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Tom and Dana


Tom and Dana
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We’re Tom, Dana, and Luke. Thank you for taking the time to learn about us!

Every night when we sit down to dinner, we raise our glasses and say, “CHEERS TO FAMILY!” and we appreciate you reading about ours. We hope this information here will provide you with a snapshot of us, the kinds of people we are, the fun we have together, and most important, the life that we would provide your child.

We are only starting to know one another, but we want say how brave and strong we know you are for putting your child first. We appreciate the effort you are taking in finding the right fit for you and your child. Adoption has always been a part of our plans for growing our family, and we’re honored you’re considering us.

We want to give you peace of mind in knowing that we will provide a warm, safe, and nurturing home for your child, and hope you are able to choose us. We pledge to you that we will love your child unconditionally, and support them in all they do. We will provide a home that celebrates who they are and honors your courageous act. They will be part of a family where laughter is abundant, hugs are always available, and love is endless.

If there’s anything in this profile that resonates with you even a little, we’d love to chat with you to tell you more about us and learn about you. We wish you luck and offer prayers as you go through this process, knowing whatever you decide will be the very best outcome for you and your child.

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Who We Are

Our story began fourteen years ago when we met at a friend’s BBQ. After several good conversations, we realized that we loved the same things—being outdoors, exploring new places and foods, and traveling. Five years later, we were married a block away from where we got engaged.

We have always believed that we’ll have the children we’re meant to have whether that’s through biology or adoption. In 2013, we were lucky enough to have our son, Luke. Our dream is to grow our family even more through adoption.

Luke is an energetic five-year old, who cannot wait to be a big brother. He’s a funny, independent kid, who loves to tell jokes, play with Legos, cuddle with his dogs, and build things with his dad. He’s begun making his own plans for a brother or sister, whom he loving calls “Dory Pumpkin.” When asked what he wants to do with his younger sibling, he loudly cheers, “Everything!”

We are proud of the family we’ve created, which is centered on love, togetherness, community, and faith. We can’t wait to bring in a new little one into our family to teach them about these values. We know the joy finding something you love can bring, and therefore continuously explore as a family, experiencing new places, foods, and activities. We want our children to find whatever it may be that they love, whether that’s karate, knitting, drawing, basketball, or cooking. We’ll be there cheering them on, wearing ugly sweaters and catching their foul balls.

Adoption Diary

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Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Tom and Dana

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Tom and Dana