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Family trip to the Ark

We recently went to the Ark . Both of our parents went with us . Noah was very interested to go to the petting zoo. It’s very interested to see how they might have lived while on the Ark. We enjoy the time spent with our family and seeing the Ark. Read more »

Morning at the park

We spent time at the park this morning. Noah enjoyed the sand, slides, and swings. It was good to see him having fun with other kids. Read more »

Day out with Thomas the train

Noah love’s all thing train. We have been going to day out with Thomas sense Noah was 1years old. We enjoy the games and seeing all the old trains. We also enjoy spending time to make the memories and doing things he enjoys. Read more »

Swim test he pasted yay

We are so proud of Noah’s hard work. He was able to pass his swim test. Which isn’t easy just because he is five years old. He had to be able to tread water for 60 seconds and swim the length of the pool without stopping. So now that he has done this is he is learning to dive and swim on his back, so still lots to learn. Read more »

One of my favorite times of the day

I enjoy the one on one time at bedtime. Weather it’s reading a book or rocking him to sleep. I enjoy the peacefulness and the claim that helps him to sleep. It also give me time to pray for him . It’s always fun to snuggle together. Read more »

A little snow day

This morning we awake to a nice little snow. Noah is always thrilled when we get snow. So before breakfast we dressed in warm layers so we could play in the snow. We enjoy throwing snowballs at each other and building small snowman. We also played a game of snow tag. We had so much fun in a small amount of snow. Read more »


Noah is excited to get back to swim lessons. He has missed being in the pool. He is working hard in his swim lesson. Read more »

Christmas lights

We do enjoy driving to see Christmas lights and decorations. Noah gets so excited. I love the excitement he brings to the small things . We will also enjoy some Christmas baking with our oldest daughter and my mom. Read more »

Thanksgiving 2020

We have much to be thankful for this year. We gather with our family and had a great meal. We are thankful that we are all healthy and able to be together. We pray that you had a great thanksgiving. Read more »


Two years ago we started our journey and opened our profile page. We have been praying for the blessing of a baby or two. We have such a longing to love, support, and nurture a baby. We would also like to invite you to be a special part of our family. Read more »

Noah’s 5th Birthday

Birthdays are special at our home. We do our best to make the birthday person feel special and to let them know that they are a blessing in our life. I can’t imagine our life’s without Noah being in our family. He is such a blessing in our life’s. I also stop and let his first mom know that we are forever grateful for Read more »

Making memories

We love to do thing with our kids that will make memories. We took Noah for a picnic (which right now he really enjoys) he also was able to play in a small creek. Then we went for a 5mile walk. We enjoyed seeing the trees, flowers, and some butterflies. Read more »

Happy 4th of July

Happy 4th of July!! We spent our 4th with our family. We had a meal and watched fireworks. We also enjoyed some sparklers.( This is Noah and his older sister Christine). Read more »

More Fun together

We have had more time to spend together the past few months. We have had some bonfires and roasted marshmallows (which Noah enjoyed a great deal). We have also spent more time just playing with Noah and swing him on the outside swing set and he also has been trying to ride his bike without the training wheels. Read more »

Taking A Walk

We enjoy spending time together in different ways. Such as taking a family walk, playing board games, and watching movies just to name a few. Read more »

Spring time

Spring is in full swing here on our little farm. We have new baby chicks and three new baby goats(kids) and more coming soon. Our trees are blooming and we are getting the garden ready for planting. Read more »


I found a cute little onies . It reads my big sister is my super hero. Noah and Christine have a great relationship. He enjoys spending as much time as possible with her. They bake cookies, play games, and he really enjoys it when she plays outside with him. When she comes over he will run out to her in our driveway. I know Read more »


We where able to get together this weekend to celebrate our March birthdays. Christine,Conner,and Charlie all have birthdays this month. I always enjoy when all of us can be together. Birthdays are a big deal for our family. We like to celebrate the gift of life. Read more »

Socialization time for Noah

Noah really enjoyed his learning and fun group. Noah and the other kids enjoyed the alphabet game, music time, stories and playing with each other. We are apart of a home school group that meets once a week to learn and play with other home school family’s. Read more »


It has been 18 months since we started our adoption journey. We are praying and waiting. Jerry and I have always known that adoption would be apart of the way we added children to our family. Read more »

Family time

We had a good time at church this morning. Then we had lunch with my parents and cousins. Noah really enjoyed playing with his cousins after lunch. We all enjoy getting to share time with each other. Read more »

Dear expecting Mom

I just want you to know that your baby would be such a blessing to our family that words can’t explain. If we are chosen to be your baby’s adopted family the joy your baby would bring to us. I can’t imagine what you are going through or dealing with right now in your life and what you are facing but we are praying for Read more »

