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Fun while shopping

We needed to run a few errands today and the mall was one of our stops. I try to make time for some fun while we shop. Noah enjoys the toy trains and the rides at the mall. Read more »

Summer fun

Another fun day of swimming. We enjoy this warm weather so that we can swim and play in the pool. Read more »


Today we went to the YMCA and played in the pool. Noah enjoyed playing in the water. Read more »

Home coming Sunday

Today was homecoming at our church so I prepared so food for after church today. There was a lot of good food and some Church family that we haven’t seen since last years homecoming. Read more »


Today we had some errands to run in town. Than we cleaned the carport and front porch which gave Noah some time to play in the water. Read more »

Chuck E Cheese

Today we took Noah to Chuck E Cheese. He was very happy to be there and play the game and eat pizza. I love making him smile. Read more »

Piano lessons

Noah started his first piano lesson yesterday. He has always enjoyed the piano and music. We just did a 10 minute lesson with him but every little bit will payoff. Read more »


We had a great time at church. Then Noah played in the creek at the church. The we went to V.B.S. He had a great time. Read more »

Sweet thoughts

Today Noah and I was shopping and seen a cute little dress, Noah said how cute mom let’s buy it. I ask for who? He said if we get a baby sister she can wear the dress mom! I thought that was very thoughtful and sweet of him. Read more »

Park fun

Today Noah and I went to the park to play. Noah enjoyed the swings and the slide. He would never leave if he had his choice. Read more »

Play time

Today Noah and some of our friends with older kids went to the church’s gym to play and run off some energy. He loves to play with the other kids. Read more »


Today Noah and I along with Christine went to the movies. We had fun and the movie was good also. Read more »

A week of fun

Last week we spent our vacation with my parents and our oldest daughter and son-in law in Florida on the beach. We spent a lot of time together playing on the beach and in the ocean. The time was well spent together. Read more »

Day out with Thomas

Today we took Noah to the train station to ride Thomas the train and Percy. Noah really loves to see and ride on the trains. Read more »

Park fun

Today we spent so time at a park. We rode on a glass bottom boat. We walk some trails and enjoy the views of the water. Read more »

Beach fun

Today we went to the fort and then to Noah to a park to play. We also swim and played in the ocean and sand. Read more »

Mother’s Day

We have spent our day with my parents and our daughter for mother’s day. We are having a great day together. Read more »


This morning we awake to no power. I’m thankful for the light on the cell phone to help get dressed and help see our breakfast. The rain and clouds make the morning not very bright. Not having power this morning has made for a very quiet morning. Read more »

Fun playing

Today I have spent my day just playing with Noah we have played some games and played outside. I enjoy spending time with him. Read more »


Today we had somethings to do in town. Noah got a haircut and we did a little grocery shopping and then had lunch. Read more »

Graduation Day

Today our Charlie graduates from High School. We had a party and enjoyed food and fellowship with family and friends.We are very proud of him. Read more »

High school graduation

Tonight we are get ready for Charlie’s high school graduation. I can’t believe he is already graduating it seems like yesterday that he was a baby and now he is a grown man. How time flies. Read more »


Noah likes to have some fun while we do the shopping. He also likes to get a cookie from the mall. Read more »

Gardening Season

We are now planting the plants and seeds in our garden. Teaching Noah how to garden but of course he likes to dig in the dirt. Read more »

Egg hunt

Today our church had a meal and egg hunt for the kids. We enjoyed fellowship with our church family. Noah enjoyed hunting eggs. Read more »

Easter weekend

Today we are getting ready for the Easter holiday. We will have a egg hunt at our church. Then Easter meal at our house on Sunday. Read more »

Easter train

Noah’s love for trains often take us for fun outings on the trains. Saturday we took Noah on an Easter train ride. He also was able to play games, hunt egg, and see the train on the turn table. We had a great time. Read more »


Today we enjoyed some time together playing with Noah and then some yard work. Read more »


I was doing some pictures of Charlie for high school graduation and Noah need some pictures of him also. Which of course we didn’t mind. Read more »


We had a great church service this morning and a meal after church. Then we played outside with Noah. It’s been a beautiful day. Read more »

