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Our Story

We’re both graphic designers who met at art school in college. After ending up in the same art history class, Inga recognized Michael outside of class and made a point to casually bump into him. Of course, he turned out to have a girlfriend at the time, so friendship, studying for class, and mutual appreciation of artistic talent was the initial foundation in the relationship. Eventually all this turned into more. Michael wooed Inga with charming hand-drawn cards. Inga made a few for Michael as well. There's a box full that we still keep around for the fun memories. And we make a point to create our own cards for each other, when we have time! Most of them now feature our dog, Aggie.

Inga currently works with design by way of video and media. She develops storyboards, titles, and animations at a well-loved city attraction. In her downtime, she enjoys baking, sewing, gardening, decorating and biking near the lake.

Michael works mostly on web design these days, but still makes time for a little illustration (starring Agnes). Most recently, he’s been working on his record collecting hobby and also enjoys biking, golf, and the latest superhero movie.

We spend our time together cooking and trying out new recipes, listening to good music and catching up with friends and family. In the warmer months, we enjoy long bike rides along the lake. We like having company over for the occasional chili party, pot-luck dinners, puppy play-dates, or even just to watch a good TV show. A few of our favorites are; The Good Place, Crashing and Stranger Things.

Our Home

photo of adoptive family's home Our home is located on a quiet street that backs up to a bike trail and state park. We're about a mile away from the lake! The house is a 60’s ranch that we work on fixing up when time allows. It's a comfortable home with a large yard and plenty of wildlife to see out the windows. Sometimes you even encounter two raccoons staring at you from a tree out front.

Inga’s dad lives down the street and often joins us for dog walks and weekend dinners. He loves to talk about house projects or his next camper van trip- we're lucky to have family so nearby! 

Our dog, Aggie, is nearly six- she still has her puppy moments though... I think she's destined to never really grow up! We adopted her from a shelter when she was about five months old. We fell in love with her instantly — she’s brought so much joy into our lives.

We love the peaceful life here and look forward to spending plenty of time enjoying our surroundings as we build our family.

About Michael

adoptive family photo - Michael I like to laugh often and make the best of life. Drawing, and seeking out good music are two things that have almost always interested me. My love for tacos was acquired a little later in life...

I consider myself lucky that I truly enjoy my day job as a designer. Being creative is important to me.

At the end of a long day, I like to fiddle with synthesizers to relax and still do something engaging.

Besides being a good listener, I've been told I give good hugs.

About Inga

adoptive family photo - Inga I'm a positive person probably 95% of the time?! I aim to be supportive, helpful and patient. Being both positive and optimistic often means that I think I can get more done than is actually doable. I'm working on it!

I think I will be a great parent because I had the very best examples growing up. My parents were always there for me and cared so much about my well-being. I plan to be an outstanding provider of love, compassion and encouragement. And to make a point to have a lot of fun in life! Time truly flies and making the most of it is very important to me. I value family and friends and try to always put others first.

My hobbies include gardening, baking, sewing, knitting, decorating, biking and enjoying the outdoors.

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Inga + Michael

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