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John & Erin
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Love, laughter, creativity and adventure

We are humbled beyond words that you would take the time to learn about us and the shared love we have for your baby. Your glimpse at our profile is one glimmer of hope that we may be blessed with the opportunity to provide your child with the most nurturing and caring life we can. One of love, laughter, creativity, and adventure.

While we can’t know how difficult your decision to pursue adoption may be, we truly admire your strength and courage in considering this loving path. Please know that we cherish this opportunity and we will respect your wishes throughout the process. You would be giving us the most precious gift: a child to shower with love and affection. We thank you for learning about our lives, our love, and our hopes.

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Who We Are

We’ve been married for more than five years and we live in a historic city in sunny Georgia. We work for an art and design university. John is a sequential art professor (he teaches students how to be comic artists!) and Erin is a vice president, overseeing the university’s accreditation and quality assurance.

John grew up in Tennessee and was raised by a single mom who worked extremely hard to ensure that John accomplished his dreams. John has children from a previous marriage and he and Erin co-parent with their mom, who lives just down the street.

Erin grew up in Connecticut, but has called the South home since she was 16. She fully embraces “y’all” and “all y’all” as pronouns.

We love traveling and can’t wait to show your child the world. In just the last few years we visited Hong Kong, St. Thomas, Puerto Rico, Mexico, Jamaica, France, the Dominican Republic, and quite a bit of the United States.

Adoption Diary


We spend our weekends doing yard work, organizing the house, visiting with friends, and during the fall - we watch football. It’s funny because we didn’t become die-hard Atlanta Falcons fans until a few years ago when I became a part of their new stadium project. Our university was signed up to curate and project manage all of the art collection for the Mercedes-Benz Stadium in Atlanta, and I got to lead our curatorial team. The excitement over the project and the new stadium in our home state meant we were glued to the television as the Falcons took the field each week. It’s a tradition now and I still get giddy every time one of our artworks is on national television. This is probably one of my favorites and took up so much time - because it’s HUGE! The largest bird sculpture in the world!! We commissioned an artist from Hungary and it’s impressive to say the least. I am so proud to have been a part of such an important community project. 

(check out the pic of us and the pups from today in our John & Erin album! We need to get Buttercup a jersey…the one that Bluebell has on used to be hers. I never thought I’d put a dog in clothing, but it’s for a good cause!)


Our neighbors

Our neighbors (Annette and Mike) came back from the local Greek Festival with treats for our whole family! I’ll be honest, I can’t actually pronounce most of the desserts they brought us, but the kids and John and I appreciate them thinking of us. They really are the best. It’s amazing to be in a neighborhood where our neighbors are some of our best friends and such a big part of our family. Our plan is actually that Annette will become our nanny upon adoption (I do plan to stay home for the first several months), as she is a neonatal and pediatric nurse who is moving toward retirement. We have quite the village to love and care for a baby.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


John & Erin

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John & Erin