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Our Story

One COOL NOVEMBER NIGHT in the year 2000, we met for the first time just as the sun was setting a deep orange. After exchanging some messages on an ONLINE DATING site, we decided to meet in person. And, from that moment, we knew that THERE WAS A BEAUTIFUL CONNECTION, but what we didn't know then was just how EASY & SOFT it was to be with one another and how this would follow us into our MANY DAYS, HOMES & HAIRSTYLES moving forward!

What we didn't know then was how our connection would unfold into LONG WALKS around the cities we lived in, or the many nights SNUGGLING UNDER COVERS & WATCHING MOVIES WITH OUR CAT, or the MULTIPLE TRIPS we were lucky enough to take to EUROPE, LATIN AMERICA & AROUND THE US, or the DREAMY DAYS listening to or playing MUSIC WHILE DRAWING, or the WARM HOLIDAYS we have enjoyed with our loving family and friends.

Growing up we had different experiences on two different coasts, but •PROFOUND LOVE• was something shared in our families. Today this love is something we seed into each day, knowing that it grows the more we plant and nurture it. Years ago, we began talking about a future in which we might have children and in those discussions, WE ALWAYS TALKED ABOUT ADOPTING A BABY. So, although it has taken us a long time to settle into one place for long enough to do this, we are now really excited to begin growing our family through this process, and look forward to EXPANDING OUR HEARTS EVEN FURTHER WITH A CHILD.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home On the edge of the GREENEST FOREST, there sits a COZY COTTAGE (with 3 bedrooms and 3 bathrooms) next to a small ORCHARD of trees and bushes offering apples, plums, cherries, berries, and pears. Inside the house, TWO CATS (Noodles and Pua), keep warm sometimes by the woodstove, sometimes in beams of sun. It is here that we live, just a minute's walk to Alan's parents house and a 20 minute drive into the city, a university town on the ocean. Between us, there are MANY GARDENS that produce beautiful ORGANIC FRUITS & VEGETABLES during the summer and fall, and all around there are many places to play or hike either in the yard or in the back woods. ALTHOUGH WE LIVE IN THE WOODS, we also drive EVERY WEEKDAY IN THE CITY (population 90,000) nearby where WE HAVE AN OFFICE space.

About Alan (through Kristina's eyes)

adoptive family photo - Alan (through Kristina's eyes) Alan is the KINDEST PERSON that I have ever known. He is also patient, extremely intelligent, creative, gentle, and sensitive toward the needs of others. I wake up every morning SO THANKFUL TO HAVE HIM BY MY SIDE, cheering me on, and healing me from whatever might be ailing me. He is also one of the strongest people I know. Early on in our relationship, my Dad was put into hospice care, so I decided to move to be closer to him. Alan dropped everything and moved with me, knowing how hard the experience would be. While he may be quiet, he carries a lot of thoughts, feelings, and strength around inside him, and with them he constantly teaches me and others how TO WALK WITH MORE LIGHT IN THIS WORLD. He is a poet and an artist and an engineer all in one. And, I don't know how it is possible, but HE IS BOTH MY ROCK and THE SOFTEST BLANKET in my life!

Alan is from a charming university city on the ocean in Washington state. There, he grew up in a very peaceful and beautiful setting with his younger sister and parents and his cousins, aunts and uncles, and grandparents all in the same neighborhood. Alan graduated from college in Computer Science and later pursued his passion for map making by going to graduate school in Geography. He landed his dream job making maps online when we lived in San Francisco and is still working with the same company remotely. Today, he also runs a co-working space at our office in town and is active in the community hosting design talks, housing events, and sits on the local bicycle and pedestrian advisory committee.

About Kristina (through Alan's eyes)

adoptive family photo - Kristina (through Alan's eyes) Kristina has A DEEP PASSION for life, and the GREATEST CAPACITY FOR LOVE of anyone I've ever known. When we first met, I was smitten by her INTELLIGENCE and her overflowing ENERGY and CREATIVITY. She has a keen eye for finding BEAUTY IN EVERY MOMENT, and simply being around her makes life more wondrous and exciting. I admire her confidence, and her belief that ANYTHING IS POSSIBLE. She's voraciously curious about other cultures and she has a particular gift for languages. I'm always amazed when we travel somewhere new and she starts picking up the language instantly, making new friends with a playful turn of phrase. As much as she loves NEW ADVENTURES, she's EQUALLY HAPPY AT HOME, savoring a quiet moment with a cup of tea. Beneath her exciting exterior, Kristina is very sensitive, empathetic, and generous. I love how caring and kind she is to every living being, and how deeply she feels the joy and sadness in the lives of the people who are close to her. Being with Kristina has helped me understand love and appreciate life in ways I hadn't imagined were possible. I cannot wait to share those experiences with a child together!

Kristina grew up in upstate New York with a younger brother and her father's extended family down the street. Although she was from a working class, immigrant household (her Mom is from Korea), she managed to go to an Ivy League college and have a successful career early on. When her father became ill, we moved to be closer to him to spend his last days together. When he passed, Kristina received the greatest gift from him, which was to live a creative life, so she went back to school to be an artist and writer and she has since taught art and writing at a few colleges. Today, she is creating her own art space and making art books with friends and other partners. Kristina is also active in the community and is dedicated to supporting human rights and women and families of color locally.

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