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Sarah + Jeremy
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Creative, fun-loving Brooklyn couple ready to welcome a child!

Hi there,

As you’re thinking about your future and your child’s future, we’re so grateful for the chance to share some information about us, our home, and our hopes for raising a child through adoption. Thanks for taking a few minutes to get to know us!

We’re Jeremy and Sarah. We live in Brooklyn, New York - we met here years ago on a night out, when Sarah made sure Jeremy didn’t leave without her phone number. Since that first chance meeting, we’ve been navigating the world together ever since. After all this time, we haven’t changed much: Sarah still cracks awkward Dad jokes (which she assumes must be funny at least sometimes), and Jeremy still rocks a black band t-shirt 90% of the time.

We rely on trust, honesty, and unfailing support of each other’s dreams and goals to keep our relationship strong. Jeremy works as a photo editor, but his true calling is art. His paintings, sculptures, photos, and videos have been in 3 gallery shows this year. And Sarah works at a community-based nonprofit in New York. Jeremy’s art and Sarah’s passion for equality and helping people are part of who we are and what we love about each other. Our careers have also fortunately given us financial stability.

Our apartment is a cozy two-bedroom in a diverse neighborhood, where we’ve been for over a decade. In a walk around the neighborhood, we pass by brownstone houses and big apartment buildings, an ice cream shop, an Italian deli, several playgrounds, a police station, and an elementary school. There are good child care options in the area for the future, too. A big, leafy tree outside our front window gives us shade in the summer from our top-floor apartment in a three-story building.

The vibe in our home is pretty laid back, filled with a lot of color, books, plants, and a little mess here and there - especially in the kitchen, where Sarah is usually cooking something. We’ve been in this apartment for many big moments - like Jeremy kneeling in the hallway with an engagement ring, and Hurricane Sandy raging outside. And also a lot of small ones, like binge-watching Game of Thrones and cooking Indian food for dinner with friends. It’s home - and we’re eager to make more family memories here.

Our families are very close-knit, even though we aren’t all together very often. Sarah’s parents still live in her childhood home in Indiana, and her brother is in Virginia. Jeremy’s dad and step-mom live in Colorado, and his brothers are in California and New Mexico. We have three little nephews who we love to play with when we see them! And here in Brooklyn, we have a super close network of people we love. Our weekends often include the playground with friends and their kids, picnics, game nights, and FaceTime with our nephews. As we’ve shared our adoption hopes with close friends and family this year, we’ve been pretty overwhelmed by the positive encouragement we’ve gotten from every corner.

Nearly five years after first trying to start a family, and many failed fertility treatments, we were at a crossroads. We took time to think about the future of our family, and both came back to the same spot: Adoption. We know this is the best and most natural choice for us, and that we can meet the needs of a child to make them always feel safe, loved, and a seamless fit in our family. We’re really ready to expand our team of two to three.

We are so respectful of the difficult choice you’re considering, and understand how important it is to you to feel good about finding the right fit. That’s what we want, too. Hopefully this letter gives you a sense of who we are and why we want to share our lives with a child. A child in our home will be raised to value kindness, equality, knowledge, humor, and creativity. We want to give them plenty of opportunities to learn, explore the world, and become a confident and thoughtful person. And we plan to stay connected with the woman who brings that child into the world and chooses our family.

Thanks for your time,

Sarah & Jeremy

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Who We Are

We met, married, and live our life in New York City, our adopted home! We found each other by coincidence on a night out, and a few weeks later we were on a first date. Fifteen years later, here we are. It has always felt like more than a coincidence that we met at the right place and right time. Lucky us.

Since then, we've been busy having adventures, working hard, following our dreams, and building a community of friends from around the world. In our relationship, we respect each other's space and ideas, and listen to each other. We make decisions together and try to think about the best interests of both. In Jeremy's goal to be a professional artist, and Sarah's passion for helping newcomers to the U.S., and our shared desire to have a family, we would (and do) jump through hoops to support each other.

At home together, we often watch movies, make meals, and just talk. But we love to get out and try new foods, visit art galleries, and just walk around our city. Sarah’s more of a homebody and Jeremy likes to be out and about, so we mix it up. We also like to take road trips to the beach or to visit friends and family nearby. And in the last few years, we've been very lucky to travel to Mexico, Norway, Panama, Ireland, and around the U.S.

Since getting married, we have been preparing to start a family. After four years of fertility treatments, we both feel that adoption is absolutely the right choice for us. In our dreams of making a family, we've been through a lot, and depended on deep mutual trust to get through it. We both feel capable and ready to provide a loving, encouraging, and stable family for a child to grow up in, and can't wait for the opportunity.

"I would describe Sarah and Jeremy as patient, generous and resilient - qualities I know to be essential to parenting." - Megan, longtime friend

Adoption Diary


It’s finally time to break out the sweaters and slippers around here! 2018 has felt like the longest year ever, and yet it still feels like fall just snuck up on us.

When we look back on this year, 2018 will be remembered as the year we started the adoption process. The thinking and planning started before this year, but this is the year we met our lawyer, did a pile of paperwork and research, got legally approved, and started putting ourselves out there (here). It has been tough at times; but for me it’s easy to take the next step in the process when I think about the future, and what it’s all for. And when I think about the fact that we have done so much work this year, yes - it’s flown by.

We still have a long way to go, and challenges ahead. I know there is someone out there considering a hard decision right now, and I think a lot about her, whoever she is. I hope she’s okay and she finds us soon.  In the meantime, I’ll just be hanging out here wearing these slippers, trying to share a little bit more about us on this blog, and cooking a lot of crock pot chili!


Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Sarah + Jeremy

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Sarah + Jeremy