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The park

Today after pre-School we took Noah to the park. He enjoyed playing in the sand and on the swings and the slides. There was a lot of other kids to play with also. We enjoyed tha cooler day and time making memories together. Read more »

Swim lesson

Noah is doing really good in his swim lessons. We are very proud of the hard work he is putting in to his lessons. He is listening and trying to do what is ask of him. Read more »

Outside play

We have been outside playing today enjoying the nice weather . Noah was riding his power wheels car and he played on the swings. Read more »

Swim lessons

Noah had a great swim lesson. He can tread water for 30 seconds and almost swim the length of the pool. We are very proud of the progress he has made. Read more »

Waiting for you

It has been a year since we started our adoption journey. While for us the waiting is hard, we know that for you the birth mom it’s is much harder. Please know that we are praying for you and your child that you will have peace of mind and comfort with the plans that you make for your child. Read more »

Dear Birth Mom

I can’t put in to words how much we will love your child. I can tell you that I’m in love with him/her already. Read more »


Today we had a good morning church service with our church family. Then lunch with our family. I enjoy the time we send together. Read more »

Fun in the sun

Today we have been outside enjoying this sunny day. Noah enjoyed the swings and riding in his power wheels car. Read more »

Swim lesson

Tonight Noah had his swim lesson. He is doing great and he was able to jump in the deep end of the pool. We are very proud of the hard work he puts in to his swimming. Read more »


We had a great morning service at church. Then lunch with our family with good food. Overall a great Sunday with each other. Read more »

Swim lesson

Noah had another good swim lesson today. He is working hard at learning the right technique. Read more »


Today Noah and I had lunch with my mom. It’s great to spend time with each other. Read more »


Today we celebrated my moms birthday. Most of our family was their. We enjoyed good food and each other. Read more »


Noah was able to try out gymnastics last night to see if he would like to be in the gymnastics class. He really enjoyed all the new things to try. He has decided to try gymnastics again next week. Read more »

Movie night

Tonight we had fun together watching a movie. Noah pick the movie Secret Life of Pets 2. We enjoyed the movie and the popcorn. Read more »


Today we had a great church service then lunch with our family. We spent the evening together we went for a walk and Noah enjoyed seeing some of the trees that the leaves had started changing colors. Read more »

Mountain vacation

Last week we sent the week in the mountains. We spent time swimming, hiking, and riding in the mountains. We enjoyed or time spent together. Read more »

Deer Farm

We took Noah to one of his favorite places today. We went to the Deer Farm. Noah enjoys feeding the goats,deer,horse,and cows. He also rode a pony. Read more »

Swim lesson

Noah had another swim lesson today. He has learned so much in the four lessons. He is working hard learning to swim. I enjoy watching him swim. Read more »

Time together

Today Noah and I spent the morning together enjoying or time together. We played some learning games and he also enjoyed doing some coloring and cutting work sheets. Read more »

Noah’s Birthday

Today is Noah’s Birthday! We went to Chuck E Cheese’s to celebrate his birthday. He had some much fun today . Read more »


We had a great morning church service this morning. Then we had a Birthday part for Noah and my dad both have birthdays this month Read more »

Swim lessons

Noah had his third swim lesson today he did a great job listening and doing what he was asked to do. Read more »

Swim lessons

Noah had his second swim lessons today he tried hard to do what the swim instructor ask of him. Unfortunately we have to leave the pool early due to bad weather. Read more »

More VBS

We have still been get the church ready for VBS. We spent a lot of time getting things ready for the kids. Read more »


We have been spending our afternoons getting ready for VBS. Decorations in the church and getting the class rooms ready. Read more »


Today we celebrate July birthdays. It was great to have all our family together. Read more »

Afternoon fun

We are heading back to the pool for some pool fun. We had a great time swimming. Noah loves to jump in the pool and swim. Read more »

Busy day

Today has been incredible busy I had to finish yesterday errands today and then we had to go look at a new washer. My washer had broken again and had not worked all week and Jerry couldn’t fix it . So we had to buy a new washer. I have a weeks worth of laundry to do. I enjoy taking care of my family. Read more »


