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The longest summer

Someone once told me (Sarah) that I was the calmest person they ever met. It doesn’t always feel that way to me! Especially recently, as Coronavirus has affected our lives in so many ways. This has been a tough year for everyone we know and hard on us too. But we’re healthy, and we know we’re lucky in a lot of ways too.

Our families are also okay and these days we talk to them all the time. We’ve been reading (acting?) the Mary Poppins Returns movie script over video with our nephew in Virginia for the last few weeks (he refuses to let us sing the songs), and have family game nights with Jeremy’s brothers in California and New Mexico all the time. It’s really helped us to get through this and feel like life is a little bit normal!

And we’re no stranger to patience and keeping our hopes up. Trying to start our own family through infertility treatments and then adoption has been a long process over many years now that has requires a ton of strength, humor, and acceptance of things that are not really in our control. Not knowing has been pretty tough to live with at times, but we haven’t given up. So maybe I do have more patience than some?

We’re completely committed to adopting a child and really hope it can happen this year. We’re open to almost any scenario, and just hope that worries about travel restrictions or other concerns won’t hold anyone back from contacting us. And we hope you, whoever is reading this, can find a way to feel safe and hopeful and not isolated right now too. Maybe we can be each other’s lights in the dark.

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