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We're a loving and adventurous couple looking to expand our family!

Dear Expectant Mother,
The decision you're facing is such a difficult one, and we're so thankful that you're looking at our profile. We can't wait to meet you and hear more about you and your journey. We are so excited to share our love, sense of adventure, and passion with a baby (or twins) and we hope that this profile will give you a good idea of who we are.

If you have any questions at all, or just want to chat, please send us an email or call us! We would love to hear from you.

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Who We Are

We met in grad school in 2005, but didn't start dating until 2007. Once we did, though, we quickly fell in love. Jess was drawn to John's great sense of humor and amazing brain. John was drawn to Jess' determination and goofiness. Being in love definitely made the stressful years of grad school more bearable, even when Jess lived in Greece for two years to do research!

We got married in Vermont (where Jess grew up) in 2012, surrounded by our friends and family. Our wedding was basically a chance to have a big fun party, with lots of dancing, lots of good food, and tons of laughter.

We live in Virginia now and both work as college professors. John teaches government and Jess is an archaeologist. We often spend our summers traveling for Jess' work, going to places to like Greece and Italy.

When we're not digging in the dirt, we love to go hiking, visit national parks, try new foods, read, and play games. We like to travel and visit new places whenever we can.

Family is very important to us. John comes from a big family and getting together during holidays (or just for fun!) is something that happens all the time. Jess' family is pretty spread out, but they do a good job of staying in touch. We also count many of our friends as "extra family." We are fortunate to have great friends all over the country.

After several years of dealing with infertility, Jess finally became pregnant via IVF. Due to severe pregnancy complications, though, our son, Marcus, was born 2 months premature and had several health problems. We got to spend 138 amazing days with him in the hospital. He taught us about the power of love and we know that any child we bring into our family will have a special big brother watching over him or her.

Adoption Diary

Summer adventures

Virginia is a beautiful state!  We love living here because there’s so much to do.  There are gorgeous mountains for hiking, the sea coast for swimming, and tons of rivers for boating.  Any time of year, you can find something fun to do outside. 

We’re always up for trying something new, so when friends suggested a boating trip, we jumped on it!  Jess did lots of boating and fishing with her dad when she was young, but John hasn’t been on many boats.  He loved it!  Here we are sailing on the York River.  It was a hot, sunny day, but thanks to a good breeze, we sped along the water.  We can’t wait to share adventures like this with a child.


It’s finally spring here in Virginia—the daffodils are blooming, the trees are putting out new leaves, and the sun is shining for longer every day.  We get lots of natural light in our house, so spring feels especially nice.  It’s also great to finally ride our bikes and go on more walks.  There are lots of parks with bike paths near where we live.  We can’t wait to teach a little kid how to ride a bike!

Here we are, enjoying the extra sunlight and getting ready to go out for dinner.  One of our favorite restaurants is a BBQ place that also has delicious pickles and collard greens!  John usually orders the ribs and brisket, and Jess gets the pulled pork.  Yum!

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