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To Someone Special,

We are honored that you are reading our letter as you start making your adoption plan.
We know there is so much to think about and consider throughout this whole
experience. It can be emotional for us, so we can imagine it has been for you too. Our
hope is that we can find a nice person to go through this experience with. Someone we
are committed to helping every step along the way.

We are incredibly close. We have been together for ten years so we know everything
about each other and we are best friends. We believe in love, honesty, and laughter.
We stay extremely close to our extended family. We all speak to each other on a nearly
daily basis and FaceTime those who aren't near. Most of our vacations are spent going
home to the Midwest to see our families and reconnect with them. Our Christmas
celebrations are some of the most joyous gatherings you'll ever see. We even have an
annual Christmas pageant. We hope to add another angel today cast next year! We
love going to theater, live music and sporting events. Most days we just love being at
home spending time with each other watching movies, talking, or reading. Gerold is very
excited to begin reading the Harry Potter series to a little one.

We believe in giving a child an abundance of love and ample structure. We both came
from households that were full of happiness which was maintained by rules and an
expectation that we worked hard and made the most of our lives at school. We have
watched our brother and sister in law raise our niece and nephew and if we can be even
a fraction of the wonderful parents they are, we will be set. We want to raise a happy
child who treats the world with respect.

We are so honored that you are considering us in your adoption plan. There's nothing
else we want more in the world than to give your child a wonderful life and to ensure his
or her happiness. We have a tremendous amount of respect for you for choosing an
adoption plan and we hope that you see in us two loving people committed to giving
your child an incredible home.

Much Appreciation,

Gerold & Rory

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Who We Are

A little about us! We met in New York City in 2008 and quickly realized we wanted to
start a life together. We both came from large Midwest families and similar backgrounds
and knew that we wanted to have a child one day. It has always been our most
important goal. Our families mean everything to us and we are so excited to add
another branch to our loving family tree.

Adoption Diary

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Gerold & Rory

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Gerold & Rory