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Christa & Wayne

Our child will have a home filled with love, laughter, security, silliness, hugs, bedtime stories and furry pets.

Dear Special Birth Mother,

We really appreciate you considering our family for your baby and we hope this page will help you learn about us and the life and love we have wanted to share with a child for so long. And we hope to have the opportunity to learn about you too! We know that you are making a tremendous, thoughtful, and emotion filled decision for both you and your baby. We have great respect for you and hope that you find ease and peace in whatever decision you make.

Our best wishes to you,
Christa & Wayne

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Who We Are

We are both from the Midwest and met while students at Indiana University. Go Hoosiers! A mutual friend brought Wayne to see a play Christa, a theatre major, was performing in. Christa was smitten right away by this tall guy with wavy hair and a mischievous grin.

After graduation Wayne went off to Germany and Christa to Chicago. We reconnected nine years later when our dear friend who introduced us tragically passed away. Wayne was now living in the Catskill Mountains of New York and we visited each other for several years and wrote long emails before realizing that it was time to be in the same zip code!

Christa took the plunge and traded in the Chicago Bears for Black Bears and moved to be with Wayne. We held our wedding on the campus of Indiana University where we first met surrounded by the ones we love and lit a candle in honor of our dear friend who brought us together. Wayne’s father (a pastor) officiated the wedding. We have now been married for 10 years!

We have a sweet home in the mountains with lots of land to explore and a very close circle of friends who are so excited for us to adopt a baby.

Christa is an actor and producer and gets to work from home (sometime in her PJs), producing corporate events and videos, independent films, and documentaries. As a professional actor her big love is theatre and she is an ensemble member of a theatre company that along with producing shows, also works in high schools with anti-bullying workshops and has a wonderful summer youth workshop for kids. Wayne is a senior software engineer developing mobile applications and database-driven web sites. Wayne enjoys being a mentor to the young interns who work in his office. He also has the flexibility of often working from home, usually with a cat curled up next to his computer.

Together we enjoy cooking and exploring the area...taking back roads just to see where they go. And we can not wait to take family trips with our child. We both have great memories of family vacations and we can't wait to pack up the car and head around the US to see the sights and show our child national parks, historic sights, oceans, small towns, big cities, regional foods and fun oddities on the way. Christmas we will be back in the Midwest to visit our families and summers will be visiting friends in Chicago or Wayne's extended family in Florida and spending days on the beach. We plan to put a lot of miles on our car and always stay at a motel with a pool!

Christa especially loves holidays and always tries to do something to make them special whether it be an Easter egg hunt for her friend's kids or making Irish Brown Bread and Fish Chowder for friends on St Patrick's Day. She loves wrapping presents and sending out cards at Christmas and grilling (Wayne's specialty) on the patio for the 4th of July. She admittedly can go overboard sometimes, as Wayne watches her bounce around the house getting ready for a holiday or event! We can't wait to plan birthday parties for our child and bake his or her favorite cake. Christa staying up late sewing a costume (just like her Mom did) and carving pumpkins and going on local hay rides at Halloween. And there will be lots of fun frosting heart shaped cookies at Valentine's Day. We plan to make holidays a special time for our child and create great memories for him or her.

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We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Christa & Wayne

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Christa & Wayne