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Our Friends

We share a group of eclectic and extremely loyal friends. We have helped each other through life’s ups and downs time and again. Our friends are like family to us, and they are all excited to be “aunts and uncles”! Read more »

Issac’s Family

Isaac also has a great relationship with his family. His parents live in New York while his sister and her boyfriend live in Chicago. He also has extended family in Oregon and Massachusetts. His family keeps in touch regularly by phone and email and try to get together at least one a year. Read more »

Julie’s Family

Although Julie’s beloved mom and dad passed away in 2008, she enjoys a wonderful relationship with everyone in her family. She has aunts, uncles and cousins all over the country, but she is very close to her little sister, and her husband and daughter, who live here in Texas. Read more »

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Julie & Isaac

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Julie & Isaac