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Summer Carnival

We got a chance to go to another Carnivalthis weekend.  We can’t wait to introduce the Carnival seen to your child. Read more »

Spray Park

We had a great time this weekend at the spray park.  Adrienne held everyone’s hand when the bucket dumped the water and Corinne’s shirt wiped the water out of everyone’s eyes. Read more »

Carnival Night

We have so much fun tonight at our local community churches carnival.  Corinne even won a prize at the water game. Read more »

Outdoor Movie Night in the Park!

We got a chance to go see the Addams Family that was playing in our local park tonight We had so much fun popcorn and candy while watching one of Corinne’s favorite movie under the night stars. Read more »


We went on another hike today, this time Adrienne packed us a picnic lunch.  However, the goats almost ate it so we ended up in the back of our car to eat it. Read more »

4th of July Parade!

We had a great morning watching our local community 4th of July parade while eating our favorite breakfast, bacon, egg and cheese. Read more »

Ice Cream Truck!

Who doesn’t love Ice Cream on a beautiful summer afternoon in the park.  Our niece loves spending the day with her aunts. Read more »


We did a little geocaching today in-between shopping.  We found this little jar by a light post. Read more »

Sunset at the Beach!

We love living on an island and being able to take a quick ride to the beach.  Most people go during the summer but we like to go year round. Read more »

Love this Street!!

While we were out looking at houses that were decorated for the Holiday’s we came across this street called Adrienne Lane and had to take a picture with it.  Lol Read more »


We found out this weekend that one of our friends kids was drafted into the NWSL (national women’s soccer league).  We were so excited we had to go over and congratulate her.  She is going to play for angle city which is in LA closed to Disneyland.  We can’t wait to watch her play. Read more »


We had such a good time meeting Goofy the last time we went to Disney! Read more »

Fun Teaching

Adrienne has so much fun teaching her Special Education students in her Adaptive PE classes. Read more »


One of our favorite things to do is dress up for Halloween!  Coriine was a USA Hockey fan and Adrienne was Mickey Mouse. Read more »

Fall Foliage

Corinne and I took a ride out east on Long Island and could not resist taking some fall foliage pictures. Read more »

Local Animal Farm!

Adrienne got a chance to go to the local animal farm with one of her friends and her kids.  They had so much fun feeding the animals! Read more »

Beach Day!

We love the beach.  We were excited that we got to spend the day with our framily.  We introduced boogie boarding to our little friends.  We boogie boarded with our nieces and nephews when they were little.  Hoping to continue with the tradition with a little one. Read more »

Game Day!

We went to a soccer game to see our favorite Illini and we got to see RuPaul’s Drive and Drag in the background. Read more »

We love outdoor dinning!

So excited to finally go out to dinner with our little buddies.  Of course we tried to reenact our last trip 2 years ago. Can’t wait until we can add more kiddos to this picture. Read more »

Date Night!

Expanding our horizons, We went to a German restaurant we have never been to before! It was amazing! Read more »

Graduation Day!

Congratulations to our oldest Niece on her graduation from High School we can’t wait to see where she goes from here! Read more »

BBQ Time!!

We celebrated national BBQ day by spending it with family we haven’t seen for few years. Read more »

Great Saturday!

We love hanging out with this crew.  We got to see each of the kids play their sports, we went shopping, did puzzles, played games, but most importantly got to spend quality time with them.  We can’t wait until we can bring a little one to spend time with them. Read more »


You would think we only had one cat tree for these guys, but nope we have 3.  LOL Read more »

3 Fur Babies together!

This does not happen often when we can take a picture with all 3 of our fur babies together.  Hamstring is the tan cat, Calf is the black cat and Bella is nice and comfy on her bed. Read more »

Dinner with Friend’s

We had a great time at dinner tonight.  Erica bought a tablecloth that we were able to color on.  Lots of fun for the kids and adults. Read more »

Christmas memory 4!

One of out favorite things to do at Walt Disney World is go to all the hotels and look at the holiday decorations.  This is the Grand Floridian. Read more »

Christmas memory 3!

We triple dog dare you to tell us what Adrienne’s favorite Christmas movie is.  She was so excited that we found this house when we went to look at lights. Read more »

Christmas memory 2!

We obviously have the same taste in clothes….we went to a friends house separately after work and realized we dressed alike….down to the Mickey socks. Read more »

Boat Parade

Started a new family tradition tonight.  We went to the Christmas boat parade in our town. We can’t wait until we can bring a little one with us. Read more »

Bronx Zoo

We had such a good time at the Bronx Zoo tonight to see the holiday lights.  It was not that cold.  We love spending time with our friends and their kids. Read more »


A little late but we got a chance to Boo one of our little friends tonight.  This was Faith’s first Boo’s and she was so excited. Read more »


We had so much fun this weekend giving out candy (socially distancing)of course, and taking pictures with kids in the grave yard! Read more »


Our first picture together was taken in San Francisco in 2007 and our most resent picture was taken at Timber Point 2020. Read more »

Halloween In side!

