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We met at a church function in 2007. I (Sarah) still remember seeing Tom walk into the room. I didn’t know anybody, as I had just moved to the area after graduating college. I had taken a job as a Youth Director at a different church, and wanted to meet people my age. Tom walked through the doors, made eye contact with me, and introduced himself later that night.

I (Tom) still remember what Sarah was wearing the day we met. I knew I had to get to know her right away. We were friends first, which was very important to me. She is still my best friend today. We were married on May 7, 2011...Derby Day!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a northern suburb of Philadelphia in a two-story, single-family home that backs up to a cul-de-sac. We have a large back yard with a swing set and lots of room to play. Our neighborhood is very safe and family-oriented. There is a lot of diversity, and we live in one of the top school districts in the county. We are close friends with several neighborhood families and have vacationed with them annually. We love to go to the beach, spend weekends in the mountains, and go to local community events.

We have a HUGE support system where we live. Tom's entire family lives only a short drive away, making it very easy to visit and spend time together. Sarah's family lives a little further away, but we visit and spend time as much as we can. We are different than a lot of families we know because of the incredible support that we have from our "extended families". This includes many couples and individuals from our neighborhood, church, and other adoptive families.

We also can't forget to mention our sweet pups! We have Berkley, our 9-year-old English Lab who we got before we were married. He loves everyone, and is the most gentle dog. The neighborhood kids will come by just to visit Berkley! He is also a certified therapy dog. Pfyn Lea (pronounced Finley) is our Greater Swiss Mountain Dog. She is 2 years old, and is full of love, spunk, quirkiness and energy. She keeps Berkley acting like a puppy!

About Sarah From Tom

adoptive family photo - Sarah From Tom "Sarah is a beautiful person, full of love, respect, and grace. She always cares about others’ feelings and emotions. Sarah loves to entertain and serve others as well. She is wonderful in the kitchen and shares her talents whenever possible. Sarah continues to show her love for others professionally as a counselor, specializing in working with children and teenagers.

Sarah loves to be outside enjoying the beautiful flower beds she has created around our home. Sarah can also be found playing the piano, which she is very talented at. I think anyone who has ever met Sarah would easily describe her as selfless and compassionate."

About Tom From Sarah

adoptive family photo - Tom From Sarah "Tom is the most dedicated person I know. He pours his whole heart into his relationship with me, his relationships with our family, and his relationships with our friends. He is dedicated to being a good employee and giving 100% to his work. Tom is a go-getter and never gives up. I think this is an important attribute as we prepare for parenthood. I know without a doubt he will strive to be the best dad possible!

Tom aims to be the best at everything he does. He goes above and beyond for people in a loving and selfless way. Tom also has a great sense of humor. I find him truly hysterical. He is very much an extrovert and many people find him fun to be around. When we are with others, Tom makes everyone laugh and is the life of any party. He's a goofball for sure!"

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Tom and Sarah

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Tom and Sarah