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Erin and George met almost 8 years ago at work and have two daughters; Annabelle, 6 and Kaitlyn, 12. We live in Pennsylvania, but are willing to travel for adoption. In 2015 I was a surrogate for a sweet family who couldn't carry and had lost a couple babies. It was such an amazing gift to be able to give someone. We got married in August, 2017 in Scotland and it was such an amazing, once-in-a-lifetime trip. Our two daughters and our family were there to help celebrate and we were just ecstatic. After the wedding, we stayed in Europe for a short honeymoon and it was a dream! We wanted to have another baby as soon as possible and got pregnant right away. Unfortunately it was a rare form of ectopic pregnancy and in October, my uterus ruptured and I almost died (they had to remove my uterus and left ovary). It has been an extremely difficult recovery, but I’m finally getting back to a normal routine and my normal activity level. We’ve both always wanted to adopt, so this must be the right time!



Erin is a loving mother, generous person, nature lover and healer. She's been working as a midwife for a couple years, but is getting her nurse practitioner degree so that she can help care for the entire family. She loves animals, volunteers at a couple shelters and by fostering kittens. Erin is active and loves being outdoors, especially with her family on hiking trips and nature walks. She is a passionate mother, longing to have another baby to shower with love!


George is a wonderful father who loves having fun with the girls. Playing with Legos, running around outside, reading to Annabelle and playing board games are his favorite ways to spend family time. He works from home often, so gets to see his family more than most dads, which is very important to him. George enjoys traveling, reading and eating ethnic foods (especially Indian and Thai!). He cannot wait to have a son and welcome that new baby into our family!


Kaitlyn is 12 and loves spending time with friends, family and playing with Annabelle. She loves to read, sing and does gymnastics every week. She enjoys playing games like Exploding Kittens, Catan and Tokaido. Kaitlyn loves anything Harry Potter and is excited to see her new little brother in the Harry Potter diaper she helped pick out!


Annabelle is a sweet, intelligent 6 year old who loves babies and animals. She especially loves cats and helped to name our first adopted kitty, Zanzibar (Zanzibar Buck Buck McFate), named after a Dr Seuss character. She has wanted a baby for a very long time and was very upset last October when we lost the baby. She asks often when we can adopt a little brother and even promised she'll change some diapers!

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We have a single family home that's about 2,400sqft and a large yard with a swing set, back deck, tree hammock and garden. We love being outside and often eat dinner on the back deck, then play games or frisbee out back. We have a bit more space than we need now, but it's nice to have a dining room for when friends and family come over. The girls have a play room as well.

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Erin & George

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