We started decorating the inside of the house for Halloween.  Corinne favorite time of the year.  The fur babies had to get into the picture as well. Read more »


We are unable to have our family and friends celebrate Oktoberfest with us this year, but we put together a couple of pictures from years past. Read more »


We had so much fun yesterday geocaching in the park.  We were able to find 5 different caches.  We have not been geocaching in a couple of year and forgot how much we like it. Read more »

New Masks

We got some great new cat masks today.  We can’t wait to try them out around town. Read more »

Beach Fun!!

We had so much fun at the beach!!  We could not believe that it was Ben’s first time.  Thank you Cheryl for letting us play with your kids this weekend.  We can’t wait till we are able to take our our children to the beach someday! Read more »


Last Friday night of the summer.  We played a game with our niece and nephew with M&Mrs;.  How fast can you separate the color using only one hand.  Of course Corinne who this round. Read more »

Love the Beach!!

Here are a couple of pictures of us on the beach that we love so much!!  We even got married on the Beach!! Read more »

Banana Bread!

Our favorite banana’s are the overriped ones.  Why you ask because they make the best banana bread! Read more »

Good Thing!!

Good thing Adrienne look in the closet before she started throwing shoes in it.  Surprise said Calf!! Read more »


Hmm national buttered corn day!  What to do?  Ah,,,,make a platw of BBQ!! Read more »

Fun Saturday

We got a chance to spend time with friends today.  Swam in the pool, BBQ, and movie night and ice cream sundaes under the stars. Read more »

Nice Walk Not Really

Had a nice walk with Bella tonight. Got so see the moon and Jupiter. It was great until someone started shooting off fireworks. Bella got so scared she tried to get in the neighbors houses. Read more »

Always Learning

We got a chance today to do.some continuing education together.  Well we were in the same room together but on our own compiter.  Corine was learning about fall prevention and telehealth and Adrienne was learnng about the use of foam rollers and the effect of screan time on children’s.  What a great Read more »

Lunch Together

It’s not often we get to have lunch together during the week, in the summer time, because Corinne is usually working at the hospital.  But she took the day off and had a lovely time together in our garden. Read more »

National Bagel Day!

We have not had bagels in several months.  We are trying to cut down the amountof carbs we have, but who can resist on national bagel day.  Adrienne’s favorite is French toast bagel with chocolate chip cream cheese and Corinne loves sesame seed with butter. Read more »

Can you tell which one is real!!

One of our favorite vacations we went on was when we went to Cuba.  It was a medical mission so it was a working vacation.  However, we did get a chance to walk around the city of Havan. Read more »

Good Friends!!

A good day spent with friends, just hanging out and eating pizza.  We also did have some great desserts.  Ralph’s Italian Ices, and strawberry vanilla wafer cookie pie. Read more »

Early Morning Wake Up!!

So, Bella is getting us ready for the 3 am baby feedings.  She wanted to sit outside this morning, she did not get a chance yesterday because of all the rain.  She was so happy to just lay on the stoop and have the wind blow through her fur!  We did not mind because she looked so cute! Read more »

Outdoor Dinner

We got a chance to go to another resturant last night that had outdoor dinner service.  It was so nice to not have to cook.  We love me a good burger. Read more »

Pool Fun!!!

We had lots of fun this weekend with our good friend Melissa’s children in their kiddy pool!  They thought Corinne was the funniest thing. Read more »

Movie under the stars!!

Movie night was a success.  Corinne and I set up the projector and we used our newly power washed fence as the screen.  The little kids had just as much fun as the big kids with all the popcorn and candy that was eaten. Read more »

Summer Fun!!

This is one of Corinne and my favorite things to do on a Summer Night.  Sit around the fire pit with friends and watch the beautiful colors with the flames. Read more »

Favorite Outdoor Dinner Spot!!

Corinne and I got a chance to go to our favorite outdoor dinner spot this week.  We enjoy this spot because they are very laid-back, just like we are.  Picnic tables, plastic silverware and paper plates. Read more »

Ice Cream!!!

I scream you scream we all scream for Ice Cream.  One our favorite things to do in the summer time, is have a nice big bowl of ice cream.  Corinne’s favorite flavor is Coffee and mine is Chocolate. Read more »

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