baby feedings.  She wanted to sit outside this morning, she did not get a chance yesterday because of all the rain.  She was so happy to just lay on the stoop and have the wind blow through her fur!  We did not mind because she looked so cute! Read more »

Outdoor Dinner

We got a chance to go to another resturant last night that had outdoor dinner service.  It was so nice to not have to cook.  We love me a good burger. Read more »

Pool Fun!!!

We had lots of fun this weekend with our good friend Melissa’s children in their kiddy pool!  They thought Corinne was the funniest thing. Read more »

Movie under the stars!!

Movie night was a success.  Corinne and I set up the projector and we used our newly power washed fence as the screen.  The little kids had just as much fun as the big kids with all the popcorn and candy that was eaten. Read more »

Summer Fun!!

This is one of Corinne and my favorite things to do on a Summer Night.  Sit around the fire pit with friends and watch the beautiful colors with the flames. Read more »

Favorite Outdoor Dinner Spot!!

Corinne and I got a chance to go to our favorite outdoor dinner spot this week.  We enjoy this spot because they are very laid-back, just like we are.  Picnic tables, plastic silverware and paper plates. Read more »

Ice Cream!!!

I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream.  One our favorite things to do in the summer time, is have a nice big bowl of ice cream.  Corinne’s favorite flavor is Coffee and mine is Chocolate. Read more »

Beautiful Roses

We can’t believe how much this rose bush has grown in the the last three years.  We got this rose bush from a very good friend when Corinne’s mom past away.  “Mom Not a day goes by that I don’t think about you”  Is that garden stone that is underneath the rose bush. Read more »

Ralph’s Italian Ices

Great way to start the summer by going and having Ralph’s.  Corinne’s favorite is Coconut Raspberry Tart and Adrienne’s is Choc. Fudge Brownie. Read more »


Corinne and I decided to have our most favorite breakfast from Disney World today.  Mickey Waffles.  They were so delicious!!!! Read more »

Trivia Night!!

Enjoying a Night of Disney Trivia!!  We did okay there is still a lot for us to learn about Disney.  We would love to learn more with you and a little one. Read more »


When Hamstring and Calf are not cuddling with each other they find one of us to cuddle with.  We would love for them to have a cuddle one to cuddle with. Read more »

Mother’s Day!!

We are proud to call these women our mothers.  We are lucky enough to be loved by the ones who had us as well as the ones who become part of family when we got married. Read more »

New Friends

Corinne finally got a chance to meet my new friends.  I have been feeding them dinner (bread) the last couple of nights when I take Bella for a walk. Read more »

Villains After Hours

Corinne and I got a chance to go to the Disney Villains After Hours at Magic Kingdom last week.  We had so much fun meeting all the Villains including Corinne’s favorite Maleficent. Read more »

College Basketball

We had a great time at the Uconn vs the Womens national team game this week.  Corinne’s favorite team is the Huckey’s and most of the Womens national team are former Uconn players. Read more »

Fun Weekend!!

We had a fun exciting weekend with the Feder’s.  Friends of ours that moved to another state.  We started off by challenging ourselves with an escape room, then we went to dinner, and finally played Wii bowling to all hours of the the night.  We had a sleep over and enjoyed homemade cinnabons for Read more »

Friday Morining Walk!!

We enjoy taking Bella our Husky/Shepherd mix for walks, because we never know what we are going to see.  Today we saw a group of ducks in a place that they feel safe. Read more »

Date Day!!

Corinne and I went to the Movies yesterday to see Frozen 2.  Great movie empowering women! Read more »

Magical Time of the Year!

It’s the most wonderful time of the year.  Corinne and I went to a holiday party this weekend and of course we had to wear matching Disney light up shirts. Read more »

Surprise Visit!!!

We got a surprise visit from Eliana and Ben this weekend, O and Cheryl and Eric to.  We have not seen them in over a month.  It was like they have never moved away Read more »

Sunrise with Bella

We took Bella for a walk this morning and got the chance to see this beautiful sunrise.  She did not think it was so nice so she would not sit still for a picture. Read more »

Football Sunday!!

We have not seen these little one’s in several weeks.  They surprised us while we were cleaning out mom’s house before the closing.  They convinced us to take a 15 min break by playing a little two hand touch football game.  An hour and a half later we were still playing.  It is cray how time Read more »

Last Day!!

