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Amanda & Derrick
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We are a fun & stable couple that is so excited to adopt!

Even though we find it odd to try to market ourselves as parents over the internet, we are thankful for this opportunity to use technology to make the connection process easier. Our goal is to create a transparent and trusting relationship with a birth mother. We think it’s incredible that you are choosing to make an adoption plan for your child, and we genuinely can't wait to learn more about you!!

We are fortunate that we both have deep connections with family and friends who have supported us and continue to support us. We are lucky that we found each other and are the better for it. Like everyone, we both have our weaknesses, but our strengths really offset each other’s imperfections.

We hope our profile gives you a good idea of our backgrounds, personalities, and what kind of parents we will be. We are open to either gender, any race, and any location (within the US). We’re very excited to add a child to make our family complete!

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Who We Are

We met through mutual friends at a local festival. We both had a pretty good idea of who we were and what we wanted out of a relationship, but being with each other exceeded our expectations. We not only learned about each other, but also about ourselves - we were better together.

After dating for about 1.5 years, we talked about getting engaged. We got married about 10 months later, on January 13, 2018 in a great celebration with all our friends and family!

We have one cat (Po) and one dog (Gunner). We love them both dearly and they bring a lot of joy into our lives. In our free time we like to try new recipes, work on projects on the house or yard, go camping, spend time with friends and family, and watch movies or shows together. We try to live simply, stay productive, and appreciate the things that really matter.

We value eating local, humane, and sustainable food when we can and go to the farmer's market throughout the year. Although we do go out sometimes because Madison has excellent restaurants, the large majority of the time we cook at home and eat at the table together. As we've learned more about environmental concerns, we have tried to make some simple lifestyle changes, which has been really fun! We started composting, using reusable napkins and bags, and shopping in bulk. We think it will be good for our children to learn to value nature and do what they can for the greater good.

We talked about all the different options of having children, whether through birth, adoption, or fostering, before we were even engaged. We decided that we were interested in all these options and would pursue whichever opportunities opened to us. We first started the process to be foster parents, then learned that our community already had more foster parents waiting than children being placed (which I think says something good about our community!). After experiencing two failed (ectopic) pregnancies, we started the homestudy process to adopt. During that time, we found out that getting pregnant would never be an option for us due to a uterine abnormality. We were happy that we had already started the homestudy process, and were excited to move forward with adoption!

You may be getting these same lines from everyone on here, but we never really saw adoption as a “plan B.” We always viewed it as one of many options – we were open to having both biological and adoptive children if we could. Many people experience grief through infertility, but we are very thankful for a lot of things. We are thankful we were able to find out our infertility cause earlier than most. We are thankful that we live in a time and place that has access to the medical care we needed. And we are thankful for our lives in general - that we have a solid marriage, a cozy home, a great circle of family and friends, wonderful pets, and overall good health. We don’t see this as a road block, rather as a fork in the road.

If you choose us to be the adoptive parents of your baby, he or she will become a part of a fun, loving, and stable family. You will always be an important part of our lives. As your baby grows up, we will encourage his or her inquisitiveness, embracing both biological and adoptive backgrounds. If your baby will be a different race than us, we look forward to having open and honest conversations with you about race and topics that may affect our future multi-racial family. We are open to seeking out new connections and opportunities in our community that are more racially diverse.

Our main values that we hope to pass down to our children are being humble, honest, and respectful. We strongly believe in leading by example.

Adoption Diary

Babysitting for our friends

Everyone once in a while we babysit for our friends who live near us. Today Amanda gets to babysit all day! We have so many friends that have babies and/or babies on the way. We are thankful that we are able to learn a lot from them and ask them questions. Our future child certainly won’t be lonely!

Downtown Madison

We love Madison- it’s such an amazing little city full of art and culture. We are a quick drive around the lake to get downtown for shows, the farmers market, festivals, museums, and local restaurants and shopping.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Amanda & Derrick

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Amanda & Derrick