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Sarah + Jeremy

Creative, fun-loving Brooklyn couple ready to welcome a child

Hi there,

As you’re thinking about your future and your child’s future, thanks for giving us a chance to share a little bit about ourselves, our home, and our hopes for raising a child through adoption.

We’ve been trying to start our family for a long time - and this point, adopting a newborn feels like the best and most natural choice for us. We know we can meet the needs of a child to make them always feel safe, loved, and a seamless fit in our family. And we’re really ready to expand our team of two to three. Or four - we’re open to twins.

We’re a team, and we’re best friends - but we are our own people too of course. Jeremy’s art career and Sarah’s passion for equality are part of who we are and what we love about each other - and trust, honesty, and unfailing support make us who we are as a couple. Our relationship and our family comes first.

A child in our home will be raised to value kindness, equality, knowledge, humor, and creativity. We’ll help them to learn, explore the world, and become a confident, healthy, and thoughtful person. And we hope to stay connected with the woman or couple who brings that child into the world and chooses our family. We’re so respectful of the choice you’re considering, and it’s really important to us that you feel good about finding the right fit. That’s what we want, too.

Thanks for your time… if you want to know more, please email, text, or call us to talk.

Sarah & Jeremy

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Who We Are

We met, married, and live our life in New York City, our adopted home! We found each other by coincidence on a night out, and a few weeks later we were on a first date. Years later, here we still are. We work well because we have a similar approach to life that's based on being happy with what we have, being calm and laid back in general - and we accept each others' flaws as much as support each others' dreams. It has always felt like more than a coincidence that we met at the right place and right time.

Since the beginning, we've been busy having adventures, working hard, following our dreams, and building a community of friends from around the world. In our relationship, we respect each other's space and ideas, and listen to each other. We make decisions together and try to think about the best interests of both. In Jeremy's goal to be a professional artist, and Sarah's passion for helping newcomers to the U.S., and our shared desire to have a family, we would (and do) jump through hoops to support each other.

At home together, we often watch movies, make meals, and just talk. But we love to get out and try new foods, visit art galleries, and just walk around our city. Sarah’s more of a homebody and Jeremy likes to be out and about, so we mix it up. We also like to take road trips to the beach in Brooklyn or to visit friends and family nearby or further afield.

Since getting married, we have been preparing to start a family. After four years of fertility treatments, we both feel that adoption is absolutely the right choice for us. In our dreams of making a family, we've been through a lot, and depended on deep mutual trust to get through it. We both feel capable and ready to provide a loving, encouraging, and stable family for a child to grow up in, and can't wait for the opportunity.

"I would describe Sarah and Jeremy as patient, generous and resilient - qualities I know to be essential to parenting." - Megan, longtime friend

Adoption Diary

Wildflowers don’t care where they grow

One of the greatest things about living in a city like New York is the fact that we stumble onto amazing surprises around almost every corner. Today while running an errand, we found a rooftop wildflower garden, full of flowers and butterflies - in true Brooklyn style, overlooking a sewage plant on one side and the Manhattan skyline on the other!

Life in New York can be wild and weird and it has its challenges like anywhere - but we love it, sewage treatment plants, wildflowers and all.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Sarah + Jeremy

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Sarah + Jeremy