Swim lessons for Noah

Noah had his swim lesson. He is working hard to learn the techniques of swimming and treading water. We are very proud of his progress. Read more »

Theme park

This weekend we took Noah to his first theme park. He enjoyed the rides and the park was decorated for Christmas which we all enjoyed. The best part was seeing his reaction to the park. Read more »

Christmas Day

We enjoyed our gifts and having all the kids home together. I love our time together more than the gifts given. Read more »

Christmas Eve

Today we spent most of the day with my parents. One of our Christmas traditions is that we celebrate Christmas with them today giving them most of our time together. We enjoyed each other laughing and talking eating and some gifts. The best gift we have to give is our time . We pray that you are spending so time with your Read more »

Swimming Practice

Noah is enjoying his swimming practice. He is getting stronger and able to swim for long periods of time. He also love’s being in the pool. Read more »

Christmas Train ride

Over the weekend we took Noah on a Christmas train trip. Santa gets on the train and talks with each child and takes pictures. We also received hot cocoa and a cookie. They read a story and sang Christmas songs. We all enjoyed the train ride and looking forward to next years trip hopefully with a new someone to share it Read more »

My Birthday

Yesterday was my birthday. We spent some time shopping which I enjoyed spent time together with my daughter and husband and Noah. Then we had we had cake and ice cream with my parents and kids I love being able to celebrate together. Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving

We hope you have friends or family to send time with today. We had a great lunch with our family today. We are thankful for many things that the Lord has blessed us with most of all love. Read more »


Last night Santa came to the mall. Noah has been wanting to see the Santa at the mall for at least a month now. We went and stood in line to see Santa. Noah was so excited. Read more »

Swim Lesson Update

Today after pre-K Noah had swim lessons. He loves being in the water. He is working hard and we are cheering him on. Read more »

Saturday, Busy Day

Today has been a very busy day. We have had haircuts and errands and also some yard work. Not all of it was fun but work that needed to be done. Read more »

School days

It has been to cold to be outside so we are playing inside after we do school work. Noah is learning so much we are very proud of his hard work. Read more »

Having fun

Today after some pre-K school work we played outside. Noah enjoys being outside it was a nice day to be outside. Read more »

Pre-K fun

Today in pre-K Noah is learn the letter F and enjoying paint flowers and coloring fish. His favorite part of the day is playing on the playground. Read more »


Noah and I had some errands to run and he likes to see the model train at the mall. I took him to the mall to see the trains and to have a cookie. He enjoys seeing the trains. Read more »


We had fun tonight. Noah loves trick or treating. We went to some trunk or treats at church’s and or families and friends house’s. Read more »

Harvest Festival

Tonight at church we had a harvest festival. We had games for the kids to play. We also had hot dogs and chili . We had a great time of food, games and fellowship. Read more »

Rainy day

It has been a very rainy day today. So Noah and I have played many games to pass the day . We played hide and seek and pop the pig and read some books. Noah as also rode his bike around in the house to help with this rainy day. Read more »


Noah has been learning a lot in preschool. He enjoys learning and story time and of course play time. Read more »

Boo in the zoo

We ( Jerry,Elizabeth,Christine, and Betty) went with Noah to boo in the zoo. We have taken Noah every year but this year he really enjoyed seeing all the animals and all the costumes. He also was able to play a lot of the games. Read more »

The park

Today after pre-School we took Noah to the park. He enjoyed playing in the sand and on the swings and the slides. There was a lot of other kids to play with also. We enjoyed tha cooler day and time making memories together. Read more »

Amazing Swim lesson

Noah is doing really good in his swim lessons. We are very proud of the hard work he is putting in to his lessons. He is listening and trying to do what is ask of him. Read more »

Outside play

We have been outside playing today enjoying the nice weather . Noah was riding his power wheels car and he played on the swings. Read more »

Great Swim lesson

Noah had a great swim lesson. He can tread water for 30 seconds and almost swim the length of the pool. We are very proud of the progress he has made. Read more »

Waiting for you

It has been a year since we started our adoption journey. While for us the waiting is hard, we know that for you the birth mom it’s is much harder. Please know that we are praying for you and your child that you will have peace of mind and comfort with the plans that you make for your child. Read more »

Sunday Church Service

Today we had a good morning church service with our church family. Then lunch with our family. I enjoy the time we send together. Read more »

Fun in the sun

Today we have been outside enjoying this sunny day. Noah enjoyed the swings and riding in his power wheels car. Read more »

Tonight’s Swim lesson

Tonight Noah had his swim lesson. He is doing great and he was able to jump in the deep end of the pool. We are very proud of the hard work he puts in to his swimming. Read more »

