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Fall in Savannah

The change from summer to autumn comes quickly in Savannah. One day we’re at the beach hiding under an umbrella and the next day we’re in sweaters enjoying the sunshine. Today was the annual Rock and Roll Marathon, so we avoided downtown and are spending the afternoon together with the pups, out in the backyard and peeking in on college football games. My alma mater (Univ. of North Carolina) isn’t doing so hot this year…but there’s always basketball season to look forward to! Read more »


John’s birthday is today (Halloween!) and his favorite part of the day is seeing the kids all dressed up. I loved making them homemade costumes, but they’ve all decided, since they’re all teenagers now, that they’re too old for trick-or-treating. This photo is from five years ago and just showed up on my Facebook Read more »

This weekend

This weekend was full of fall festivals, baking cookies, carving pumpkins and trying out my new curling iron on the two of us :)  I can’t believe Bete is almost as tall as I am! Read more »


Buttercup is our goldendoodle pup. She just turned one this fall and is the sweetest dog I’ve ever known. Depending on how long her fur is she often looks like a muppet! She waves hello every time we get back home! Read more »


I spent Saturday afternoon stretching “spider webs” over our azalea bushes (and attaching hairy spiders the size of my fist!), hanging skeletons from our lamp posts and finished it off with a giant white glitter skull on the front door. I figured the glitter would make it a little less scary :)  We always decorate for the Read more »

John’s artwork

John draws all the time. It’s his profession, but he truly loves it. He worked in comic books for several years, so he has a tendency to doodle Batman when he’s in meetings, but he also does beautiful illustrations like this one. Read more »


We spend our weekends doing yard work, organizing the house, visiting with friends, and during the fall - we watch football. It’s funny because we didn’t become die-hard Atlanta Falcons fans until a few years ago when I became a part of their new stadium project. Our university was signed up to curate and project manage all of the Read more »

Our neighbors

Our neighbors (Annette and Mike) came back from the local Greek Festival with treats for our whole family! I’ll be honest, I can’t actually pronounce most of the desserts they brought us, but the kids and John and I appreciate them thinking of us. They really are the best. It’s amazing to be in a neighborhood where our Read more »

Goodnight y’all

Our hurricane day off today was spent playing with the pups, making oatmeal chocolate chip raisin cookies (no pies!), and more snacks than I can name. I’m still in shock at the photos of the Florida panhandle and what they endured yesterday. We had the kids over tonight and while they were excited to have a day off, it takes a holiday from Read more »

Family vacations

I traveled a lot when I was younger, but my parents were afraid to fly and we were of modest means, so we went camping a lot and took our motorhome all over the East coast. Those vacations are memories that I will always cherish and the experiences taught me to love learning about other people, cultures and places. We are blessed with the Read more »

What brought us to adoption

We have wanted to bring a baby into our lives, but multiple fertility challenges have prevented this from occurring naturally. Each opportunity we were presented with seemed to almost immediately, and devastatingly, present its own obstacle. Adoption had always been something we considered. While attending law school, Erin volunteered as a Read more »


We’re both home today, thanks to Hurricane Michael, so we’re drinking our coffee outside in the heavy breeze (no rain and no damage!) and playing with the pups. The century-old oak trees on our block held strong and there are only a few branches in our front yard. We’ll fill our day with a quick trip to the gym, and then Read more »

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