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Our Story

We met in grad school in 2005, but didn't start dating until 2007. Once we did, though, we quickly fell in love. Jess was drawn to John's great sense of humor and amazing brain. John was drawn to Jess' determination and goofiness. Being in love definitely made the stressful years of grad school more bearable, even when Jess lived in Greece for two years to do research!

We got married in Vermont (where Jess grew up) in 2012, surrounded by our friends and family. Our wedding was basically a chance to have a big fun party, with lots of dancing, lots of good food, and tons of laughter.

We live in Virginia now and both work as college professors. John teaches government and Jess is an archaeologist. We often spend our summers traveling for Jess' work, going to places to like Greece and Italy.

When we're not digging in the dirt, we love to go hiking, visit national parks, try new foods, read, and play games. We like to travel and visit new places whenever we can.

Family is very important to us. John comes from a big family and getting together during holidays (or just for fun!) is something that happens all the time. Jess' family is pretty spread out, but they do a good job of staying in touch. We also count many of our friends as "extra family." We are fortunate to have great friends all over the country.

After several years of dealing with infertility, Jess finally became pregnant via IVF. Due to severe pregnancy complications, though, our son, Marcus, was born 2 months premature and had several health problems. We got to spend 138 amazing days with him in the hospital. He taught us about the power of love and we know that any child we bring into our family will have a special big brother watching over him or her.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a quiet neighborhood in Virginia. Our house is surrounded by trees, a nice yard, and many friendly neighbors! We live across the street from an elementary school and close to many parks and rec centers. From our house, it's a short walk to playgrounds and fun activities for kids.

We have a beautiful room all ready for the baby's nursery. It has several windows that look out over the trees in our yard, and it's filled with light.

Most of all, our home is a safe place, filled with love, laughter, and acceptance.

About Jess

adoptive family photo - Jess Jess grew up in Vermont, which gave her a love of nature from an early age. She enjoys hiking in the woods and wants to visit all the National Parks someday! So far, she's been to 4 of them.

Jess managed to find a job that lets her be outside a lot and be creative. She's an archaeologist and in the summer, she works mainly in Greece and Italy. It's hard work, but a lot of fun! Luckily, John is able to come with her most summers and help out on the digs. She can't wait to play in the dirt with a little kid!

When she's not hiking or digging, Jess loves to bake. Pies, cookies, cakes, bread -- everything! Her students have learned to expect extra brownies during final exam period and friends often request birthday cakes from her.

About John

adoptive family photo - John John grew up in New Jersey, running cross-country, working near the beach, and eating lots of food with his big extended family. Growing up surrounded by aunts, uncles, and cousins gave him a real love for family and he still looks forward to getting together with everyone at the holidays. He looks forward to creating lots of family memories with our own child.

John is also a college professor, like Jess. He teaches government and has even won awards for his teaching! But he also loves to go on digs with Jess. He often helps out by cooking for everyone and planning weekend adventures. We both have a love of teaching and can't wait to share that passion with a child.

When he's not teaching or running, John loves to cook. His grandma taught him how to make pasta by hand and he's also great at making meatballs, one of Jess' favorite foods! In our house, John does most of the cooking and Jess does the baking, but we both love to do all the eating!

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