We had a magical time with friends in Disney.  It ended way to soon.  We had breakfast at Ohana with Mickey, Pluto, Lilo & Stitch this morning.  Can’t wait for the next visit already. Read more »

Disney Fun!!!

One of our favorite things to do is take family and friends to Disney World for their first time.  Quick trip because of a four day weekend with teacher friends. Mickey’s Not So Scary Hallowwen Party. Read more »

DYI Project Complete !!!!

We have finally finished our last summer project on the last weekend of summer.  Corinne and I enjoy going to Disney World and we accumulate a lot of Magic Bands.  I wanted a place to display them, so we created this Mickey Mouse Magic Band holder.  Can’t wait to create more memories and add more magic Read more »

Happy Anniversary!!!!

Today is 7 years since Corinne and I got married.  Happy Anniversary to my adventure-seeking, Disney loving, travelling, cultured, celebrity stalking, and downright crazy wife.  . I can’t wait to go on this next adventure with you. Read more »

Church Sale

Corinne and I got a chance to help out at our church’s Ladies Aide garage sale this weekend.  Because of the beautiful weather lots of people can out to support them. Read more »

Soccer Win!

Not only do we enjoy watching Soccer, Adrienne coaches a HS girls soccer team.  Congratulations to them for winning their 2nd soccer game tonight. Read more »

Soccer Season!

Many people are so excited for the first weekend of the NFL…not that we are not.  We prefer to follow people we know.  We follow friends and family from mini games until college (and hopefully one day professional, Olympic, or World Cup Soccer). Read more »

Flash Back to the 80’s!

We had such a good time at one of Corinne’s co-workers 40th birthday party.  Amazing what people still have in their closets.  Everyone was dressed to the 80’s.  Including us.  Great music and lots of laughs all night long. Read more »

Favorite time of the Year!

As we walked into Bed Bath and Beyond last night Corinne’s face lit up because Jack Skellington was standing there.  This is Corinne’s favorite time of the year.  We wait for Halloween!!! Read more »

Summer Dinner

Corinne took me our for our last summer dinner of 2019.  We went to Smokin Al’s BBQ.  Back to school for me tomorrow.  I will be starting me 6th year teacher.  Can’t wait to meet all my students. Read more »

Rose Garden

This will probably be the last weekend for roses in our garden.  We have about 15 roses bushes that bloom all summer long.  Thanks to our father who takes care of them by waking them up in the spring and puts them to bed for the winter.  This rose bush in our favorite it is called “Fourth of Read more »


Happy National Dog day to our Bella Banana.  She went from a crazy and destructive puppy to an amazing loving dog. Read more »

Block Party

We had a great time at our 2nd annual block party with family and friends.  We set up a kidding pool on our front lawn, lots of great music and games played by the DJ.  Can’t wait for next years.  Hoping it will be bigger and better. Read more »

All Dolled Up!!

We don’t usually get our hair cut and blown out on the same night so we had to take a picture last night. Read more »

Keto Lasagna

What a great dinner last night!  Lavash Bread for noodles, only 6 carbs, ground meat and tomato sauce.  Topped with fresh mozzarella.  Next time I think I will add some spinach. Read more »

Beautiful NIght!

We went to Katch Venetian Shores last night to watch the Fast Five Band play.  Eric the drummer is a close friend of ours.  We have never been to this venue to see them play.  It was on the beach with a beautiful view of the water and sun set.  Very kid friendly, families were picnicking, playing cornhole, Read more »

Beautiful day for a walk!

Just went for a walk with my little girl (Bella).  We walked past the canal and saw mother ducks swimming with their babies.  Then we walked past the park and saw the kids playing soccer at camp.  Finally, we made it home and had some water on the front lawn.  I think she will sleep the rest of the Read more »

Fun Night

A fun filled evening with our nephew at Chuck E Cheese.  Look at all those prizes over 3000 tickets won. Read more »

Lazy Friday

Lazy day for our fur babies.  They could not wait for us to make the bed so that they could lay in it and sleep the day away.  I hope that they wake up soon so that we can go to bed. Read more »

Beach Volleyball

Last night we went to the beach to cheer on some friends playing volleyball, funny thing…..5 min after this picture we were cleared from the beach because of lighting.  We headed for cover and decided to have dinner on the beach instead.  Maybe next week. Read more »

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