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Our Story

Brian and I met over 10 years ago through a mutual friend. After 6 months of friendship, he finally got the courage to ask me out on a date! We immediately hit it off over a beer and a game of Yahtzee (I think he let me win) at a local dive bar and the rest is history. Today we own two businesses and work together every day. We are best friends and have established a deep level of trust that constantly grows. We recognize that we have different talents that compliment each other, but share the same values in terms of how we treat others and want to be treated. We are lucky to have a flexible schedule with work. Together we make a great team, and very much look forward to becoming parents.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a safe, residential neighborhood in Washington, DC where we've owned a row home for 10 years. DC is a melting pot of different cultures, races and backgrounds, which we love and is what drew us to and kept us living here. Our neighbors are a mix of young families and families that have lived here for decades, passing their property down through the generations. Everyone is generous, lends a helping hand and is kind to each other, no matter our differences, inside and out. A few blocks away is a 250-acre campus which is a veteran's retirement home as well as a place for community to gather. They hold family events here every season with music, crafts, food and games. It also has lakes, a golf course, playgrounds and a public charter elementary school where we hope to send our children one day.
We love entertaining friends and family at our home. Hilarey loves cooking and Brian always does the dishes. We love summer BBQs and hosting holidays at our house, we have an open door policy and welcome our neighbors to stop by and say hello when they're walking by. We are so excited to welcome a child into our lives and share all the things we love about our home and neighborhood with them.

About Hilarey

adoptive family photo - Hilarey Hilarey grew up in Des Moines, Iowa as an only child in a very supportive and involved family. She is very close with her cousins and her heroes are her paternal grandparents, who taught her many important life lessons. She is a hard worker, extremely loyal to friends and family and will always lend a helping hand to make life easier or better. She believes in showing kindness everyone, no matter their differences or situation. She is very organized when it comes to work but also has a fun and creative side. She came to DC to pursue a college degree in filmmaking, which she made a career for 15 years before opening a small business with Brian. She loves art and live music, a good movie or book and of course cooking. Hilarey's favorite times are entertaining family and friends at the house.

About Brian

adoptive family photo - Brian Brian grew up in northern Maryland with his older sister, brother and parents. He loved playing (when he was younger) and watching baseball, football and soccer. Brian is always thoughtful, patient, and a fantastic problem solver. He will always try and find the best solution, no matter how long it takes, no matter how difficult the problem. Brian has a creative side and enjoys reading, writing short stories and going to art museums. He is incredibly kind, fair and compassionate toward friends, co-workers and family.

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Brian & Hilarey

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Brian & Hilarey