Sunday Lunch

We had a great morning service at church. Then lunch with our family with good food. Overall a great Sunday with each other. Read more »


Today Noah and I had lunch with my mom. It’s great to spend time with each other. Read more »


Noah was able to try out gymnastics last night to see if he would like to be in the gymnastics class. He really enjoyed all the new things to try. He has decided to try gymnastics again next week. Read more »

Movie night

Tonight we had fun together watching a movie. Noah pick the movie Secret Life of Pets 2. We enjoyed the movie and the popcorn. Read more »

Sunday Updates

Today we had a great church service then lunch with our family. We spent the evening together we went for a walk and Noah enjoyed seeing some of the trees that the leaves had started changing colors. Read more »

Mountain vacation

Last week we sent the week in the mountains. We spent time swimming, hiking, and riding in the mountains. We enjoyed or time spent together. Read more »

Deer Farm

We took Noah to one of his favorite places today. We went to the Deer Farm. Noah enjoys feeding the goats,deer,horse,and cows. He also rode a pony. Read more »

Another Swim lesson

Noah had another swim lesson today. He has learned so much in the four lessons. He is working hard learning to swim. I enjoy watching him swim. Read more »

Time together

Today Noah and I spent the morning together enjoying or time together. We played some learning games and he also enjoyed doing some coloring and cutting work sheets. Read more »

Noah’s Birthday

Today is Noah’s Birthday! We went to Chuck E Cheese’s to celebrate his birthday. He had some much fun today . Read more »

Sunday Birthday Party

We had a great morning church service this morning. Then we had a Birthday part for Noah and my dad both have birthdays this month Read more »

Swim lessons

Noah had his second swim lessons today he tried hard to do what the swim instructor ask of him. Unfortunately we have to leave the pool early due to bad weather. Read more »

More VBS

We have still been get the church ready for VBS. We spent a lot of time getting things ready for the kids. Read more »


We have been spending our afternoons getting ready for VBS. Decorations in the church and getting the class rooms ready. Read more »


Today we celebrate July birthdays. It was great to have all our family together. Read more »

Afternoon fun

We are heading back to the pool for some pool fun. We had a great time swimming. Noah loves to jump in the pool and swim. Read more »

Busy day

Today has been incredible busy I had to finish yesterday errands today and then we had to go look at a new washer. My washer had broken again and had not worked all week and Jerry couldn’t fix it . So we had to buy a new washer. I have a weeks worth of laundry to do. I enjoy taking care of my family. Read more »


Today we had some errands to do and then an unexpected call from our oldest son. He need some help with his car. He lives about an hour and a half away from us. So we drop what we were doing and went to help. Two hour later the car was fixed. Read more »

Family fun

We spent our time with our family.We had a cookout and then we watched fireworks and also shot some fireworks. We hope you had a good day also. Read more »

Dear Birth mom

We hope you have a great holiday and that you have friends or family to spend time with today. We are praying for you. Read more »

Bike ride

Today was a busy day with errands and picking up V B S decorations . We did get a bike ride in this evening. Noah enjoyed riding in the bike cart. Read more »


We had a great church service this morning. After church we needed to get Jerry some new shoes for work so we went shoe shopping. Noah liked to try on the hats while his dad was shopping for shoes. Read more »

Day of fun

Today Noah and I went to the park. He loves to swing. Then we had lunch and went swimming. Read more »

Wild safari

Jerry, Noah, and I along with our church went to the Wild Safari. We rode on a bus to see and feed the animals. Read more »

Stone Mountain

Our church and it youths went on a trip to Stone Mountain. We rode the train and the tram to the top of the mountain. We also stayed for the laser show. Read more »

Lighting bugs

After we took care of the animals Noah want to catch lightning bugs. He had a lot fun catching lightning bugs. Read more »

Fathers Day

Today we spent time with my dad. We had lunch and laughed and talked together. We enjoyed the time together the memories made. Read more »

Fun while shopping

We needed to run a few errands today and the mall was one of our stops. I try to make time for some fun while we shop. Noah enjoys the toy trains and the rides at the mall. Read more »

Summer fun

Another fun day of swimming. We enjoy this warm weather so that we can swim and play in the pool. Read more »

Home coming Sunday

Today was homecoming at our church so I prepared so food for after church today. There was a lot of good food and some Church family that we haven’t seen since last years homecoming. Read more »

Saturday Errands

Today we had some errands to run in town. Then we cleaned the carport and front porch which gave Noah some time to play in the water. Read more »

Chuck E Cheese

Today we took Noah to Chuck E Cheese. He was very happy to be there and play the game and eat pizza. I love making him smile. Read more »

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