Shopping fun

Today we went to our local Co-Op store. They have baby chicks and rabbits. Noah was thrilled to see them. He spent most of the time in the store looking at all of them . Read more »

Family time

Tonight we had the great time with most of the family at our home for super and cake for a birthday. We had a great time laughing and talking together. Read more »


Today we have spent some time getting the seeds ready for the garden and getting the ground ready for the growing season. Read more »

Play time

Today was Noah’s day and time to learn while playing. Today’s letter was R so we played games and learned the letter and sound of R. Then we had lunch with his cousin and Noah had more fun playing at the park after lunch. Read more »

Dear birth mom

Today is six months that we started with this website and our adoption journey . For us the waiting is hard but I know for you the decision is even harder. We pray for you many times every day. Read more »


Today has been a nice sunny day so we had a small picnic. Noah enjoyed his yogurt picnic. Read more »

Big brother

Noah is always looking at baby’s when we are out in town and on TV and he can’t wait to be a big brother. We have talked with him about how he can help with a baby by getting diapers and blankets. I have also watched some baby’s so that he knows how to be gentle with them. Noah also ask on a regular basis when is he getting a baby. I Read more »


This morning at breakfast Noah was at the table while I was fixing his food and he ask if he could have a baby. It was a sweet moment. So as we prayed over our food we ask for the blessings of a baby. Read more »


We had a good morning church and lunch with the family. Then back at church tonight. Read more »

Spring day

Today has been a beautiful spring day. We have played outside enjoying the sunshine. Read more »


As we are preparing and are wanting for a birthmom to choose us I want you to see one of the little onesies we picked out for a baby. Read more »

Beautiful day

We had a beautiful day the sun was shining and it was warm. We played outside and had a few thing to do in town Read more »

Warm day

Today was a really nice day.We played outside. Noah was able to ride in his car. Lots of fun was had today. Read more »


I found this little gown and want it so our little blessing could ware it. I want her/him to know how much you love her/him and how much we love her/him. Read more »

Outside time

Today I started teaching Noah how to play baseball. He liked to hit the ball off the tee but also like to go get the ball after he hit it. He finally understand what he was doing. Then we enjoyed some play time his way jumping on the trampoline and playing on the playground. He loves to play outside. Read more »

Dear birth mom

As we are preparing for our little blessing we are praying for both of you. We are so grateful for your sacrifice. You will never know how much you are loved by us and how many prayers are being said for you. Even tho we haven’t meet. Read more »


This morning we have played tag went for a walk and colored. It’s been a pretty fun morning. Read more »

Beautiful day

We had a very beautiful day. After morning church and lunch we where outside enjoying the warm day. Read more »


We had a great afternoon with our family here. Our house was full of laughter and joy. I can’t wait to add to our family with more laughter and joy. Read more »


Today is Charlie’s Birthday. Time sure does just fly by. We will celebrate this evening with the family coming over for cake and a movie. We are looking forward to time together. Read more »

Our house

I thought you might like to see our home. We have lived here for 23 years. We enjoy our home and land with our home. Read more »

Just a day at home

Noah and I have a great day at home playing lots of different games and with toys. I love to watch him play and learn at the same time Read more »

Birth parents

Today I want to let the birth parents know that they are very special to us. You will never know how much you mean to us. The baby that you place with us couldn’t be more prayed for, wanted,and loved. Read more »


Today is Conner’s Birthday. We were able to spend the afternoon with him and have lunch and birthday cake. We do enjoy spending time together. Read more »

Nice day

It has rained here all week so today was very nice. The sun was out and warm. After church this morning we had lunch with our family and then took Noah to the park for some fun. Read more »


We enjoyed our Sunday church service. Also we spent so time with family and friends after church. Then before bed we spent some time with just Noah and he enjoyed putting a few puzzles together. Read more »

Infant car seat

We have our new gender neutral Graco infant car seat. Now we are really ready for a lifetime full of adventure and making lots of memories. Read more »

Pre-School play fun

On Tuesday Noah get to play with other kids around his age. We also learn a letter for the week. Today was O and we made octopus out of hard boiled eggs and had lots of fun. Read more »


