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Brian & Hilarey


Brian & Hilarey
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Adoption Has Always Been Our Plan

Since we met, adoption has always been our plan for starting a family. We believe in kindness, respect, creativity, honesty and curiosity and hope to instill these values in our future child. We love traveling often, creating traditions with family and having a lot of fun! We have a very flexible work schedule and plan to stay home to raise our future child. We live in a very culturally diverse city and are open to adopting any race. We admire your selflessness in an extremely emotional and complicated time and thank you for considering us.

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Who We Are

Brian and I met over 10 years ago through a mutual friend. After 6 months of friendship, he finally got the courage to ask me out on a date! We immediately hit it off over a beer and a game of Yahtzee (I think he let me win) at a local dive bar and the rest is history. Today we own three small businesses and work together every day. We are lucky to have a flexible schedule with work that will allow us to stay home to raise our future child. Together we make a great team, and can't wait to become parents.

Adoption Diary

The busy holidays

Holiday time is always fun because people are in good spirits, but sometimes it can be stressful too.  Dealing with loss is especially hard when you remember the fun times spend with family over the holidays.  We both really loved Christmas time and had great relationships with our grandparents, who are no longer living.  We loved going to their houses and playing games, which is a favorite activity for both of our families when we get together.  On our first date we played Yahtzee together at a bar!  We hope this week leading up to the holidays is a time to think about the good times and look forward to a relaxing break.

Thanksgiving- our favorite holiday

Thanksgiving is our favorite holiday for many reasons.  First, obviously the food!  But honestly it’s the day of cooking with family that is better than the eating part.  We normally spend Thanksgiving with Hilarey’s side of the family, all over the country.  We trade off visiting the different uncle’s families, in Florida, California or Iowa.  Anywhere we land, we’re all cooking in the kitchen, in charge of a dish or two.  All the diets go out the window for one day, and everyone eats pie.  As our family grows, it’s fun to experience the holidays with the new additions.  We love to play games after dinner, our favorites are Gin Rummy, Yahtzee, Texas Hold-em Poker or even Pictionary.  It’s the best times when the TVs are turned off and we can just have fun together.  We wish everyone a happy holiday week!

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Brian & Hilarey

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Brian & Hilarey