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Noah & Jacob

Noah is our 17-year-old and our scholar of the family. He is very mature and has always been very levelheaded throughout his adolescent years. He is very studious, intelligent, and motivated. He does very well academically and has always seemed to have a thirst for knowledge. School comes very easy for Noah. He plans to pursue a career as a marine life veterinarian and aspires to work at Sea World. Noah is very genuine and shows a great deal of character. He is very compassionate, caring, and concerned with the feelings and well-being of others. He never wants to hurt someone’s feelings. He is also very active in his youth group at church. He is also our technology wizard - loves playing his Xbox, watching Netflix, and being on his laptop.

Jacob is 15 years old and is a country boy from the word “go”. When he was younger he loved being outdoors digging in the dirt, playing with his tractors, piddling around, and never wanting to come inside. Today it’s not much different. He still loves being outdoors, but instead of digging in dirt, he is fishing in our creek or the private pond in our neighborhood or he and Chris are at the deer hunting lease. Although he is very smart he would prefer to stay at home and go outside to piddle than sit at school. He loves to build, construct, and make things. He is ALWAYS busy! Jacob loves to go to Poppa’s (Chris’ father) house where he gets to use the welding machine and build things with him.

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