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Dan and Simona


Dan and Simona
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To Someone Special, we are excited and grateful that you may consider us as adoptive parents to your child.

Hello and Ciao! We are Dan and Simona. We are an Italian-American couple – Simona is from Italy, Dan from the U.S. – living and working in New York City. It is our dream to become parents through adoption.

We hope you will take a few minutes to learn more about us and all that we have to offer to a child. We hope you will see the love we have for each other and for our dog Ugo (our furry baby). We love being a family, doing things together, walking in the park, visiting the beach or the zoo and we can not wait to have a baby to share these things with. We both have flexible jobs and Simona works from home which makes our situation ideal to raise a child. Also, we have families and friends who support us and can not wait to share this adventure with us.

A big part of our bond as a couple is we are both very sensitive people. Yes, we cry at shows like “This Is Us,” but it’s deeper than that. We have each dealt with a lot of hardship in our lives. And that’s made us very empathetic and protective – not just of each other, but of the vulnerable among us. We get gooey inside when we see cute babies on the street. And we get angry when see pictures of abused dogs in the paper. So when we started getting serious as a couple, we knew early on and deep down that we wanted to have a child to care for. We had so much love to give!

We also knew early on that, because we found each other later in life, that adoption was the best option for us. Since then, we have been moved by all the amazing stories we have heard from our friends and colleagues who have adopted. One that was especially touching: a couple in Washington who went to an orphanage to adopt a child. . . and then went back for a second. . . and ended up with a family of five. Those stories helped us appreciate the special joy and meaning that comes from making this choice. And they made us even more sure that adoption was the right path for our family. So here we are!

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Who We Are

We met online but in a time when there was no Tinder, so no swiping! We had our first date in April of 2013 at a Korean restaurant near Dan’s place downtown in the Flatiron District. Exactly three years later we got engaged at the dog park next door, with our dog Ugo delivering the ring.

In between, we went on many journeys, but the most important ones brought us closer together. We discovered how much fun we could have together just watching our dog run and play. . . and how much comfort we could bring each in moments of pain and disappointment. We took our time, but we ended up exactly where we wanted – with the love and friendship we had been waiting for.

In raising a child we value education above all things. With us you can be sure your child will have the opportunity to have the best possible education. We both have a strong sense of morality and family values and this is what we want to pass to a child. Family for us is very important - we believe a parent's job is to be always present for a child, giving them support, love and time. We are fortunate enough to have flexible jobs. As a writer Simona works from home and have time and energy to take care of a child full time.
Dan runs his own company and he also wants to be involve as much as possible in raising a child.

It also important for us to raise a child in a multicultural environment - Simona is Italian and she would like to speak to the baby in her mother language from the very beginning, raising them bilingual.

Our everyday life is simple and interesting at the same time. We see lots of movies, concerts, Broadway shows together - everything New York has to offer! But we also like spending time at home, watching tv, reading the paper, just being lazy. Simona likes to cook and she is a great cook(this is Dan's speaking). She makes a terrific lasagna that she makes from scratch. She also enjoying making "minestrone" a vegetable soup very popular in Italy.

Simona is very fond of classical ballet. She always jokes that she would love to have a little ballerina to raise and to take to class, buy ballet clothes and fix her hair. Dan is still mad for sports – he especially likes going to Citi Field for Mets games. He literally can not wait to have a baby to bring to sport events with him.

Our perfect weekend starts with breakfast at the Le Pain Quotidien Café in Central Park, where Ugo plays with other dogs and we talk with parents with kids, imagining when it will be our time to push the stroller. It is such a happy way to start the day!

Adoption Diary

Spring is here!

Sunday was the first day of sprint in NYC. We went to the park with Ugo, taking advantage of the nice weather. So fun. Spring is definitely our favorite season.

Snow day!

Yesterday it snowed in NYC. We took Ugo for a walk in Central Park and it was all quiet and peaceful. The snow really makes everything more magic.

Thank You for Visiting Our Adoption Profile

We want to thank you for considering us as adoptive parents for your child.

We truly appreciate your kindness and strength and look forward to hearing from you.


Dan and Simona

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Dan and Simona