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Amy & Chris

To Someone Special,

As you read this letter, we as a family, are praying for the child that God has handpicked for us. He has spoken to our hearts and has placed the desire within us to expand our family through adoption. We are very excited for this journey and we know God's hand is molding every detail into place. We admire you for the courage and strength you possess. We pray you will find comfort knowing we are committed to offering your baby a life of unconditional love. It is our hope that you will sense our desire and commitment to create a fun, peaceful, safe, loving home for your child. We are eagerly awaiting to welcome a new baby into our home and hearts.

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Who We Are

The minute Chris and I were married, we knew we wanted to start a family of our own. I have two biological sons that instantly fell in love with Chris and vice versa. Seeing how much love was shared between Chris and the boys, we immediately started trying to have a child of our own. Since 2005 we began pursuing the idea of starting a family. After a couple of years trying to get pregnant without success, we sought medical assistance. The doctors told us that it was unlikely we would ever conceive. The news was heartbreaking. All of the plans we had made were built around us having children and expanding our family. As we dealt with the emotions surrounding the news, we prayed for guidance. We both started to get these feelings that the Lord was preparing our hearts to adopt a child. We talked to Noah and Jacob, and they were on board immediately. No matter biological or adopted we are all God's children. We will love no different. Love covers everything. We, along with our children, will see the child God has placed in mind for us as the most amazing, precious blessing ever received.

We met through mutual friends. We spoke on the phone first before Chris visited me. On that visit, we knew there was something there. We talked for hours and we knew right away we would spend the rest of our lives together. We did so many fun and exciting things while we were dating! We went to lots of baseball games, went to the movies, ate at tons of restaurants, and took a few out of town getaways. The courtship was amazing because it gave us time to solidify our bond and experience life together as a couple. We knew it was meant to be and nine months after our first date, we were married. We had a small, beautiful ceremony with all or family and closest friends supporting us. Besides being deeply in love with other, we are also best friends!

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Our Church and Faith

Chris and I are both Christians, and we will raise our children in our faith. We want our child to know God has a special purpose for their life. We feel one of our roles as parents are to help our children grow in their love for God and to find purpose and way in life. We want to teach our child that God loves them unconditionally. Chris and I feel our faith is the basis for how we live our lives and we hope to be positive role models of our children by teaching them to be kind and respect others. Our prayer is that our relationship with our children will be strong and open. We pray they will feel comfortable coming to us with any questions, problems, or worries they may have. Chris and I will always be there for them no matter what, and always give them our unconditional love and support.

Favorite Things to do together

We enjoy being together and are grateful for the experiences we have had. Taking vacations is one of our favorite things to do. Many of our trips are to the beach; but we have been to the Smoky Mountains, Yellowstone National Park, Great Wolf Lodge, Myrtle Beach, Sea World, and many other places. The best thing about our family is that it doesn’t matter where we are or what we are doing, as long as we are together is all that counts. Hanging out with our dog Sadie, cooking out, being on vacation, doing yard work, going grocery shopping, or just cuddling together on the couch watching tv, is when we are happiest together.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Amy & Chris

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Amy & Chris