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Our Story

We met, married, and live our life in New York City, our adopted home! We found each other by coincidence on a night out, and a few weeks later we were on a first date. Fifteen years later, here we are. It has always felt like more than a coincidence that we met at the right place and right time. Lucky us.

Since then, we've been busy having adventures, working hard, following our dreams, and building a community of friends from around the world. In our relationship, we respect each other's space and ideas, and listen to each other. We make decisions together and try to think about the best interests of both. In Jeremy's goal to be a professional artist, and Sarah's passion for helping newcomers to the U.S., and our shared desire to have a family, we would (and do) jump through hoops to support each other.

At home together, we often watch movies, make meals, and just talk. But we love to get out and try new foods, visit art galleries, and just walk around our city. Sarah’s more of a homebody and Jeremy likes to be out and about, so we mix it up. We also like to take road trips to the beach or to visit friends and family nearby. And in the last few years, we've been very lucky to travel to Mexico, Norway, Panama, Ireland, and around the U.S.

Since getting married, we have been preparing to start a family. After four years of fertility treatments, we both feel that adoption is absolutely the right choice for us. In our dreams of making a family, we've been through a lot, and depended on deep mutual trust to get through it. We both feel capable and ready to provide a loving, encouraging, and stable family for a child to grow up in, and can't wait for the opportunity.

"I would describe Sarah and Jeremy as patient, generous and resilient - qualities I know to be essential to parenting." - Megan, longtime friend

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home We live in a comfortable apartment in a diverse, energetic neighborhood in Brooklyn, full of interesting things for kids and families to do. Our home is near a dozen parks and playgrounds, with a library, good schools, and a YMCA in walking distance. We love our neighborhood and want to raise a family here! We can also hop on the subway or get in our car and get to the natural history museum, the beach, or the woods in under an hour.

We've worked hard to make a home that's full of warmth, life, and fun. Jeremy has many artist friends who have given us art, so our walls are full (plus some one-of-a-kind art from our nephew Charlie). And Sarah’s plants are taking over almost every surface. There is usually something cooking in the kitchen and music or a movie playing; our cat Sylvie sleeps through it all. Our apartment is our own little corner and we love it.

Our friend Jessie says: "When we visit their home, plants are growing, art and books line the walls and there is always something to eat. They are kind and generous people who have built a strong community around them."

About Sarah

adoptive family photo - Sarah Sarah came to NYC after growing up in Indiana, drawn to the diverse, vibrant big city life. She has worked in the same nonprofit for 8 years helping New Yorkers to improve their quality of life, and is driven by her desire to help people. The values that drive her every day include fairness, empathy, working hard, and humor.

Favorite food: Macaroni and Cheese, always and forever!
Hobbies: Cooking, making beauty products, traveling
Dream vacation: Cottage on the coast of Ireland
Favorite Movie: Shaun of the Dead
Greatest Fear: Heights!

Jeremy on Sarah:
Sarah is universally admired for her kindness and concern for others, she’s never been wanting for friends. She’s funny when she wants to be, but also a very good listener and serious companion in hard times. She’s my favorite person and I feel incredibly lucky to have her as my life partner.

About Jeremy

adoptive family photo - Jeremy Jeremy has built a career in the arts and in the field of photography. He moved to New York after growing up in Colorado and Arizona - he loved the city energy and the arts scene. After getting a Master’s in Fine Art with a focus on painting about ten years ago, he has kept art as a part of his daily life. His work in the photography industry pays the bills, and gives him a flexible schedule.

His free time is spent painting, sculpting, and making videos in his art studio. He also loves music, indoor climbing, and reads about a book a week.

Sarah on Jeremy:

If someone were to ask me what my favorite thing about Jeremy is, the first thing that comes to mind is his laugh and how he makes me feel about myself. He’s not superficial in any way; so I know that when he laughs at my jokes, he’s not just doing it to make me feel better. I earned it; and Jeremy’s laugh feels like a million bucks to me.

But digging deeper, there are many things I love about him. When we’re with friends or family, Jeremy is never the loudest guy in the room - but when he speaks, people listen. He is thoughtful and intelligent, and people trust him. He is also loyal to a fault. His best friends from 20 years ago are still among his best friends now - and we see some of them every week. This loyalty is one of the things that drew me to him. He puts a ton of heart into his friendships and loves people fiercely. Jeremy also lives a creative life. He has an art studio and is always ready to explore a museum. He makes our life together interesting and vibrant. I couldn’t ask for a better partner.

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Sarah + Jeremy

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