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Patrick & Heather

Family of Four...and Hopefully More

In this picture we look like a perfectly complete family of four. But in our hearts, we are not complete without another little love (or two). Patrick is from Ireland and we are both from big, loving families. Our goal is to create a home like those we grew up in -- full of laughter, love and unbreakable sibling bonds.

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Who We Are

Patrick, who is from Ireland, came to Pittsburgh for a college study abroad program. He fell in love with the city and got very involved in the local Irish community. When I came back to Pittsburgh (from Manhattan) Patrick had been living in my hometown for 15 years.

We officially met on, but came to find out that we had approximately 100 people in common who, presumably, would have introduced us to each other (offline) at some point.

My grandparents also immigrated to Pittsburgh from Ireland, and had helped found the Irish community that Patrick was now a part of. On our first date, we figured out that Patrick played on the same Irish football team my grandfather played on and attended events at the Irish Center that my grandfather helped build. The ways our lives already overlapped and connected was almost eerie, and we joked that this is what an arranged marriage must feel like.

Meeting Patrick felt like coming home (literally). Three dates in, we both knew that this was our forever.

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Our Home

We are not precious about things, and we strive to make our home cozy and comfortable for our kids. The cushions on our couches are for building pillow forts, and our kitchen island is for mixing up pumpkin muffins with the kids.

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Patrick & Heather