Today we had some errands to do and then an unexpected call from our oldest son. He need some help with his car. He lives about an hour and a half away from us. So we drop what we were doing and went to help. Two hour later the car was fixed. Read more »

Time together

Jerry and I took Noah back to the movies. We enjoyed the movie but Jerry and I enjoyed the time just to be together. Read more »

Summer fun

Today we went swimming at the pool. Noah enjoys swimming some much and it is a fun way to work out some of his energy. Read more »

Family fun

We spent our time with our family.We had a cookout and then we watched fireworks and also shot some fireworks. We hope you had a good day also. Read more »

Dear Birth mom

We hope you have a great holiday and that you have friends or family to spend time with today. We are praying for you. Read more »

Bike ride

Today was a busy day with errands and picking up V B S decorations . We did get a bike ride in this evening. Noah enjoyed riding in the bike cart. Read more »


We had a great church service this morning. After church we needed to get Jerry some new shoes for work so we went shoe shopping. Noah liked to try on the hats while his dad was shopping for shoes. Read more »


This Saturday has been filled with house work and yard work and also a little shopping. Read more »

Day of fun

Today Noah and I went to the park. He loves to swing. Then we had lunch and went swimming. Read more »

Wild safari

Jerry, Noah, and I along with our church went to the Wild Safari. We rode on a bus to see and feed the animals. Read more »

Stone Mountain

Our church and it youths went on a trip to Stone Mountain. We rode the train and the tram to the top of the mountain. We also stayed for the laser show. Read more »

Lighting bugs

After we took care of the animals Noah want to catch lightning bugs. He had a lot fun catching lightning bugs. Read more »

Fathers Day

Today we spent time with my dad. We had lunch and laughed and talked together. We enjoyed the time together the memories made. Read more »

Fun while shopping

We needed to run a few errands today and the mall was one of our stops. I try to make time for some fun while we shop. Noah enjoys the toy trains and the rides at the mall. Read more »

Summer fun

Another fun day of swimming. We enjoy this warm weather so that we can swim and play in the pool. Read more »


Today we went to the YMCA and played in the pool. Noah enjoyed playing in the water. Read more »

Home coming Sunday

Today was homecoming at our church so I prepared so food for after church today. There was a lot of good food and some Church family that we haven’t seen since last years homecoming. Read more »


Today we had some errands to run in town. Than we cleaned the carport and front porch which gave Noah some time to play in the water. Read more »

Chuck E Cheese

Today we took Noah to Chuck E Cheese. He was very happy to be there and play the game and eat pizza. I love making him smile. Read more »

Piano lessons

Noah started his first piano lesson yesterday. He has always enjoyed the piano and music. We just did a 10 minute lesson with him but every little bit will payoff. Read more »


We had a great time at church. Then Noah played in the creek at the church. The we went to V.B.S. He had a great time. Read more »

Sweet thoughts

Today Noah and I was shopping and seen a cute little dress, Noah said how cute mom let’s buy it. I ask for who? He said if we get a baby sister she can wear the dress mom! I thought that was very thoughtful and sweet of him. Read more »

Park fun

Today Noah and I went to the park to play. Noah enjoyed the swings and the slide. He would never leave if he had his choice. Read more »

Play time

Today Noah and some of our friends with older kids went to the church’s gym to play and run off some energy. He loves to play with the other kids. Read more »


Today Noah and I along with Christine went to the movies. We had fun and the movie was good also. Read more »

A week of fun

Last week we spent our vacation with my parents and our oldest daughter and son-in law in Florida on the beach. We spent a lot of time together playing on the beach and in the ocean. The time was well spent together. Read more »

Day out with Thomas

Today we took Noah to the train station to ride Thomas the train and Percy. Noah really loves to see and ride on the trains. Read more »

Park fun

Today we spent so time at a park. We rode on a glass bottom boat. We walk some trails and enjoy the views of the water. Read more »

Beach fun

Today we went to the fort and then to Noah to a park to play. We also swim and played in the ocean and sand. Read more »

