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Concert Fun!

Sitting outside waiting for an outdoor concert to begin at the Kennedy Center! We can’t wait to enjoy the fun of music with a little one! Read more »

Rooftop Views

Here we are on that same Kennedy Center roof where we celebrated Chris’ birthday. It’s a great place to gather and enjoy friends and family! Read more »

Birthday Celebrations

Happy birthday to Chris! We had so much fun celebrating with friends on the rooftop at the Kennedy Center. You can see the Washington Monument in the background! Read more »

Baby Shark (Hats)

Being silly at a baseball game with our shark hats! One of the player’s walkup song is Baby Shark, and it’s become a thing. Read more »

City Views

Talk about a view! Tried to capture the beauty of Budapest. We are so fortunate for the opportunity to travel around the world. Read more »

Traveling for Work

I went to Germany for work, but who says work trips can’t be fun? Boating on the Danube was a highlight of the trip. Read more »

Snaggin’ Desserts

Here’s our sweet cousin in-law waiting for dessert at a family gathering! We love seeing family and friends, and dessert time is the best part of the evening for both kids and adults! Read more »

Star Wars Day

Star Wars day at the Kennedy Center for the Performing Arts! We love getting out of the house and going to fun events. Read more »

Easter Fun!

Here is a picture of last years Easter table. We love getting together with family and look forward to many celebrations with a future baby! Read more »

Dog cuddles!

Hanging out with the dog (Freddy) on the couch! He’s not as excited about this photo as I am :) Read more »

World travels

Here we are visiting the Western Wall in Jerusalem on vacation with friends. Fun trip with beautiful sights! Read more »


Here’s a view of the beautiful beach on our recent vacation. We love to see new places and can’t wait for the day when we can take a little traveler along with us! Read more »

Happy Thanksgiving!

We are blessed to be spending the next few days with our families and friends. We hope you too are surrounded by love, peace, and family. Read more »

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Frank and Chris

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Frank and Chris