We had a wonderful church service this morning and then a meal with our church family. We also enjoy some family time. Read more »

Nice day

Thursday was a really nice day. The weather was warm here. We spent some time playing out side and working with the animals. We enjoyed the time spent together and the warmth of the day. Read more »


We pray for the birth parents each day. We pray that you have peace and courage. Read more »


This little onesie is suitable for either gender. I think it is very cute. I can’t hardly wait until we can see our little one wearing this onesie. Read more »

Snow day

We woke up this morning to some snow. Noah was thrilled! We played in the snow and tried to make a snowman but the snow didn’t stick together well. So we just play in snow. We had a great time. Read more »

Family time

We enjoyed our morning church service and then had lunch with our family today. We really do enjoy time spent with our family. Read more »


A afternoon putting together a Thomas the train LEGO set so we can watch him enjoy the fun. Read more »

Play time

Today has been another fun filled day of playing and fun learning games. We love to play learning games. Read more »


We enjoyed our church this morning. A good lunch with our family today and plan to be at church with some our family tonight. Read more »

Date night

Jerry and I had a date night last night. We enjoyed a meal together and was able to take with each other. We enjoy our time with each other. Read more »


This weekend we had some time to spend with our family and also worked outside in a yard for so clean up time. The weekend here was a pretty nice weekend. Read more »

Time for playing

Today I have spent my day playing games and having fun with Noah. I do enjoy the time together that’s something you can’t get back. Read more »

New year

As the New year beings I can’t help but to be hopeful that we will get to adopt this year. Read more »

Family time

Yesterday we had lunch with my parents. We spent our Sunday pretty much like most Sundays which is church lunch with family and back to church tha afternoon. Read more »

Frozen yogurt

Today Noah and I had a few errands to do but all he wanted was some frozen yogurt. So we finished our errands and enjoyed some frozen yogurt. Read more »


Today we are thankful for our saviors birth. We are also enjoying the time to spend with each other and all the family. Read more »

Christmas tradition

One of our Christmas traditions is to go to my moms and bake cookies, fudge, and cakes for our family members for Christmas. Read more »


Top left is my sister Rhonda , our daughter Christine, Jerry, and myself Elizabeth. First row our oldest son Conner, my dad Rex who is holding Noah, my mom Bobbie,and our son Charlie . Read more »

New train

Noah received a new train for Christmas from some friends. Noah wanted his dad to play with him and his new train . Read more »


This little onesie is something I plan for our little to wear often. We will be so thankful for him/her. Read more »

First snow

A few weeks ago with went for a drive up on top of some mountains and we drive high enough to see a little snow. This would be the first snow that Noah could remember seeing and putting his hands in. Read more »


Noah and Jerry spent some time shopping together. They had fun shopping and looking at Christmas decorations . Read more »

Christmas tree

Noah loves looking at the Christmas tree. He will lay in the floor underneath the tree . So he can see the lights. Read more »

Christmas party

Tonight we enjoyed a Christmas party with our church family. We had a good meal and had lots of fun talking and playing games . Read more »

A day of fun and play

Noah and I have some days where we just stay at home and played games and trains. I enjoy the time we can spend together it goes by so quickly. Read more »


When we go shopping at the mall Noah enjoys having a cookie. We must set down and eat the cookie . Read more »


Tonight’s bedtime story seems to have worked well. To bad it doesn’t work this well every night. The store was Noah’s Ark . Read more »


Noah and Jerry made cookies tonight. Noah loves to help cook. I hope he will enjoy cooking as he gets older. Read more »

Family time

Today we went to lunch with my parents. Then we got together with some our cousin and the kids received a gift. Noah had a great time and enjoyed playing with the other kids. Read more »

Christmas play

Tonight we went to a friends church for a Christmas play. They had a play with the young kids and one with the adults. They did a really great job . Read more »

Christmas musical

Tonight we went to see a Christmas musical. Noah love seeing all the dances and they had a live manger scene. A great time was had by all. Read more »

Game night

We played games with Noah to night. We played pop the pig and don’t spill the beans. Read more »

Christmas lights

Tonight after church we took Noah to see some Christmas lights. I love his enthusiasm for Christmas lights and all thing Christmas. Read more »

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