Mother’s Day

We have spent our day with my parents and our daughter for mother’s day. We are having a great day together. Read more »


This morning we awake to no power. I’m thankful for the light on the cell phone to help get dressed and help see our breakfast. The rain and clouds make the morning not very bright. Not having power this morning has made for a very quiet morning. Read more »

Fun playing

Today I have spent my day just playing with Noah we have played some games and played outside. I enjoy spending time with him. Read more »


Today we had somethings to do in town. Noah got a haircut and we did a little grocery shopping and then had lunch. Read more »

Graduation Day

Today our Charlie graduates from High School. We had a party and enjoyed food and fellowship with family and friends.We are very proud of him. Read more »

High school graduation

Tonight we are get ready for Charlie’s high school graduation. I can’t believe he is already graduating it seems like yesterday that he was a baby and now he is a grown man. How time flies. Read more »


Noah likes to have some fun while we do the shopping. He also likes to get a cookie from the mall. Read more »

Gardening Season

We are now planting the plants and seeds in our garden. Teaching Noah how to garden but of course he likes to dig in the dirt. Read more »

Egg hunt

Today our church had a meal and egg hunt for the kids. We enjoyed fellowship with our church family. Noah enjoyed hunting eggs. Read more »

Easter weekend

Today we are getting ready for the Easter holiday. We will have a egg hunt at our church. Then Easter meal at our house on Sunday. Read more »

Easter train

Noah’s love for trains often take us for fun outings on the trains. Saturday we took Noah on an Easter train ride. He also was able to play games, hunt egg, and see the train on the turn table. We had a great time. Read more »


Today we enjoyed some time together playing with Noah and then some yard work. Read more »


I was doing some pictures of Charlie for high school graduation and Noah need some pictures of him also. Which of course we didn’t mind. Read more »


We had a great church service this morning and a meal after church. Then we played outside with Noah. It’s been a beautiful day. Read more »

Shopping fun

Today we went to our local Co-Op store. They have baby chicks and rabbits. Noah was thrilled to see them. He spent most of the time in the store looking at all of them . Read more »

Family time

Tonight we had the great time with most of the family at our home for super and cake for a birthday. We had a great time laughing and talking together. Read more »


Today we have spent some time getting the seeds ready for the garden and getting the ground ready for the growing season. Read more »

Play time

Today was Noah’s day and time to learn while playing. Today’s letter was R so we played games and learned the letter and sound of R. Then we had lunch with his cousin and Noah had more fun playing at the park after lunch. Read more »

Dear birth mom

Today is six months that we started with this website and our adoption journey . For us the waiting is hard but I know for you the decision is even harder. We pray for you many times every day. Read more »


Today has been a nice sunny day so we had a small picnic. Noah enjoyed his yogurt picnic. Read more »

Big brother

Noah is always looking at baby’s when we are out in town and on TV and he can’t wait to be a big brother. We have talked with him about how he can help with a baby by getting diapers and blankets. I have also watched some baby’s so that he knows how to be gentle with them. Noah also ask on a regular basis when is he Read more »


This morning at breakfast Noah was at the table while I was fixing his food and he ask if he could have a baby. It was a sweet moment. So as we prayed over our food we ask for the blessings of a baby. Read more »


We had a good morning church and lunch with the family. Then back at church tonight. Read more »

Spring day

Today has been a beautiful spring day. We have played outside enjoying the sunshine. Read more »


As we are preparing and are wanting for a birthmom to choose us I want you to see one of the little onesies we picked out for a baby. Read more »

Beautiful day

We had a beautiful day the sun was shining and it was warm. We played outside and had a few thing to do in town Read more »

Warm day

Today was a really nice day.We played outside. Noah was able to ride in his car. Lots of fun was had today. Read more »


I found this little gown and want it so our little blessing could ware it. I want her/him to know how much you love her/him and how much we love her/him. Read more »

Outside time

Today I started teaching Noah how to play baseball. He liked to hit the ball off the tee but also like to go get the ball after he hit it. He finally understand what he was doing. Then we enjoyed some play time his way jumping on the trampoline and playing on the playground. He loves to play outside. Read more »

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